Your program includes:

Topics covered:
–  Mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning & problem solving: verbal reasoning, problem solving, abstract reasoning & numerical reasoning.
– Written Expression: persuasive writing, narrative writing, discussion questions.
– Reading: non-fiction, fiction, poetry, cartoons, diagrams and maps.

A Letter From Your Tutor: Steve Xu

When I started Scholarly, scholarships were our specialty.

It was the only thing we taught.

That’s why we are bringing back the Scholarship Intensive.

There are so many intricacies and nuances to the scholarship exams.

Which schools should we apply for?

How do we improve writing speed for AAS?

What are the differences between AAS and ACER?

How about the greater emphasis on non-fiction in AAS vs the greater emphasis on fiction in ACER?

There are so many variables involved in the Scholarship Process.

Not to mention, the elephant in the room-how do we balance the workload between Scholarship and Selective?

A few years ago, Scholarship and Selective Tests were similar… it was enough to combine them in one.

However, over the years given the latest changes in Selective test, they are now very different exams– testing very different things.

There is simply not enough time in an hour to cover all the variables required for Scholarship success.

What do parents say at the interview?

What do students say at the interview?

What are interviewers looking for?

What is the difference between Knox and Newington?

What is the difference between Abbotsleigh vs Pymble?

So that’s why I’ve come up with an all-inclusive course for Scholarship- taught on Zoom for 2 hours.

Yes, with Steve (English and Writing, Scholarship Application/Interview/Strategy), Anastasia, Alex, James and Cullen (Maths and GA)

This is the first time Steve has done a class on Zoom.

What we will cover:

– Narrative writing broken down to the minute elements plus prior Scholarship open-ended questions (plus resources/ past videos to work on building your masterpiece creative pieces so you know exactly how to approach the exam)

– Persuasive writing with worked examples and comprehensive general knowledge to ace the scholarship- style exams- develop your idea-synthesis abilities

– Reading Comprehension (speed reading, endurance, accuracy in elimination to get into the top 4% of AAS exams)

– Abstract reasoning (matrices, next in series, spatial reasoning etc. – not tested in Selective Thinking Skills)

– Verbal reasoning– synonym, antonym, odd one out,- building a vocabulary of 1000 words through the process of memorisation and application through writing

– Maths (building speed and accuracy amongst moderate level questions, ensuring the reduction of silly mistakes through failsafe exam techniques to double check work)

– Most importantly scholarship strategy in applying and sitting through the interview process that usually eliminates 50% of applicants

– Holistic interview preparation to ensure students do not fall into the same traps of showing off their achievements too much, instead communicating values espoused by their schools and developing emotional maturity required to succeed in these interviews.

This class will be extremely high-demand and it is capped at 100 students interacting directly with Steve and the other tutors on Zoom.

This is the last leg of the journey.

This is also the defining moment for your child’s next 6 years.

First come. First serve.

Our prior results are as follows….

Private School Scholarship Program

In the 2021 Scholarship Exams for 2022 Admissions, our students achieved 72+ Private School Scholarships

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