What Is The Scholarly

I always get asked what is the SCHOLARLY SYSTEM… and too be honest, it is almost too detailed to list out. Our programmes typically run for 10 weeks during the school term.

Scholarly Live Classes.

These live video lessons are run three times a week. The reason why we run these online is to deliver the same content across the board in a lecture series. Our lessons are all run LIVE to encourage active participation and engagement from all students. These lessons will feature an explanation of questions, passages and establish further fundamentals in each subject (English. Maths, GA and Writing).


Reading (1 Hour)


Writing (1 Hour)


Maths & GA (1 Hour)


Overview of the trial
test (3 Hours)

Our On-boarding System.

Before you enrol in any of our programmes, you must undertake an onboarding system which establish the very basic knowledge and understanding of the subjects (English, Maths, GA and Writing). This program is to introduce you to the most fundamental base from which you can develop the habits and knowledge of how the SCHOLARLY Programme works.

Parental Accountability

There is a live call each week with the exact instructions and feedback on things to work on with your child. This is of course in addition to our online support chat which you may message with any issues.

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