Public Speaking and Debating Preparation

Public Speaking

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Year 6 Student
Year 6 Student
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Steve, and the rest of the Scholarly team, we appreciate all the help and support you've given us. We would not be where we are today without you. Once again, I appreciate the encouragement and push you've given me . This tutoring was life-changing for me.
Year 6 Student
Year 6 Student
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Thanks, Steve, Jen and all Scholarly learning team, I learnt a lot from you not only academically but also the sprit of keeping on pushing my boundary. I am still a bit nervous but equivalently excited for the upcoming exam.
Year 6 Student
Year 6 Student2022
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Thank you Steve, really really really really really thank you! And Jen, thank you to both of you and the other teachers in Scholarly!
Year 6 Student
Year 6 Student
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First week I couldn't even complete all my tests on time. Now I finish them early. I love you guys!

Scholarly is more than just your average training.

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Why Scholarly?

Bottom line, you got a great way of tutoring, great attitude, and an eye for talent. Keep it up guys!!!

Scholarly Parent

After over a decade of teaching students how to excel in the Selective School exam, Scholarly has also simplified Public Speaking to a few critical areas that all students must become proficient in to achieve top marks.

We call this the Scholarly Success Strategy’ and this system has been proven time and time again to help students achieve insane improvements over a short time.

expert selective school test teaching
Scholarly oc test students improvement

Is Your Child Struggling with Speaking to an Audience?

If your child doesn’t have the confidence when speaking to a crowd… it’s not your child’s fault. If your child is unsure of how to make a compelling speech… it’s not your child’s fault.

Both of these are most likely due to a lack of great teaching.

By following a simple strategy we call the “Scholarly Success Strategy” you can basically guarantee your child will gain confidence in Public Speaking.

It’s not easy… and it’s not supposed to be.

If you’re a parent committed to your child’s education. Click here to find out more.

Are you a confused parent, unsure how to help your child?

Through constant practice and thorough review, we make sure that your child fully understands the concepts that they learned and can confidently apply them.

They will answer test questions that increase in difficulty as they go along to develop their skills in those subjects. (SMALL GROUP CLASSES TO REINFORCE CONCEPTS)

Our tutors will evaluate and focus on the areas that they miss so students can get them correctly and move forward.

As a parent, you don’t need to do anything.

✅ Our tutors will guide your child.

✅ Our Specialist Consultants will answer any questions you have, provide recommendations for school choices & suggestions for areas of improvement.

✅ Our scheduled reporting will give you regular updates on your child’s progress so you can relax and provide your child the best support only a parent can.

Let us ease the burden and stress of getting your child the best education possible. Book a free lesson below

Thanks #scholarly for everything! As you said, **** will get into his school of choice. Getting all subjects at top 10% is a dream come true. Couldn't have done it without you and Jen. Thank you!

Scholarly Parent

Hi Steve and Jen, We are so excited for him and thanks a lot for all your guidance and support. **** asked to convey his regards to Scholarly and especially Jen for her support in TS.

Scholarly Parent

Hi Steve & Jen, **** accepted the offer from James Ruse Agricultural HS. She is super excited and would like to thank both of you for the valuable guidance and help in her preparation.

Scholarly Parent

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