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What is homework?

All homework will be posted on your group with instructions all you need to do is download and complete the homework, online (by putting your answers in a separate word doc or using a pdf markup software) or offline (by writing your answers on a separate sheet of paper).

The homework post will resemble the image below.

How do I complete the homework?

Homework will be uploaded after your class. All you need to do is open or download the PDF’s and complete your answers in a separate word doc like the image below.

You can even write out the answers on a sheet of paper and take a photo for uploading.

Answers will come out 24 hours after the homework is released.

Make sure you upload the homework after it is marked.

Where are the homework answers?

Homework answers will be uploaded to the Google Drive link at the top of your group. Holiday program answers will be uploaded by 6pm the same day and Term program answers will be uploaded within 24 hours. You don’t need to mark writing, we will give you feedback for each writing assignment.

How do I upload the homework?

Mark your homework and upload it to the same homework post you downloaded from.

For example, upload your math and thinking skills homework to the math and thinking skills homework post. You can upload your homework as a pdf, word document or image.

To upload click the paperclip icon, then select your file and attach it, once you have attached the file press enter to upload and post as a comment.

How do I get feedback for the writing assignments?

Writing feedback will be given as a comment reply to your post. It takes 3-4 days to receive feedback. If you send your writing submissions in private chat to any of our tutors or Scholarly Learning Support you will not receive feedback. It must be uploaded as a comment reply to the Writing Homework post. Late submissions may take longer to receive feedback. Ensure you submit on time.

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You must attend all classes during the week!


Homework must be completed and submitted 24-48 hours after each class!

Trial Test

Trial test must be completed before your trial test review class on the weekend!

Vocab List / Vocab Jam

Practice vocab lists during the week and test yourself during the weekend vocab jam!

Learning Support

If you have any issues and questions contact us through Learning Support.

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