Sydney Private School Scholarships: 90% IS NOT ENOUGH

A score of 90% in the private school scholarship exams is a really good mark. And as a parent, you should be proud of your child if they score 90% because they might probably in the top 10%. Scoring 90%, means your child is breaking down facts very fast and understands the passages well.
However, that 90% is not enough. Here’s why.

Most questions from the fiction and poetry sections of the selective and scholarship exams are completely based on emotions nowadays. Yet most students fail in these sections. Although 90% can get one into top schools like North Sydney boys, it’s not enough for a private school scholarship. Most of our OC class students at Scholarly, even the extremely bright ones struggle with emotional questions.

Generally, 99% of kids struggle with emotions because they simply haven’t been taught at school or at home. They haven’t been exposed to enough fictional texts and poetry to understand how to break down emotional questions. Learning something you haven’t been taught or exposed to within a short period is very difficult. The only kids who can pick up faster usually have been taught before, or have a high level of curiosity, motivating them to learn by themselves.

Let’s break down this sample emotion question:

Which choice best describes the narrator’s view of his expedition to the North Pole?

To help kids break down emotions and understand how these emotions work, first, you must help them understand whether the emotion is positive or negative. Second, you need to break down the strength of the word, whether it is strong or weak emotion. Words like joyous or jubilant are examples of strong emotions, while words like despondent or dull are examples of weak emotions.

If your child is able to break down emotions, they will score higher than 90%. To get them started with the emotion questions, you need constantly practice sample questions with them. You can get such sample test questions online or you can enroll them for high standard coaching at Scholarly.

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