How Walking boosts your Selective Score?

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Steve Xu


How walking changed my life and how it'll probably change you, who are taking selective test, oc test and other programs


How walking changed my life and how it’ll probably change you, who are taking selective test, oc test and other programs, too. So about four months ago, I began going on these really, really long walks. One of my fitness mentors, Mr. Gallagher, told me to go on these long walks, dissolves on a weight loss journey. And he said, Go on these long walks. And so what I’ll do is every single day, I’ll walk from my place to the gym. So that’d be about four kilometers, I’d work out for about an hour, and then I’d walk four kilometers back. And I’d basically do this every single day. Sometimes I would actually do it twice a day. And I know that sounds excessive, and it sounds crazy. But it really changed my energy level my productivity levels, like crazy, and even changed my mindset. It could also do the same for you, especially for students who are taking selective test, oc test. 


So at first, I remember thinking, or you know what, spending two and a half hours a day walking isn’t really very good use of my time. But what I felt after going on these very, very long walks, was this just this heightened sense of euphoria, deep in connection with nature, and just a more positive outlook. Because what typically happened back in the day was if I was tired, or if I was feeling drowsy, I’ll go up in my bed, and I’ll just go into my phone. And what I didn’t realize at the time was even though I felt reenergized for a little bit playing on my phone, once I got out of bed again, to begin work, I’d be even sleepy up, I want you guys to comment down below if you’ve experienced the same because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who has experiences. I’ve even sleepier, I feel even more demotivated and I just feel completely disconnected from the tasks that I have to do at hand. And so I realized that walking when I was tired, was actually a much more productive and much more energy boosting method, right? As opposed to using technology or just going my phone and going on social media etc. If you are operating from the same paradigm right now, when when you are tired or when you get drowsy. You use devices what I implore you to do is go out for a walk instead, go out into your backyard, just walk in your backyard, get some fresh air go outside. Because when we are outside when we are in connection with nature, what happens is our dopamine levels you know increase right we feel happier before more enlightened we feel more positive. 


The other thing that you can do is when you go for a walk, or you know with your parents or whoever you can be listening to e-books, you could, and you could be learning at the same time as your regardless, I hope you guys begin walking. I know this seems like such a simple idea. And you know it is but trust me, it will change your life. Whenever you feel tired. Let’s say you’ve studied two hours, you’ve done some trial tests. You’ve done some homework, go for a walk. Okay, trust me, it’ll change your life forever.

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