June 2022

Your friends will MAKE or BREAK you!

Friends will either make or break you. Like let’s say for example, you’re going for the selective schools test, you’re going for an OC test, and all your friends just play video games all day long. And they play Roblox, they play Fortnite—I love Fortnite by the way, I love Roblox as well—but there is a time and place for that.

The Two Types of Parents (Selective and OC Preparation)

A floater is a parent who thinks it’s all going to be okay. A floater is somebody who has this distant vision is distant goal of getting into a selective school, getting a private scholarship, but their day to day actions are kind of like, you know, they go from coaching college to coach in college, they’re basically a sheep where, you know, wherever their friends tell them to go, they go, right, and they jump around on the coaching college bandwagon

The Key To Becoming Exceptional!

This could mean if your child is spending like an hour, two hours a day, trying to master a musical instrument, plus, they’re spending an hour two hours a day trying to master a sport. Plus, on top of that they got like parties that they need to go to, or they have video games they need to play. And then at the end of that, you want them to also get into a top 10 selective school or a private scholarship.

3rd April Selective School Preparation-Books Guaranteed to Challenge your Child

The perfect time for you to start reading is if you’re currently in you five, you can definitely encourage your child to read. But generally what I would say is, if you’re reading for the purposes of improving reading comprehension, understand that doing the reading comprehension by itself already get you to about 80 85%, which is going to be enough for any kind of top 10 selective schools anyway, okay, so it’s not like you need to read this to get into a top 10 select if you don’t, right, reading is really to help you get that extra edge in writing, and really to give the extra edge when you’re interpreting really, really difficult passages that you’re going to get in the selective school and scholarship exams.