Five Factors That Aided My Admission To A Selective High School

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Selective High School Placement Test, parents are beginning to inquire about how they might begin their preparations for the significant NSW Selective Test, which takes place every March. At this point, there are still nine months until the exam. Even though the entrance exam I took was for the Victorian Selective School, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the five things that I did that contributed to my admission to a selective school (and done by Edutest and the NSW Selective High School Placement Test is done by ACER). It’s possible that some of this will surprise you, while other aspects probably won’t, but I hope that you’ll find it helpful in preparing for your own exam.

1. Achieving Academic Success in School

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Tests are used to determine which pupils will be admitted to selective school colleges. These schools only accept the top percent of applicants. As a result, the academic success of your child is an important metric to look at. It’s encouraging to see that their grades range from B+ to A+ most of the time. Your child will have an easier time performing well on the test if they do well academically in school because this will boost their general knowledge. Having worked as a tutor for children in the past, I can say from experience that students who have received grades ranging from B+ to A in school (with the exception of grades received in Physical Education) have a better chance of being accepted than students who score in the range of Cs to Bs, even with intensive tutoring.

2. Reading

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Reading is one of my favorite activities, but these days I focus more on reading non-fiction than fictional works. My ability to comprehend written English and to express myself in written form was greatly improved by reading both the newspaper and books (fiction). This is both an easy and enjoyable approach to developing your reading and writing skills in preparation for the test that selected institutions to provide. Even better, both checking out books and reading newspapers in the library are completely free activities. Reading is one of those activities that people frequently disregard because it appears to be so easy. However, the fact that reading takes time is the primary reason why people don’t read on a regular basis. It is very crucial to get into the habit of reading on a regular basis; for example, you should make it a point to read at least once a week in order to improve your reading comprehension and writing skills.

3. Engaging in the Conduct of Practice Questions

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This is by far the most effective method for getting well, but unfortunately, some individuals don’t do it the right way, which defeats the point. The following are some examples of inefficient methods that people complete practice questions:


  • Doing too many questions and not going into sufficient depth on each one to comprehend the reasoning behind the questions that are being asked.
  • Purchasing an excessive number of distinct resources while also being unable to pinpoint your starting point

4. Comprehending the Resolution

This is essential. In point of fact, this ought to be the first point. Many times, people have the misconception that all they need to do to improve is to continue working through the practice questions. A lot of individuals have requested additional practice questions from me, however, the value of practice questions is in the results they produce. Take a look at the result. Does your youngster comprehend each question as well as the reasons behind whether or not they got the answer right?

During my time spent studying for the test, I was able to comprehend each question and the rationale behind why I had correctly answered it or why I had selected the incorrect answer option. Your child will be able to formulate a plan for handling future questions if they grasp the solution, and they can use this technique themselves. That was, without a doubt, the single most important factor among the five that contributed to my admission to a prestigious school.

5. Tuition

I took private lessons to prepare for the exam, but I don’t think that on its own would have been enough to get me into the school. The reason for this is that approximately half of the students in my class were extended an offer to attend a prestigious institution while the remaining students were not. I believe that paying for tuition was beneficial because it made it possible for me to regularly practice answering questions and comprehend their solutions (3 and 4), and it also provided me with some direction (remember this was pre-Google days).

The subject of how much time should be spent tutoring arises frequently. I’ve heard of a student receiving three years’ worth of work in only one semester, and I’ve had kids whom I coached for only two to three months who were successful (however it should be noted that these students put in a lot of effort and were already getting B+ to A marks regardless).

I really hope this gives you some useful ideas about how to approach your exam preparation! Keep in mind that improving your score will not come from hoping, but rather from working hard and using sound strategy.

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