I Started Scholarly Because I Wanted
To Change The Tutoring Industry

Having Taught At Various Big-Name Coaching Colleges And Experienced Coaching First-Hand, I Realised That Most Coaching:

Nothing more than a set of questions and timed trial tests.

Student results were not based on how much coaching they did.

There was barely any teaching in big WEMG and even smaller classes

My Mission

I set out on a mission to truly inspire kids to achieve results beyond their wildest dreams. I mean scholarships to schools such as Sydney Grammar, Abbotsleigh, Knox Grammar (schools which would typically cost over $200,000). Entrances to top OC classes such as Beecroft, North Rocks, Matthew Pearce. Entrances to top Selective Schools such as James Ruse, Baulkham Hills, North Sydney Boys/Girls.

BUT Not for gifted kids. I wanted to transform ORDINARY kids. You see, it is very easy for any BIG-NAME coaching school to claim that they have had 30 or 40 or 50 Kids get into James Ruse, when the kids were already brilliant and they have a pool of 6000 kids. It is much HARDER for someone to transform kids from a low score of 180 in the OC to 250 in Selective (+win multiple scholarships). This has happened a multitude of times. The SYSTEM I wanted to create (and have now created) is responsible for transforming ORDINARY children into EXTRAORDINARY SCHOLARS.

Now This Is No Easy Feat And It
Requires The Following Characteristics:


At the very crux, unbreakable commitment means setting a goal and committing to it. To do as you say, without falling back on your word. Our scholars are trained to deal with extremely high workloads and content. There will be many times when you wish to give up. Pick yourself back up and remember why you started.


We set a multitude of different tasks each week which means that our kids need to establish a system of daily habits and routines to ensure that they complete the work to the best of their ability. The work is DOABLE so long as the child is working consistently and sets aside at least 2 Hours/day.


Our kids come to us and come to us only. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to acing the exams. We have established a rock-solid SCHOLARLY PROCESS of Live Video tutorials, alongside our In-Person classes that systematically addresses the fundamental weaknesses in students.


I have seen in my time that the most powerful thing is a child on fire. A child who is on fire is one who does not need to be pushed, but is rather pulled by the passion within. These children are truly unstoppable.

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