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A Student's Journey from 40% OC English to James Ruse with 100% in Selective English

scholarly selective school result and offer from james ruse

“I am currently a scholarly student and I have overcome diminishing OC English result of 40% to get into James Ruse with 100% in English through determination and hard work. First, I didn’t grieve over my OC result when studying for the Selective Test but rather took the result as a motive to do better than before. The main challenge personally regarding the selective test was English and Writing which I overcame with lots of help from Scholarly and Steve. Getting full marks in English and 97% in Maths was mainly achieved from a large quantity of hard and challenging practice which made Selective English and Maths personally quite easy for me. I also greatly improved my Writing and TSA through training which landed me with quite a reasonable score for both subjects. Listening to Steve’s videos, doing all his homework on time and all the challenging trial tests helped me improve gradually over my year and a half at Scholarly. Overall, Steve has helped me greatly through his tutoring at Scholarly allowing me to exponentially excel in all subjects even with the new changes in the Selective Test. I recommend Scholarly to anyone who wants to excel in the OC, Selective, and HSC. Thank you.”

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Opportunity Class Program

In the 2020 Opportunity Class Test, 38 Scholarly students scored over 239!

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Selective Schools Test Program

In 2020, we had:
In 2021, we had:

Private School Scholarship Program

In the 2021 Scholarship Exams for 2022 Admissions, our students achieved 72+ Private School Scholarships

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