OC Thinking Skills Sample Test Question

The Opportunity Class Placement Test was created so that students may exhibit, among other things, their reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, and critical thinking. The objective of the exams is not to measure academic performance, but rather to evaluate an individual’s overall intelligence.

This article discusses the exam’s Thinking Skill portion. You may have your kid answer the example Opportunity Class Test questions provided below. If they are aware of the kind of questions that may be asked, students will feel more at ease with the testing procedure. Notably, though, sample test scores cannot be used to predict how a student will perform on the Opportunity Class Placement Test. Practice tests and sample exams will not be evaluated by the selection committee.


1) A slow train departed from Lode at 1:00pm and arrived at Braxton at 7:00pm. An express train departed from Lode later and arrived at Braxton at the same time as the slow train. The express train was four times as fast as the slow train. Each train travelled at a constant speed and did not stop along the way.

When did the express train depart from Lode?

A. 2:30 pm

B. 3:00 pm

C. 5:30 pm

D. 5:30 pm

2) A health specialist has suggested that dance lessons should be an important part of school life, and that school children should spend as much time learning to dance as they do playing sport

Which one of these statements, if true, best supports the health specialist’s claim?

A. Dancing improves children’s mental abilities.

B. Some children cannot afford equipment to participate in sports.

C. Some children dream of becoming professional sportspeople.

D. Dancing has been taught in schools in the past.

3) Alex, Ben and Carlos all keep pets. Alex has snakes, fish, lizards, rats and frogs. Ben keeps cats, frogs and rats. Carlos keeps fish, parrots, rats, grasshoppers and frogs.

Which pets does Alex keep that neither Ben nor Carlos keep?

A. fish and snakes

B. lizards and rats

C. grasshoppers and cats

D. snake and lizards

4) Next year at school I need to choose four subjects to study.

I have to choose one subject from each of the following lists:

List 1





List 3





List 2





List 4





I know that I want to study English, history and science. 

Which one of the following can I not choose as my final subject?

A. Arts

B. Geography

C. Health


5) Only those students who attend the meeting at lunchtime today will be allowed to go on the excursion to the museum next week. 

Mia: “Jayden is going to the meeting today, so he’ll definitely be able to go on the excursion.” 

Tyler: “Noah’s going to cricket practice at lunchtime today, so he won’t be able to go on the excursion.” 

If the information in the box is true, whose reasoning is correct?

A. Mia only

B. Tyler only

C. Both Mia and Tyler

D. Neither Mia nor Tyler

6) Archie, Beau and Carter are standing in a row. If Archie is to the right of Beau and Carter is to the left of Archie, which one of the following statements must be true?

A. Beau is furthest to the right

B. Carter is furthest to the left.

C. Archie is in the middle.

D. Archie is furthest to the right

7) A show is to be performed from Wednesday 12th to Saturday 29th of the same month. There will be a performance every evening. On Wednesdays and Saturdays there will be an afternoon performance as well.

How many performances of the show will there be?

A. 21

B. 22

C. 23

D. 24

8) Darryl and Jim are in the corridor

Darryl: “Jane asked me to fetch her jacket, but I can’t seem to find it here. It’s blue, with a hood, she says.” 

Jim: “Here’s a blue jacket with a hood – it must be hers!”

Which one of the following sentences shows the mistake Jim has made?

A. Jane might prefer a different jacket.

B. Darryl might be looking for someone else’s jacket. 

C. There might be more than one blue jacket with a hood. 

D. Even if the jacket is blue, it might not have a hood. 

9) A police officer says: “Anyone riding a motorcycle should wear a helmet.”

Which one of these statements, if true, best supports the police officer’s claim?

A. Good helmets are cheaper and lighter than they used to be.

B. You are much less likely to suffer a serious injury if you are wearing a helmet.

C. People riding horses normally wear some sort of head protection.

D. Motorcycles can travel a lot faster than bicycles.

10) On a normal dice the numbers on each pair of opposite sides add up to 7.

Which one of the following nets shown below is the only one which makes a normal dice when folded? 

11) When Kinta was learning to drive his instructor told him: “To have even a chance of passing your driving test you must have had at least 20 hours of driving practice.”

If Kinta’s instructor is correct, which one of these statements will be true?

A. All the learner drivers who have had 20 hours or more of practice will pass their test.

B. None of the learner drivers who have had less than 20 hours of practice will pass their test.

C. Some of the learner drivers who have had less than 20 hours of practice will pass their test.

D. Only the learner drivers who have had less than 20 hours of practice will pass their test. 

12) An emu’s egg is dark green, speckled with white spots, and can measure up to 13 cm long. Only an ostrich’s egg is larger. 

Charlotte: “This egg is dark green, and fairly large, so it must be an emu’s.”

Oliver: “But it’s only about 10cm long, so it can’t be!” 


If the information above is true, whose reasoning is correct?

A. Charlotte only

B. Oliver only

C. Both Charlotte and Oliver

D. Neither Charlotte and Oliver

13) A piece of string is initially held end-to-end in a straight line. A mark is made in the middle of the string. The string is then folded in half and the new ends again pulled tight. A mark is made in the middle of the strands of folded string. This process is then repeated a third time.

The string is then unfolded and its ends pulled so that it is once again in its initial straight line.

The distance between marks on the string is found to be 4cm.

How long is the piece of string?

A. 16 cm

B. 24 cm

C. 28cm

D. 32cm

14) Mrs Hughes: “I know that ten of the children in my class are short-sighted, but I only saw seven wearing glasses this morning. So some of the class must have been wearing contact lenses.”

Which one of the following sentences shows the mistake Mrs Hughes has made?

A. She did not include the children in other classes.

B. She did not say which children must have been wearing contact lenses.

C. Some of the short-sighted children might not have been wearing either glasses or contact lenses.

D. Some of the children who have normal eyesight now might need glasses in the future.

15) Jess, Kamilla, Lucy, and Max are seated around a table on a train. Two of them are facing forwards (in the direction of travel) and two are facing backwards. Two have window seats and the other two have aisle seats.

I know that:

Jess is sitting diagonally opposite Lucy;

Max is facing forwards;

Kamilla is next to Jess.


Which one of the following do I also know?

A. Lucy is travelling backwards.

B. Lucy has a window seat.

C. Kamilla has an aisle seat.

D. Jess is sitting opposite Max.

16) The diagram shows one of a number of ways that five different shapes can be arranged together to form a square. 

Which one of the following squares consists of the same five shapes as the square above? (They may be turned over.) 

17) An environmentalist says: “Plastic pollution in our oceans is not just a problem for the creatures that live there − it affects us too.” 

Which one of these statements, if true, best supports the environmentalist’s claim?

A. Only a small proportion of plastic is recycled.

B. Many things made of plastic could be made from environmentally friendly alternatives.

C. Plastics are durable and can last for over 500 years.

D. Plastics have been found in fish sold in supermarkets

18) When the fire alarm goes off, it could either be a real fire, or it could be a fire drill. Fire drills can be scheduled for any day of the week, but they always happen at exactly 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Yuri: “If the fire alarm goes off during the morning, you know it must be a real fire!”

Bindi: “Even if the fire alarm is not going off, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a fire.” 


If the information in the box is true, whose reasoning is correct? 

A. Yuri only

B. Bindi only

C. Both Yuri and Bindi

D. Neither Yuri nor Bindi

19) At a school, exams are held at the end of each year. A prize is awarded in each subject to the student who has made the biggest improvement in his/her exam mark since the previous year. In Year 9, the marks achieved by the six students in the mathematics class were as follows: 

At the end of Year 10, their marks were as follows:

Which student won the Year 10 prize for mathematics?

A. Finn

B. Lily

C. Uma

D. Sophie

20) Arthur, Bilal, Conor, and David play regularly in a sports team. The coach has just told them: “If Arthur does not play tomorrow, then Bilal will play. If Arthur does play, then Conor will play in place of David.”

So, if Bilal does not play tomorrow, which of the other three will be in the team?

A. Arthur only

B. David only

C. Arthur and Conor

D. Conor and David

21) Faisal: “To have any chance of passing your piano exam, you will need to practise for at least fifteen minutes, four times a week.”

Sajid: “I practise every day for twenty minutes or more, so I’m sure to pass the exam.” 


Which one of these sentences shows the mistake Sajid has made? 

A. Taking an exam can be a stressful experience.

B. Learning to play an instrument well requires many years of practice.

C. Practising alone is not as useful as having a lesson with your teacher.

D. Doing the minimum practice required does not guarantee success in the exam.

22) Dominoes are to be arranged in a square, on a table, face up, as shown below. New dominoes are placed so that neither of the numbers on them is placed next to the same number on another tile.

The dominoes numbered 1−5 shown above may be used only once.

Which of the two-domino combinations shown below will not complete the square?

A. 1 and 3

B. 2 and 5

C. 3 and 4

D. 4 and 5

23) There are six towns (A, B, C, D, E and F) in a region.

Town B is north of Town C and northeast of Town A. Town C is north of Town D and west of Town E. Town F is east of Town E. 

Which town is northwest of Town D? 

A. Town A

B. Town B

C. Town E

D. Town F

24) A politician said in a television interview: “The more trade that countries do with each other, the better it is for everyone.”

Which one of these statements, if true, best supports the politician’s claim? 

A. It is important for a country to have strong businesses.

B. Businesses do better when more people are buying their goods or services.

C. Countries that trade with each other are less likely to go to war against each other.

D. Different countries can sometimes make particular goods more cheaply than others

25) Daniel wants to make as many cupcakes as possible from the ingredients he has at home.

The recipe to make 8 cupcakes needs 100g of flour, 100g of sugar, 100g of butter and 2 eggs.

At home, he has 600g of flour, 500 g of sugar, 300g of butter and 5 eggs.


What is the maximum number of cupcakes Daniel can make?

A. 12

B. 16

C. 20

D. 24

26) Whenever Mr Rudd’s favourite team loses, it always puts him in a bad mood. And when Mr Rudd is in a bad mood, he always gives us extra homework. 

Wei: “We got extra homework last week – Mr Rudd’s team must have lost!”

Dylan: “If they lose this week, we’re sure to get extra homework again!” 

If the information in the box is true, whose reasoning is correct? 

A. Wei only

B. Dylan only

C. Both Wei and Dylan

D. Neither Wei nor Dylan

27) Three balls – each of which is either red or yellow – lie in a straight line on a pool table. Aziz strikes the first ball, which is red. That ball hits the middle ball. The middle ball then hits the last ball, which is yellow


On the basis of this information, which one of the following statements must be true?

A. Only one of the balls was red.

B. A red ball hit a yellow ball.

C. A yellow ball hit a red ball.

D. Only one of the balls was yellow.

28) A view of a single level of a building is shown below

Which one of the following drawings represents the floor plan for this level of the building? 

29) A girl is locked in the dungeon of a castle. There are 5 chests in a row in the dungeon, one of which contains a key to escape, but the others contain poisonous snakes. The girl can only open one chest. She has 5 clues to help her make her choice: 

The white chest is 2 places away from the chest with the key.

The black chest is at the far right and 2 places away from the white chest. 

The red chest is not next to the chest with the key.

The yellow chest is to the left of the white one.

The purple chest is not next to the black or white chests. 


Which chest should the girl open to find the key? 

A. Black

B. Red

C. Yellow

D. Purple

30) Zara’s class wanted to decide what colour to paint their classroom. They decided to have a vote. Students could vote to change it to red, yellow or green. Everyone had to cast two votes, but they could not vote for the same colour twice. The colour would only be changed if everyone voted for the same colour; if this did not happen the room would be left unpainted. Every colour got at least one vote.

Knowing one of the following would allow us to know the result of the vote. Which one is it?

A. No student voted for both red and green

B. Every student voted for either green or yellow, or both

C. Red was the most popular vote

D. Only two people voted for green.


  1. 1. D
  2. 2. A
  3. 3. D
  4. 4. A
  5. 5. B
  6. 6. D
  7. 7. D
  8. 8. C
  9. 9. B
  10. 10. C
  11. 11. B
  12. 12. D
  13. 13. D
  14. 14. C
  15. 15. D
  16. 16. D
  17. 17. D
  18. 18. C
  19. 19. B
  20. 20. C
  21. 21. D
  22. 22. C
  23. 23. A
  24. 24. C
  25. 25. C
  26. 26. B
  27. 27. B
  28. 28. D
  29. 29. D
  30. 30. A

SOURCE OF SAMPLE QUESTIONS: education.nsw.gov.au

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