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How do I contact Scholarly Learning Support?

To contact Scholarly Learning Support click on the chat bubble icon on the left side of the screen under the bell ‘notifications’ icon.


Then in the search bar type Scholarly Learning Support.


Click the profile listed below.


Then click chat and type your enquiry in the chat box to start your conversation.


How do I get feedback on how my child is doing?

Twice in the term based on your trial test and homework submissions we will be giving you a comprehensive report outlining your child’s biggest weaknesses, and strategies/materials to improve. If it is early in your first term with us don’t worry, give your child a chance to get familiar with our platform and system. We will be keeping you updated along the way.

How do I get feedback for the writing assignments?

Writing feedback will be given as a comment reply to your post. It takes 3-4 days to receive feedback. If you send your writing submissions in private chat to any of our tutors or Scholarly Learning Support you will not receive feedback. It must be uploaded as a comment reply to the Writing Homework post. Late submissions may take longer to receive feedback. Ensure you submit on time.

How do I get support?

You can ask Scholarly Learning Support on the workplace platform for assistance with all questions relating to the program, platform, and materials.

If you would like to speak to a Scholarly Learning Support Consultant click the button below to input your details and have a chat.

How do I check if my child is correctly completing all work?

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Homework must be completed and submitted 24 - 28 hours after each class

Trial Test

Trial test must be completed before your trial test review class on the weekend

Vocab List / Vocab Jam

Practice vocab lists during the week and test yourself during the weekend vocab jam

Learning Support

If you have any issues and questions, contact us through Learning Support

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