Opportunity Class Placement Test (OC)

Opportunity Class Placement Test (OC): 2020 Results and Future Strategies to Excel in Your OC

Every year in Australia, thousands of students go for Opportunity Class Test, and some of them get exceptional scores, too. It is the accredited test that measures the Mathematics, English, and General Ability of a student who is willing to enter in Year 5 and 6.

Numerous traditional coaching institutes are there in Australia that prepare students for OC, but to find the right one is quite a hectic task. Conveniently, Scholarly is among the top-notch academies that provide an unusual way of training to not only children but also to their parents.

How Scholarly prepare students for their OC?

At Scholarly, many students prepare for OC and other tests in an unconventional way. The founder of Scholarly, Steve Xu, not only provides in-person classes but live video sessions, too. Moreover, every week, he arranges a webinar for parents who want their children to score the highest numbers. Scholarly focus on polishing the skills and abilities of students. It doesn’t allow them to cram or follow the same traditional formula of attempting the test.

How Scholarly Ended up Getting 30 Kids Who Scored above 240 in 2020?

Last year, there were 40 students at Scholarly who appeared in OC, and 30 out of them got above 240 scores. The highest was 262 out of 300, and the division of marks was based on Mathematics (100 marks), English (100 marks), and General Ability (100 marks).

Scholarly encourages students to keep practising because it is the only way to memorize words, sentences, and methods to attempt mathematical questions. Also, Scholarly asks parents to play a significant part in enhancing their children’s abilities. 

One thing that plays a prominent role in the success of a student OC or any test is the quality parent. Your child is a reflection of you, and if he/she doesn’t perform well, then it might be because of the environment at your home.

Quality Parent=Quality Child

Again and again, we talk about quality parenting. Do you know why 30 students got above 240 scores? Well, because their parents were calm, composed, and determined to help their children in excelling the exams. Those parents knew their roles to play, and they did exceptionally well.

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Why Didn’t 10 Children Score up to the Mark? What are the Reasons Behind?

Even after the vigorous training, 10 children still didn’t perform up to the mark in their OC test. There are many reasons behind them, such as:

Lack of Mindset:

Of course, lack of mindset is one of the biggest reasons, and it happens with many parents. When parents don’t know what exactly their children need and how they can guide their kids, it happens.

Parents have to be more focused on their children’s studies. They need a proper mindset to prepare their kids for OC and other competitive exams. Also, some parents feel nervousness and anxiety, and we think they take too much stress.

Lack of Proper Guidance

Do you know about Chinese parents? Well, they know everything about scholarships and educational systems. Chinese parents are very well-informed about their children’s performance and activities. Also, they never miss a single chance to grab any opportunity for their kids.

By contrast, Indian parents who are not as familiar with the nuances of training, and scholarships. Of course, it is not only about Indian parents, but some others also have less knowledge about scholarships and their proper processes.

There is an urgent need to give parents precise guidance first so that they can take good care of their kids. To make things easy for them, Scholarly arranges webinars every week, especially for parents. In a webinar, anyone can get guidance from Steve Xu directly.

Short Training Duration

Another major reason behind students’ low scores in OC is that parents didn’t start the training earlier. Nothing can change overnight. Kids in Year 3 and Year 4 are too young to handle any stress and pressure because of studies.

What Steps Should Parents Take to Save the Future of a Child?

To save the future of a child, parents should follow these simple things:

Start Early Training

Early training can give you exceptional results because when you start from the very beginning, you will get a lot of time for practice. The only key to long-term success is to be consistent and determined. It seems hard, but starting from Year 3 would be perfect for your child.

Get Professional Help

We can understand that it is not easy to manage home, office, groceries, and kids. Plus, if you have to take care of your child’s education, it would be burdensome. To solve this problem, we suggest you take professional help from experts. In simple words, hire a tutor for your kid and discuss your concerns openly.

Increase Your Capacity as a Parent

We agree that nobody is perfect in this world, and parents are also not perfect. They can make mistakes, too. However, when we go after perfection, we will get excellence. So, the advice is to increase your capacity as a parent. Be flexible, and try to be closer to your child physically, as well as emotionally. Try to listen to children, and you will automatically pay more attention to your kid. All the above steps will help you out in increasing your capacity as a parent.

To sum it briefly, there are flaws in all of us, and we need to try to remove as many negative points from us as we can. OC test is not as hard for those who have started their preparation from the beginning. Contact us for more information.

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