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Who is the 3 Day A.X.I.S. challenge for?

If you’re looking for a no-commitment, low-risk solution for all of these concerns.
For a program where your child can advance beyond their peers, without a HUGE upfront fee.

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What does this challenge involve?

7pm, June 4th 2021

Day 1 : Cambridge Reading Comprehension

In day 1 of the A.X.I.S. CHALLENGE we will be outlining the types of ambiguous poetry, challenging cloze passages and exhausting evaluation questions that your child will face in the 2022 Selective exam. In this class we will be teaching you how to:

Break down common themes in poetry to understand the emotions present and infer the poets intent.

Comprehend cloze passages to understand nuanced differences in emotions and context to accurately delineate relevant keywords.

Utilise techniques to quickly and precisely differentiate between the time-consuming evaluation passages.

7pm, June 5th 2021

Day 2: Cambridge Critical Reasoning

Day 2 will involve an in-depth review of the concepts required to answer critical reasoning, logical reasoning and problem-solving questions effectively.

In this class students will learn the techniques for:

Summarising the main conclusion such that they avoid all incorrect options, assumptions, and over-generalizations and focus on the main conclusion.

Identifying an assumption and assessing the impact of additional evidence.

Drawing a conclusion and detecting reasoning errors.

Matching arguments and correctly applying principles.

7pm, June 6th 2021

Day 3: Cambridge Mathematical Reasoning

To excel in the mathematical reasoning section students must be proficient with breaking down the complex word questions to formulate and answer the equation. In this class Steve will be outlining the techniques for:

Problem solving and dissecting questions to identify key components.

Grid reference questions and interpreting diagrams/tables.

After each class students will receive an extensive series of questions and a subject trial test for each day.


By joining the 3 day A.X.I.S. Challenge now, you will not only get 3 hours of premier LIVE coaching but also hundreds of questions, 3 subject trial tests and an invaluable wealth of knowledge to dominate the Selective exam and your peers.

It’s quite easy to call this the BEST VALUE coaching program present right now. 

This amount of knowledge would ordinarily cost you HUNDREDS, but if you join right now, you will get it for only $55.00!

Attend the A.X.I.S. Challenge Live and discover the EXACT strategies Scholarly has used to excel students to their highest POTENTIAL. The same strategies that have taken mediocre students to 270+ in their Selective Exams.

Excel In CAMBRIDGE English Cloze Passages

The difficulty of Cambridge English is NOT the same as the old ACER format. It is IMMENSELY difficult.

The old method of studying doesn't work with the present formats EXTENSIVE PASSAGES, immensely challenging close passages and polysemantic inference based questions.

The truth is…

your child is NOT ready for this exam, good vocabulary, reading a lot of books, getting 99% on school English exams don’t mean your child will do well with this new format.

It’s all about EXPERIENCE, if your child hasn't done these questions TIME AND TIME again. They will be SHOCKED when they sit in that exam hall.

In this challenge Steve will walk you through EXACT replica questions of the 2022 English Selective exam and give your child the confidence and exposure they need to EXCEL in the English component.

Develop A Keen INTUITION To Master Thinking Skills

NOBODY can answer thinking skills questions correctly, unless they have had proper training.

This stands for your child too.

So all the IQ tests and all the GA questions you have been doing so far aren’t going to help you.

Join Thinking Skills expert Steve as he helps you navigate through the perplexing Thinking Skills problem solving and logical reasoning questions likely to be given in the 2022 Selective Exam.

EXPERIENCE The Timeless Strategies That Will Make Other Parents Say Your Child Is A Genius

Which coaching centre is the best?

That’s not an answer for me to tell you...

That's an answer for you to tell yourself...


If you’ve been with ONE coaching centre, and never experienced anything else,

How do you know you made the right choice? How do you know your child is getting QUALITY COACHING?

Here you’ll see the strategies Scholarly implements to create academic prodigies from what were once average students and you do the comparison…

Ready To Give Your Child The Opportunity Of A


If you’ve heard about the changes to the Selective exam and if you’re on this page searching for answers to relieve the anxiety and uncertainty you are feeling.

You’re in the right place.

Every day our team speaks to distressed parents overwhelmed with questions like:

I’ll start with this.

The changes are momentous, and may have a substantial negative or positive effect for your child depending on your circumstances.

For example if your child is exceptional at math but poor in English… These changes are going to have a negative impact on your child’s results. Unless you do something QUICKLY.

Why do I say this?

Not only is the new Cambridge format much more difficult in the English exam, with the EXTENSIVE PASSAGES, immensely challenging close passages and polysemantic inference based questions.


Thinking skills incorporate many argument analysis questions….which means you are REQUIRED to have outstanding vocabulary and exceptional comprehension to understand the question.


What does this mean for you?

Well if your child has been going to BIGNAME coaching college where they’re sat in a musty room and told to complete an aimless series of trial test questions, a random assortment of English, Math and GA questions with limited instruction and inadequate guidance, you have a BIG PROBLEM.

#1. GA is not thinking skills.

#2. Trial tests are great ONLY :

#3. English, Math and GA/Thinking Skills ARE ALL DIFFERENT NOW

‘Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.’

Well what about doing the same thing over and over again, EVEN THOUGH EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED?
That’s just…. delusional….. Right?

We believe so and that’s why even before the changes were announced

  1. We incorporated thinking skills into our classes.
  2. We did consistent and challenging vocabulary training.
  3. We placed high priority on English comprehension.

But the reason our students get exceptional results is not only because we are ahead of the curve.

It’s because of everything you are about to see in this 3-day challenge!

In this challenge your child is going to experience:

  1. The RIGHT question types and difficulty for EXCELLING in the 2022 Selective exam
  2. How to approach complex mathematical reasoning questions
  3. The expert techniques for accurately selecting words to input for English cloze passage
  4. How to identify the tricks that thinking skills will try to play

By the time this 3 day challenge is over, your child will have a shatterproof notion about how to perform well in the 2022 Selective exam and a strong edge over their competition.

A knowledge where they won’t be victims of the intricate trickery that the board of education aims to fail your child with.

A knowledge and wealth of exam experience that is truly INCOMPARABLE to their peers.

Not only this, you as a parent will now have a huge amount of Selective English, thinking skills and mathematical reasoning questions, so much so that you will truly understand the differences between each question type, the new format and the differences in quality coaching.

So if you and your child are ready to become unstoppable, we’re ready to take you on this 3 day A.X.I.S. challenge.

It all starts on June 4th at 7pm.

Imagine… both you and your child being so confident in achieving your dream school that you can plan your future without an inkling of doubt. 

If that sounds like something you want.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Click the button below and join the 3 day A.X.I.S. challenge now.

Who is Scholarly and Steve Xu?

Steven Quote

Scholarly created by Steve Xu began as a coaching centre with a simple but challenging goal.


Having experienced the inefficient and derelict system of various big name coaching colleges both as a student and teacher, Steve realised that most coaching:

  • Is nothing more than a set of questions and timed trial tests.
  • Has little to no impact on students’ results.
  • Involved barely any teaching and guidance of complex concepts.

So Steve set out on an arduous mission to truly INSPIRE kids to ACHIEVE RESULTS beyond their wildest dreams.

He began by guiding students through the most difficult exam of their primary school years… High School Scholarships.
Exams and interviews that not only require insane academic ability but also insane levels of writing and articulately eloquent speech.


Guiding students to achieve their dream schools… Top private schools like Sydney Grammar, Abbotsleigh, Knox Grammar.

Due to huge demand and parents begging for more.

Steve decided to branch out into Selective coaching and later OC coaching as well.

Having dominated all these industries, gaining over $12,000,000 in scholarships and Selective scores of 270+

Steve is still on the grind, 7 days a week. To provide students with an education that not only sets them up to master standardised tests,
but to apply this knowledge, academic discipline and keenness to learn in all aspects of their life.

Scholarly and Steve are revered for turning both brilliant kids and ordinary kids into




The challenge takes place in 3 sessions:
June 4th, 5th, and 6th.
Each session runs from:
7 P.M. to 8 P.M. AEST

The event takes place live inside a private Facebook group. So, it’s easy to attend and you won’t need any special technology.

The challenge is LIVE. And you should attend live for maximum benefit. But, if for some reason you can’t make a session, you can watch the replay in the A.X.I.S. Challenge Facebook group. (PLEASE NOTE: The A.X.I.S. Challenge Facebook group will be deleted 3 days after the 3rd and final day)

This challenge is for parents who want their children to EXCEL in the Selective exam, but are currently LOST and MISGUIDED. If you need clarity around this exam but lack the support and materials needed to get sufficient practice for your child. THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU.

You will get expert coaching from Steve Xu, founder and CEO of Scholarly.

Your child will get a wealth of experience ranging from the countless Selective questions/materials and exam techniques, unmatched by any work they have done previously.
By the end of this challenge you will have a roadmap for succeeding your child academically.

All the teaching, content and material provided to you is updated to the new Cambridge format of the Selective exam. The content is based on all the specifications provided by the NSW Board of Education and is reflective of what is likely to be in the 2022 Selective exam.

We really recommend you attend live to get the most out of the experience. But, you will be able to watch the replays in the A.X.I.S. Challenge Facebook group. (PLEASE NOTE: The A.X.I.S. Challenge Facebook group will be deleted 3 days after the 3rd and final day)

It is likely you do not know what your coaching centre is teaching you or the quality of coaching that you are receiving. To gain a perspective into whether the material your child is learning is #1 Good Quality, #2 Relevant, #3 Going to reflect on your childs results you should gain a perspective into other options. Here we are providing you a low cost, low commitment opportunity to get a taste of what we cover in our program.

If you are a parent already enrolled in a Scholarly program, don’t worry about joining this challenge, this challenge only covers around 1% of what we are teaching you already. You have been taken care of.

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