How do I access trial test?

Don’t stress everything will be available on your workplace group.

If you are enrolled in out holiday programs the tests will be uploaded via pdf to your group all you need to do is download them and complete it online or print it out.

If you are in our term programs all you need to do is click the link that is posted on your workplace group when the trial tests are available. That will take you to the trial test platform where you need to log in with your previously created account details. If you have not created an account previously and we have not automatically created one for you, contact Scholarly Learning Support to get your account created.

Once logged in the first page you will see your course and the tests you have ALREADY COMPLETED. To see your upcoming tests all you need to do is click the text of your course etc. 2021 One Percent (Selective/OC/Foundation/Newtons) Term …

If you are facing any issues at this point, please contact us.
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