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W4: Year 6 Mathematical Reasoning 3 PM – 5 PM


Week 4 (5 Days): 15/01/24 – 19/01/24
5-day Mathematical Reasoning Specialisation Zoom Course
for Year 6, NSW Selective Test prep.

  • Algebra: Tackles complex linear equations, inequalities, and expression simplification.
  • Ratios: Focuses on ratio comparison, scaling, resizing, and practical applications like discount calculations.
  • Word Problems: Enhances problem-solving skills and translates real-world scenarios into mathematical equations.
  • Geometry: Covers shape properties, spatial reasoning, and geometric problem-solving.
  • Designed for geometry-related test questions preparation.
  • Conducted in interactive, small-group sessions.
  • Aims to strengthen specific mathematical reasoning skills for test success.

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Who is This Program for?

This 5-day Mathematical Reasoning Specialisation Zoom Program is specifically tailored for Year 6 students who are preparing to take the NSW Selective Test in 2024. It is particularly beneficial for students who face challenges in the following areas:

  1. Solving Complex Algebraic Equations: Students struggling with understanding and solving complex linear equations and inequalities, crucial for the test’s algebraic questions.
  2. Navigating Ratios and Proportions: Many students find it challenging to apply ratios and proportions in various contexts, especially in questions involving scaling, resizing, and real-world applications.
  3. Interpreting and Solving Word Problems: Translating real-world scenarios into mathematical equations, a key component in word problems.
  4. Understanding Geometric Concepts: Grasping geometric principles, such as properties of shapes and spatial reasoning, especially when applied to problem-solving scenarios in the test.
  5. Time Management during the Test: Managing time effectively to complete all questions within the test duration.
  6. Analysing Complex Data Sets: Students struggling with questions that involve complex data sets, requiring them to analyse and synthesise information quickly and accurately.
  7. Applying Mathematical Concepts to New Situations: The ability to apply learned mathematical concepts to unfamiliar problems or contexts.
  8. Overcoming Test Anxiety: The pressure of performing well in a high-stakes test can affect students’ ability to focus and think clearly, impacting their overall performance.