Opportunity Class Test Success: Insider Tips from Experts

Preparing for the Opportunity Class test can be a challenging experience for students and their parents as the test covers a wide range of subjects and skills, including reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning and thinking skills. In this blog, we will be providing and discussing some insider tips from our experts on how to prepare for the Opportunity Class test. These tips are practical and personalised to the test to help parents and students develop some strategies and increase their chances of success.

Create a Personalised Study Plan

One of the most critical components of preparing for the Opportunity Class test is to have a personalised study plan in place. Every student has their unique learning styles, various strengths, limitations, and it is essential to consider all of these factors when developing a study plan. A personalised study plan is essential as it ensures that the student is allocating their time efficiently for each area as well as applying the most effective learning techniques to review the materials.

Prior to developing a personalised study plan, parents and students are recommended to consult with teachers, tutors, or educational experts who can provide insightful explanation of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and can assist to identify areas that require further attention. Once these areas have been recognised, parents and students can collaborate to revise and adjust the study plan accordingly. This can include integrating different types of resources and activities that cater to the student’s specific styles. For example, if a student is an auditory learner, parents and students can use audio recordings, lectures, and other audio resources to supplement their learning. On the other hand, if a student is a visual learner, parents and students can use flashcards, diagrams and other visual aids to help them understand the material. 

Using hands-on activities and online resources can also be beneficial in a personalised study plan as they enable students to apply the material in a practical way, while online resources can provide additional assistance and guidance to help students prepare for the test.

To ensure the personalised study plan is effective, it is important for parents and students to review and evaluate it regularly. The student’s progress and improvement should be tracked and monitored regularly so that adjustments can be made when needed.

Develop Effective Time Management

The Opportunity Class test is run with a time limit on each text; therefore, students are required to utilise their time productively during this test. Poor time management skills could lead to students running out of time or feeling rushed and stressed during the test.

One practical activity to develop effective time management is providing practice timed quizzes and  trial tests with time limits to help students become familiar with the time constraints of the test and improve their speed while ensuring the accuracy of their answers. 

Another tip is to use time tracking apps, which can assist students in monitoring their time usage on each subject or topic and adjust their study timetable more effectively. 

Setting time goals is another beneficial trick for improving time management. Students are to set a goal to complete a practice paper or trial test within a certain period of time or to finish studying for a specific subject within a specified timeframe.

Stay Organised

Being organised is a key element that can assist parents and students keeping track of all the materials and resources required for test preparation as well as staying on top of critical dates and deadlines. 

Keeping note of important dates such as the test date, deadlines for practice test and its results, and other key milestones is one of the most practical and effective way to stay organised. You can do that by using a calendar, planner, or an online scheduling tool so that you don’t miss any of these important dates.

Another way to stay organised is to keep track of all the materials and resources used for test preparation. This can include sample papers, study guides, flashcards, and other resources. Parents and students can use a file folder, notebook, or an online document storage system to store and organise these materials in order for easy access when you need them.

Additionally, checklists can also be used to ensure that they are covering all the relevant topics and subjects in their test preparation.

Utilise Mnemonics

Mnemonics are memory aids that are designed to help students retain information more easily. Mnemonics can come in various forms, such as acrostics, rhymes, songs, and more. They can assist students memorising important facts, formulas, sequences, and concepts related to the test.

For example, a student can use the acronym ” S.V.O.P:” to remember the parts of a sentence in English Subject, Verb, Object and Predicate. Or “C.R.A.P” to remember the elements: Claim, Reason, Evidence, Counter Claim of critical thinking and argumentation in all subjects. 

Mnemonics can also be used to remember lists, sequences, and other types of information. For example, students can use the mnemonic “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” to remember the order of operations in maths (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction).

It is important for parents and students to create their own mnemonics that are unique, personalised but simple and meaningful to them. Parents can assist their child to create mnemonics that are easy to remember and understand. Furthermore, Parents and students can also use flashcards, diagrams and other visual aids to help them understand the material and make the mnemonics more memorable.

In conclusion, preparing for the Opportunity Class test requires a combination of understanding the test format, developing test-taking skills, and utilising effective strategies. It is crucial to have a personalised study plan with effective time management as well as stay focus and use varied learning tools. 

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