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Baulkham Hills High School (BHHS, popularly referred to as Baulko) is a government-funded academically elite co-educational secondary day school situated in Baulkham Hills in Sydney’s Hills District.

Established in June 1970, the school enrolled about 1,220 pupils in grades 7 to 12, of whom 1% identified as Indigenous Australians and 83% spoke a language other than English.

The NSW Department of Education operates the school, which follows a curriculum established by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority; Wayne Humphreys serves as principal.

Students ranked second in the NSW Higher School Certificate in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, the school was rated fifth, and ninth in 2019. In 2020, the school reclaimed the second position in the state of New South Wales. In 2010, Baulkham Hills High School was rated as the most popular high school in the state of New South Wales.

Due to transfers from other schools, total enrollment in junior years (Year 7 to Year 10) is about 180 students per year group, and approximately 200 students per year group in senior years (Year 11 and Year 12). As of 2021, there were 1,230 students enrolled.

Admissions and Registrar's Office

As a selective school, admission to Year 7 is determined by the results of a statewide test called the Selective High Schools Test. By 2020, the lowest accepted score would be 234 out of a possible 300. Later rounds of admission are based on a reserve list and other factors, including reports and academic accomplishments from prior years.

School planning and reporting

Planning and reporting enable us to address the needs of our community, increase teaching quality, and improve student outcomes for all of our kids.

Plan for Strategic Improvement

In collaboration with our community, we created a Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) that identifies student objectives and is budgeted.

The School Excellence Framework (SEF) serves as the foundation for our school’s planning and reporting processes. The framework outlines the critical components of high-quality practice in learning, teaching, and leadership.

The SIP is a working document that outlines the actions our school will take to enhance students’ learning outcomes, as well as their success and development. To guarantee continual improvement, the SIP represents our school’s current state and plans for future growth in learning, teaching, and leadership.

It shows our alignment and commitment to excellence as a component of public education in NSW in order to make a significant impact on our students’ continuing growth and development.


Year 7 selective enrollment

Baulkham Hills High School is a completely selective high school, with Year 7 admissions determined by the results of the March Selective Schools Test. All Year 6 pupils are invited to take the exam at one of the State’s 130 testing locations. Applications to appear for the exam are accepted beginning in late October of the student’s fifth year. Individual families are not invited to open days or visits of the school; only pupils who have been given a spot will be invited to an Orientation Day.

The High Performing Students Unit evaluates the results, and applicants are notified of their status by letter by the Department of Education. The school plays no part in this process and cannot influence the result in any way. Kindly direct any inquiries to the Unit for High-Performing Students:

Year 7 admissions - a step-by-step approach

Step 1

The High Performing Students Unit will offer parents/caregivers a placement. You must reply immediately to the High Performing Students Unit with the information provided in order to accept the job. No interaction with Baulkham Hills High School is required to accept the job.

Step 2

The High Performing Pupils Unit will notify Baulkham Hills High School of all approved students.

Step 3

Towards the conclusion of Term 3, pupils who have accepted a place at Baulkham Hills High School will receive information from the school. This material will contain an enrollment confirmation, transportation information, a uniform pricing list, and student fees.

Step 4

During Term 4, students and their parents/caregivers will be invited to an Orientation Day

Admissions to Year 8 through Year 11 on a selective basis


Due to the continuing lockdown in Greater Sydney, and in the best interests of students and staff, the HAST Test planned for Saturday, 7 August 2021, has been rescheduled.
If you want to apply for BHHS and are presently situated interstate or abroad, please refer to the accompanying paper for application instructions. (Testing on Interstate and International Routes.PDF) By Friday, 16 July 2021, this procedure must be finished. (This information was shared with the school on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.)
No applications will be accepted beyond the deadline. There is a $100.00 application fee ($60 administrative charge and $40 HAST exam fee), which covers the cost of administering and grading the test, as well as supervision on the day.
If you want to apply to Baulkham Hills High School as a second or third choice, there is a $60.00 administrative fee.
When applications open, more information and the application form will be available on the Department of Education’s website.
Academically, students must compete with all other applicants for admission to Baulkham Hills High School.
The selection committee will examine the following factors when evaluating academic merit:

Original Certificate of Birth, Australian Citizenship, Australian Passport, or Australian Visa (provide photocopies as well)

Candidates must be Australian nationals or holders of an Australian visa entitling them to permanent residence status. Australian citizenship information is accessible on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website, which may be accessed at To establish your visa status, you may get a Certificate of Evidence of Australian Citizenship or a Visa grant notification.

Photocopies of students’ half-yearly and annual reports for 2020, as well as the half-yearly report for 2021.

Copies of the most recent NAPLAN reports. Students applying for Year 10 and 11 should submit their most recent two NAPLAN reports.

Photocopies of the last two years’ external academic accomplishments.

Copies of documentation demonstrating involvement in extracurricular activities.

Additional information was provided by the applicant.

Generally, only a limited number of seats in Years 8 to 11 become available at Baulkham Hills High School.

You may apply to a maximum of three selected high schools. Each high school must get its own application form, and all applicants must state their preferences in the same order. If the exam date coincides with the student’s first choice school, the kid must take the test at that school.

Procedures for testing

The reading comprehension, written expression, mathematical reasoning, and abstract thinking sections of the exam are all evaluated.

For more information on the exam, see a copy of the candidate information bulletin (PDF 347KB).

A sample question booklet for the higher ability selection test (HAST) has been created in response to applicants’ requests for information on the real exam. This pamphlet is appropriate for students in Years 7 and 8.

There is no specific sample question book for Years 9 to 11, however Acer bookshop has advised us that the Acer scholarship test sample collection of questions is very similar to HAST test and is an option. This booklet includes a section for junior, middle and senior secondary levels however they do not include abstract reasoning. To purchase an online practice test for level 2 (Year 9 to 10) and level 3 (Year 11), parents will need to create a parent account in the scholarship online application system to purchase.

For further information about these tests please contact Acer.

Please complete application checklist (PDF 485KB) and attach to application package.

It is preferred that applications are posted directly to the school at:

419a Windsor Road Baulkham Hills 2153.


If your first preference is Baulkham Hills High School, you will need to apply and pay for the test prior to the closing date. A $100.00 application fee is required. THIS FEE CANNOT BE PAID ONLINE.

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