How to get a Private School Scholarship in Sydney?

Even though many parents are constantly working hard to see their kids excel in the Private School Scholarship exams, 99% of parents will not get their children into their dream selective schools and private school scholarships. This is because most parents are not committed to their children’s learning process. They send their kids to local tutoring colleges while they don’t take time to sit down with their kids to ensure that they understand everything.

Throughout my coaching career at Scholarly, teaching hundreds of kids over the last 5-6 years, I’ve come across many different parents, from the highly committed ones to those who are not involved in their children’s learning process. From these experiences, I can assure you that kids are a direct reflection of the parents. When parents are not committed themselves, the kids will not be able to succeed. Earlier this year, Scholarly sent four kids to Sydney Grammar interview. The parents of these four kids were the most committed parents we’ve ever met.

Private School Scholarships take more effort!

Paying for coaching classes at local tutoring colleges is not enough. You need to ensure that they understand everything in every single subject. If you’re uncertain, and you’re not telling your kid precisely what to do, they will fail to get into a top 10 Selective School, which now requires a score of about 220.

With a solid 3-6 months’ preparation, your kid should be able to get 220, that is, if you put in a lot of effort by finding the best programs, getting the kids adequate training and quality materials, and finally sitting next to the kids and making sure that they understand everything. If you can’t do that as a parent, you can’t expect to get better results. Even kids who come to our intense training program still need to be guided by their parents.

You also need to note that no amount of materials will cure your child’s inadequacies if they don’t have the proper foundation. To get your kids to top selective schools and private school scholarships, you need to be committed to lead your child in the right way. You must be sure of your coaching method. Finding the right learning formula for your kid is a very tough game nowadays. This is because the new selective school exam is entirely different from the previous exams. Unlike the previous years, the emphasis will be on English and writing.

Remember, again, your commitment as a parent is key to your child’s success. It could be a complicated process, but at the end of the day, your child’s score in the selective schools exams will reflect your commitment.

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