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See this students journey to James Ruse with 100% in Selective English.

OC to James Ruse, Scholarly students Selective journey

From 40% OC English ...

to James Ruse with 100% Selective English Scores

“I am currently a scholarly student and I have overcome diminishing OC English result of 40% to get into James Ruse with 100% in English through determination and hard work.

First, I didn’t grieve over my OC result when studying for the Selective Test but rather took the result as a motive to do better than before. The main challenge personally regarding the selective test was English and Writing which I overcame with lots of help from Scholarly and Steve.

Getting full marks in English and 97% in Maths was mainly achieved from a large quantity of hard and challenging practise which made the Selective English and Maths personally quite easy for me. I also greatly improved my Writing and TSA through training which landed me with quite a reasonable score for both subjects.

Listening to Steve’s videos, doing all his homework on time and all the challenging trial tests helped me improve gradually over my year and a half at Scholarly. Overall, Steve has helped me greatly through his tutoring at Scholarly allowing me to exponentially excel in all subjects even with the new changes of the Selective Test.

I recommend Scholarly to anyone who wants to excel in the OC, Selective and HSC. Thankyou.”

See this students review of their Scholarly experience:

From an OC test score of 211...

to a Selective School test score of 261!

After the OC results came out… this student was disappointed. He only got 211 and with this trajectory would not be able to go to his dream Selective School. This is when he came to us… After one year of coaching with Steve… he gained 50 points, scoring a total of 261 in the Selective Schools test. He is now a James Ruse student and still coaches with us in our high school program. Here this student gives his review of the Scholarly experience.

“I am a year 7, James Ruse student currently in Steve’s high school English Tutoring. I went to Scholarly test prep for Selective training after not being able to make it into an OC school after getting only 211. My parents initially found out about Steve when I was in year 5. Over my previous two years at Scholarly I experienced clever and efficient training from Steve.

There were three classes per week, each about one to one and a half hours. Each class was designated for specific parts of the selective test. For example, Friday was for math and GA. I find it interesting, because the classes were very interactive, as after explaining each concept, Steve gave us an opportunity to show our potential and to prove that we have really understood what he just told us. Homework was designed to basically piece together whatever we did in class and it was a good review over the aspects of the selective test. A really good thing about homework was that we could see the work of other peers. If someone else excelled in that week’s homework, then we could see the standard set. From this we can work on each other’s ideas, thereby making our work better than it initially was.

40 brains working together makes a better product than one. 

Steve is an excellent teacher because he takes his time to show how we can improve our work after each week’s homework. He always gives feedback on it and arranges a hot seat where he goes to multiple pieces of work, which really stood out to him and tells us how he would go about improving it. Another benefit from Steve’s teachings is that he has experience all of these examinations and he implements them into our classes. For example, in the high school English classes he’s given currently, Steve gives us HSC questions and we have to analyse them in unseen comprehension, which pushes our work above our current year group. 

Steve is very friendly and is willing to dedicate his time towards his students. I would recommend Scholarly test prep to anyone preparing for OC and Selective or even to anyone who wants to learn ahead and perform. 

Thank you, Steve, for your continuous help and support to achieve my selective goal. I look forward to working with you with my HSC.

Thank you.”

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Opportunity Class Test Program

In the 2020 Opportunity Class Test 38 Scholarly students scored over 239!

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Selective Schools Test Program

In 2020 alone, we had:

In 2021 we had:

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Private School Scholarship Program

In the 2021 Scholarship exams...
for admission in 2022... our students achieved:


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Case Studies

100% Sydney Grammar
Scholarship Multiple other
scholarships to various private schools

“Steven, I am so happy to share the news that … got awarded a 100% Scholarship to Sydney Grammar.
You have been instrumental in his scholarship success.”

James Ruse Entrant Sydney
Grammar Scholarship
100% SHORE Scholarship
100% King’s Scholarship
258 Selective Test Score

“You have single handedly cemented our decision. We trust you and my instinct says…”

218 in OC to 249 in selective school test.
100% Scholarship to Newington College
100% Scholarship to Trinity Grammar

“Words cannot express our gratitude from us to you. Since we started your class around
4-5 months ago, he immediately loved your lessons and all the inspirations from you…
He became more confident, responsible and committed than ever. … From a non OC
kid to what he gets today in such short time, I still couldn’t believe…”

James Ruse Entrant
209 in OC Test to 261 in
Selective Schools Test

“He is very pleased to join you. It has definitely impacted his score…”

249 Selective School Test Score
100% Pymble Ladies Scholarship
100% Wenona Scholarship
100% SCEGGS Redlands Scholarship

“Our respect and admiration for Steven as my daughter’s tutor cannot be expressed in words. Scholarly been our mentor, our support, and our guide. My daughter has progressed from being a non-OC class student to achieve three prestigious 100% scholarships to Pymble Ladies College, Wenona, and Redlands. We knew we made the right choice when he stayed through all the milestones of this journey; exam, interview and school selection.

She was able to succeed through pattern-based exams, valuable study material, and detailed video lessons. Classes are not overcrowded, and an online platform for interaction was unique and helpful. Steven has played a pivotal part, especially as my daughter had a very little time to prepare for such competitive exams. Glad to found Steven, who has made this dream possible and mere words could never express our gratitude to you. Our most sincere and heartfelt thank you to Steven and Jen.”

James Ruse Entrant
100% Scholarship to PLC

Steven, we are incredibly happy to let you know that T has been awarded a 100% Scholarship to PLC.
Thank you for your insight in guiding along the challenges of preparing for the differences
between Selective and Scholarship Exams.

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