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Our goal is to eliminate the biggest problems in learning one step at a time…

The problems…

  • Your child never learnt foundations at their local tutoring centre?
  • Your current coaching college never explained the foundational concepts and only expected students to answer questions?
  • You the parent was left with the duty of teaching your child with random materials (probably acquired from questionable sources)
  • Kids are doing questions which they have no CLUE how to do.

Every single coaching centre is limited by its capacity to install rock-solid foundations. Most coaching colleges never explain the foundational concepts and only expect kids to answer questions.

This is called Question-Based Learning and is probably the biggest detriment to your child’s learning.


If all your child’s lessons only involve answering a set of questions and encouraging kids to memorise answers rather than deeply comprehending the principles behind the questions. What happens when we flip the question or flip several variables.

Your child has no clue how to answer the question!

That is why we incorporate a different style of learning in our classes.

Concept Based Learning

This involves teaching the underlying principles of each question or topic such that students develop the fundamental ability to adapt their understanding to different questions and the versatility to apply their reasoning skills to different types of questions.

This ensures your child is invulnerable to the ever-changing OC and Selective exams and becomes truly exam-ready!


4 Steps to Success!

We have 4 simple (yet overlooked) steps to academic  success for any child!

Parent, Coach and Student Relations

There is irreplaceable value in good parent, student and coach relations, and here at Scholarly, we achieve outstanding things by keeping honest and open communication with parents.


There is no improvement without feedback. We tell you where your child is at… what their weaknesses are…and what their potential could be given the correct work ethic and guidance. We constantly provide suggestions for parents to further develop their child’s ability based on performance from their child’s weekly homework and trial tests. Through involving parents in this process a much more informed and supportive environment is created for your child to flourish academically.



We go about preparing our students beyond their goals, because we understand, when your child sits in their algid plastic chair, suffocating on the stale oxygen of that daunting exam hall.

They’re not going to perform their best, they’re not going to produce their 100%. They will probably meet 80% of their ability and therefore their 80% must exceed their goal.

This is why we overtrain our students!

Classes are divided into theory and practical. Theory lessons consist of 100% uninterrupted teaching (all classes are online students can’t distract each other). This means there is a lot of content covered in every class. If students need to revise… EVERYTHINGS RECORDED! Throughout the term students can watch each class once… twice… thrice… as many times as needed to ensure a thorough understanding of all the material!

Students don’t waste any time in our theory classes mindlessly completing trial test questions they haven’t been taught to do. Instead, students complete their weekly online trial test, (yes you get a new one every week) in their own time. Immediately after they complete this trial test… They can see the answers to… EVERY SINGLE QUESTION!

In the live practical lessons, our tutors will go through worked solutions for these trial test questions and your homework questions.


Without solid foundations… everything falls apart.

Foundations are the bread and butter of any academic feat and for students to thrive they must develop indestructible foundations.

Through a combination of captivating vocabulary games, pragmatic memorisation techniques and an unparalleled testing system that can precisely pinpoint every single weakness your child has…

From minuscule deficiencies in comprehension to abundant conceptual misunderstandings…
our weekly trial tests can identify it all!


One Leader

Your child does not see any clear direction or mentorship. They lack fire and every single time you ask them to do work, it is a constant battle. They need a leader who can light a fire in them…

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