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Many kids are struggling with writing. When you get them to write an article or write narratives, they don’t use proper grammar. They also lack original ideas and cannot vividly show and use descriptive words to the best of their ability. This is a huge problem that is pretty much common with many kids because most of them are not taught how to write appropriately.

Often teachers who teach a large group of children cannot fully concentrate on a single child. That’s why most kids don’t learn how to write well at school. Kids can learn to write by copying other people. At Scholarly, we train our kids to write by giving them many phrases to copy so as to develop their vocabulary. If you want your child to succeed in the selective school test, this is the only simple way to improve their writing skills. You can find help from internet tools like By using such online tools, you can start crafting up your writing pieces.

Most kids usually write narratives with only one sense, which is the sight. To create a vivid and captivating introduction, they should use all the five senses. It would be best if you also found a professional coaching centers for your kids. This applies especially to migrant parents from English-non speaking backgrounds who might be limited in guiding their children through these writing pieces.

You also need to make sure that your kid’s writing is crafted in a very well placed sense. Most kids usually write about mythical beliefs like fairies or actions like bombs and explosions. This kind of writing is less mature. It would be best if you started educating your kids on using what’s known as a difficult decision to talk about the character’s conflict and what they feel. Again, these plots are very hard to do, but there are many good websites like public 365, where you can find good examples. The kids should not just memorize phrases but also attach them to a perfect plot to score high in the writing section.

With writing, the more practice that you do, the more competent you become. So you must expose your kids well for them to model excellent writing pieces. You cannot rely on what they learn at school because it’s not usually enough. Also, few teachers have the experience of teaching kids how to write, especially to the level of selective scholarship schools exams, even though they are qualified teachers.
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