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Summer Holiday High School Boosters

Term 1 High School Scholarly⁺

Are you tired of boring, monotonous English and writing lessons? Our dynamic and engaging 10-week High school English and Writing Zoom course is here to turn that all around!

Our expert tutors have extensive experience in teaching these subjects at the high school level, and they know exactly what students need to succeed. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a variety of interesting and challenging topics including:

  • Theme analysis
  • Character analysis
  • Most significant scene analysis
  • Literary Devices
  • Creative Writing
  • Persuasive Essay Writing

We understand the importance of developing strong writing skills and that’s why our course includes hands-on writing exercises and personalised feedback to help your child become a confident and competent writer. Our convenient Zoom format helps your child access the course from anywhere, at any time. But it’s not all work and no play – we believe in making learning fun! Our interactive Zoom sessions will keep your child engaged and motivated, and our small group size means plenty of personalised attention.

Don’t let the stress of high school English and writing weigh you down. Sign up for our High School English and writing zoom course today and watch their confidence and skills soar.