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Many parents are struggling to understand what kind of processes and what kind of training they need to put their kids through. This is because there are a lot of different coaching styles and different training programs all over Australia.

To help you understand how to score 90 plus in the reading section of the selective exams, we will differentiate kids who do well from those who don’t do well in reading comprehension. Most kids don’t understand the meaning of some hard words in comprehension, yet they don’t look up the meaning of those words in the dictionary or google. When was the last time you asked your child to search up words they didn’t understand when they were reading?

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What ends up happening if you don’t ask your child to search for words they don’t know is they just end up skimming. Even if you enroll them in tutoring centers, a large majority of that training is going to go to waste because all they’re doing is just guessing their interpretation, guessing what the questions mean, guessing what the passage means. And just wasting their time. The solution to this is to read more books and break down the meaning of the words and phrases in four steps.

The first step is to understand the meaning or the definition of the word. The second step is to understand the main idea, the third step is to understand the emotions of the passage and the fourth one is to memorize the base. While reading, they need to write down words they don’t understand. If they don’t write down these words ad just read through the passage without understanding, their scores will not improve because they are not focusing on the meaning.

After writing down the words, you should be able to break down the main idea in the passage. The way to break down the main idea is also pretty simple as they start being more accustomed to the ideas which appear over and over again, such as natural versus artificial, politics, science, social issues, and all those different topics. As they become more familiar with the themes, it becomes a lot easier for them to break down those main ideas.

Reading comprehension is where kids can easily score 90% and above in the selective schools test. I’ve seen kids improve drastically within a short time just by using this method alone even without doing many questions. Always encourage your kids to underline and lookup for words they don’t know in the dictionary or google.

Sample Vocabulary List

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selective schools test vocabulary list
selective school test reading comprehension
oc test reading comprehension

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