Scholarship G2 W1 Writing

Part 1.

Write a DISNEY-INSPIRED narrative about the man climbing the skyscraper (400 words)

Include: Omniscient Magic, Beauty Phrases, Gemstone Colours, Oxymorons, Magical features

Man climbing skyscraper: describe view and equipment
High winds blow and it seems like he must turn back-difficult decision where he thinks about his safety and trying to prove himself to his family who did not believe he would make it
He perseveres even though a police helicopter is calling him but when the reaches to top, he realises he has not won over his family, he has won over himself

The gelid zephyrs crept up my back, indignantly inducing frenzied shivers that excruciatingly seared through my dilapidated physique like electricity. Steely moonstone clouted me with a coarse adamantine fist of denial, perfumed with the miasma of metal. The panoramic scene glinted with a spectrum of hues that mingled with each other on the flamboyant canvas of the world- benevolent beryl, shimmering sapphire, dynamic carnelian, vehement citrine and a flurry of amethyst. All would be callously obscured by a militia of grey, grey, grey…Bellowing blares seethingly caterwauled into an ebony black hole of delirium. I yearned for the scrumptious salads from my hometown yet all I devoured was a platter of acerbic fumes. However, I must keep going on. The serrated steel spire taunted me with its shrill scornful squeaks. Scintillating silvery skyscrapers clustered together like a bag of tools that impaled the alabaster clouds. The besmirched Huangpu river was begrimed with a fetid landfill that could cover the planet, just like the rancid landfill of contrition inside me. Vestiges of brine, piquant pork relentlessly coerced me to be brimmed with silenced outrage and stubborn dolour, yet it caused me to be emerald with envy. Eyes shrouded by wind, I misplaced my leather-clad foot, almost tumbling into the hematite abyss and only held back by a slender harness which screeched in agony. Suddenly the sonic gusts ushered the demanding demeanour of my father-YOU SHALL DIE AND NEVER REACH THE TOP!!! The words were a billion blades of agonising affliction on my skin. It was then that I resolved to continue.
The Herculean gales urged me to retrace my steps to amelioration. Though would it be worth it? The carnelian crimson crane stretched its sturdy arms above the hectic skyline. I could be back there but confront my entire family’s exasperation! I must not return, not before reaching my goal, though I could die if I linger any longer! My ebony harness was evading the delicate grasp of the hooks. What would I do?

The world is scrutinising my every step-I would be censured by all and my family! I coerced to permit me to be here yet all of them deplored me: “You idiot, you shall never make it!” Words ricocheted through my head mingling with a thousand thoughts of contrition. Yet if I proceed, I could perish, and my family would never even see me again! Though what is superior in significance-my repute or life. Life is nothing without acceptance though this is just a single achievement! I cannot deal with the manacles of indignation! Qualms encircled my mind in an inevitable vortex-what would I do?

I envisaged my family morosely mourning a tsunami of troubled tears—my countenance in the picture by the funeral with no coffin. Just a wretched urn was storing the remains of my disfigured body. Yet then I conceptualised being led away in a police car, while crowds vociferously babble their deriding. I envisioned the seething shrieking of my mother: “How could you have done this, you could have died, DIED!” Whilst my family woefully wobbled their heads. The pondering has transformed into a black hole, devouring my dreams.

NO! I could not refrain from my family, yet I could not deal with disappointment. AH!!! I pounded my calloused hands on the stern metal. Morbid skin flinched before peeling away, unveiling an abhorrent labyrinth of vermillion. Cerise blood streamed down, yet I did not care. All I cared for was my decision. I had to do something.

Suddenly, in vicious rage, I hurled myself up the crane. Ascending my consternation, my dolefulness, my ruminations, I perceived the peculiar sensation of ground. That was when I realised; I had made it. The world lay in front of me, bowing in veneration. Helicopters whirled around the skyscraper, some blaring reprimands while some were brimmed with the babble of interviewers. I contemplated my family, observing on live television and not believing anything anymore. Though, as I trudged aboard a helicopter, I had not won over anyone-I had won over myself.

Part 2.

Scholarship Interview Questions



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    Part 1

    Haughty clouds spat pellets of drool across my gaunt face as their tendrils of strangling mist creeped upon my nostrils. My emaciated knuckles clung tenaciously onto the icy poles of the shivering scaffolding. The relentless bombardment of numbing wind lacerated across my body, threatening to kill me. The mocking, tormenting laughs of thunder sheathed its manacle arms around my hyperborean ears. Callous upon callous, my maimed hands forcing my flopping body into disrepair as I ventured higher. A morose wave of icy cold beads of sweat dripped down the back of my haggard back. Trying to take my mind off the abysmal sensation, I forced my weary eyes up. Climbing higher and higher. The zelous zephyrs keen to blow me off.

    Below me was the grimy, dilapidated slums of Brazil. Derelict roofs surrendered at the whips of rain. A cleanliness forlorn penurious city littered with slums and ramshackle huts. The serrated steel spire uttered shrill squeaks as the harrowing clouds let out one final blow. The acerbic talons of morbid air pierced my dry skin. Focused on ascending this spiral of metal, my languid legs flopped against the rigid metal. My mission-ascend a tower-400 meters of space between me and the ground-I had to connect a lightning rod to the tip of the tower. Yearning for the safety on the ground which was perpetually spiralling out of my gaunt hands, I reluctantly climbed on.

    Abruptly, I heard a sound in the distance. Through the mist my dreary eyes set themselves upon a flock of flamboyant birds. My feet at this point were nearly as dilapidated as the blurs below. A multitude of flying devils approached my afflictive feet. Their beaks pecking at my shoes at every step. “Come on, you can do this” I whispered to myself. “A few more steps and you’re there”

    The twisting spire of manipulative clouds shrouded my view of the top. And with dozens of birds threatening to break my loose tether, I found it complicated to reach the top. So, I ran. I ran as fast as my fatigued legs could carry me. I ignored the numbing pain shooting through my ruptured, severed body, I ignored the rivers of cold sweat pouring down my frail back. I ignored the satanic, demonical birds ripping apart my feet. I ran. The clouds didn’t stop, their caliginous veins seeped through my clogged nose. The pellets of rain sliced at my face. Finally. The top. The slums, now a blur of murky brown, grey and more brown. I steadily planted the rod. Chink! It was in. I sat down. My bones aching and grinding in their savaged tendons. Laying down, I closed my wearisome eyes. And the world went black.

    Part 1:
    The glacial zephyr hit me and the scaffolding with an obstreperous thud. The amorphous, cryptic draught snaked and strangled around the brittle, infirm skyscraper as I scaled the building. I shuddered. “Turn back, turn back!” whispered the ‘quiet voice’ in my head as I ascended the skyscraper. I was not going to turn back, for whatever reason my brain could think of. Not mother’s homemade bubble tea, not for father’s cheesecake, not for any other reason! I was going to prove to my family that I was not a useless person with only a passion for climbing. I was going to prove that climbing would be a useful knack to have.

    I was no longer going to be the quiet girl at the back of the class, not participating, not talking. I was not going to bawl for what felt like centuries when I was spanked by my mother or father. I was going to change myself, I was going to change my attitude towards things. I was no longer going to hide. I was going to make myself known to the world, and nothing could stop me. I was going to do this!

    I was going to prove that ‘quiet voice’ was wrong. After all, I was influenced by a bunch of people, including Alex Honnold and Lynn Hill, who had accomplished great things with climbing. I was going to climb to the top of the highest skyscraper in the world! I was going to keep on going. I unexpectedly vociferated as my left hand scrabbled on a nail. Ruby-red stains of blood seeped through my hands, exposing crimson-coloured flesh. I attempted to ignore this throbbing pain as I kept on going.

    Suddenly, a miracle arrived; an angel emerged! It’s opalecent-white wings radiated beauty and glamour, and it urged me to keep on going, that it would protect me. Its face told me the rest. “You did it,” said the angel, “You nearly made it to the top.” It was proud of me. And I was going to keep on going. Before it waved goodbye, it’s wings brushed past the hand with blood. The wings were stained, but like magic, it disappeared. What was more, the wound had vanished completely! It was like it had never happened. And then, the angel was gone.

    Even though the calinginous cloud ridiculed me, with its merciless arctic chill, spitting out bursts of rain and laughing demonically, baring its gnarled teeth while scolding me, I was going to keep on going. The angel had convinced the ‘quiet voice’ to go away; it was gone. The cloud was furious that I was no longer afraid of it! It threw a tantrum as tears ran down its downtrodden face as he roars and weeps. I was nearly at the top! But here was the hardest bit, the only bit stopping me from being known to the world: the Bridge of Doom and Death; no one had ever won against the bridge. But I was going to try, even if I didn’t succeed.

    One step on, the other slides in place. One after another, my foot inched across the bridge. I was full of nerves and worry, butterflies and anxiety. I am not stopping now. I was nearly there. Alarmingly, the bridge started to fall apart! I jumped from one rickety block of wood to another, two at a time, determined not to perish by the Bridge of Doom and Death. And just when I thought I was going to be consumed by the bridge… I made it.

    Near-blinding camera lights flash phosphorescent from a police helicopter as I am revealed to the world. The first person to reach the top of the highest skyscraper in the world. I am all over the news for the entire week: I, Sophia Smith, made it to the top of the highest skyscraper. I had won over the family humiliation that I had always, until now, received. I was now famous, maybe even popular. My life was finally worth it.


    Part 1
    I took a sharp glance at the world below me. The fragmentary skyscraper loomed above all the indiscernible building while staggering mercilessly. The chilling arctic morning fog blasted through my frostbitten ears as I heard the zephyr vociferate an ear splitting song, cackling with delight. I felt the nauseating, chilling sweat drip down my torrid back while my lacerated shirt clung desperately on. I would not survive no more, yet, the urge to prove to my family that I was more than the underdog overtook. The agonising pain dug into my gaunt shoulders from the despicable harness while my cracked, bloody hands clung desperately onto the tarnished poles which also seemed to be suffering. Eventually, there was a CLICK! My harness fell down into the abyss of doom. My heart skipped a beat and I tensed up. Nothing was going to look up at this point as the tyrant clouds started to rumble in frustration, babbling and sending down groans of fury. I felt suddenly, how I wanted to prove myself but a nodulous grin of an effluvium blocked a tenuous halo of light that still remained.

    I took a thumping step forward onto the next pole and it felt like taking a step into a new universe. Bracing my apprehensive self, I took another step forward as my shoulders felt even more tense than before. i heard my father’s voice echo in the wind, whispering “You are such a disappointment to this family because you have not done anything significant in all your years! Look at your siblings! You have such an ignorant passion: climbing. What help is that? Do you realise who you are? A nobody. If you really enjoy climbing, go climb the tallest skyscraper. For god’s sake.” The words rang through my pained ears as each word stabbed me deep into the heart.

    I shook my head and continued to scale the perilous scaffolding. I had to go beyond my family and prove them that i am more than what I seem. I reached for the next pole, when I let out a scream of pain. AH! I had scraped my hand along a loose nail. Ruby red blood streaked down my shaking hands revealing a rainbow of vermillion flesh and my whole body seemed to be aching too.

    Was this what my father meant? Something small to stop me? I lurched forward and started ahead with a look of determination on my face. All of a sudden, I didn’t care about my strenuousness, my hardship or anything else that happened in my life. I just needed to get to the top. With one final grandoise leap, I made it. It was a miracle. As I got to the top, I fell down, down and down. I let out a shriek and pulled my parachute out. At last, I had got down from the jeopardous tower of doom. I sprinted down before all the interviewers could come because I didn’t want to show off, I wanted to prove to one person how great I could truly me. I am not a nobody, I am someone called Alia with great talents that the world just needs to see.

  4. AMAYA

    Tell me about yourself: My name is Amaya Wakista but I am called Natasha(my middle name)because some people are confused when pronouncing Amaya. I am 11 years old and I currently go to St Ignatius Primary in Brisbane, Queensland. I truly love the opportunities it gives me. Those opportunities are like STEM competitions, debating, technologies and my all time favorite Speech and Drama. I am a part of the St Ignatius Drama team and love being there. I get to sing solos, dance and act to my heart’s desire. I also love singing. I have been displayed in many singing shows and competitions. I have also been a part of national teams and am proud of my success. For another, I am a big time bookworm. I love to read all the time. My favorite genre is probably detective. It helps me test my IQ by trying to solve puzzles before the detective in the story. Linking to that I also love watching Bright Side, a YouTube channel that tests your IQ. I really like netball and have been in many clubs, it is probably one of my favorite sports but I love soccer too. Another thing is I love technology. I am extremely good with handling tech. It used to bring me out of my comfort zone but now all I can say is that I am a tech whiz. When I grow up I either want to be an interior designer or teacher. I want to be an interior designer because i love designing and renovating and creating houses and buildings makes me feel calm. My other option is a teacher because I love explaining things and I love kids so much! Also I tutor kids who are younger than me, so I have quite a bit of experience.

  5. AMAYA

    Why do you want to be a Somerville girl?

    Somerville is my dream private high school. I am a girl who would like to socialise with other girls my age, and at Somerville there will be so many people all different. Also I have met some of the teachers there and they are fabulous. They look out for every single student in need and make them strive for their personal best. Also the teachers are extremely kind and supportive. They are true teachers that will do anything for theier students. I have seen that at Somerville there are so many opportunities like dramas and sports and privileged education. As a Somerville girl you are free to choose the co-curriculum activities you’ll participate in and in addition there are a bucket full of activities to choose from, like water-polo or singing. Another reason I am keen on becoming a Somerville girl is the Somervillian spirit. All the girls who are currently attending, or used to go to Somerville are kind, generous and hardworking. Three of the most important skills in the world. If I were to be a Somerville girl I would spend the vast majority of my time learning and striving for my physical best and the other time I would socialise and talk with my friends. The somerville moto is ‘Donec Rursus Impleat Orbem’ which is latin for ‘Until It Should Fill The World Again’. When I grow up I either want to be an interior designer or a teacher. This links to Somervilles Moto. I want my interior designs to fill the world with a new look and style. Either that or as I said, a teacher. As a teacher, I want to strive to be the best educator I can be. I want to teach my students and hope for them to be excellent in whatever they do. Hopefully my students will be famous astronauts of scientists who discover earths mysteries. I want to change the way of education. And to do that, my first step is to become a Somerville Girl.

  6. AMAYA

    The Drop.
    The opalescent fog steadily silhouetted the intensely gallant man as arctic sweat tried to slip his hands off the rusted orange metal of the craning sky-scraper.
    His cramped heart was thumping heavily as he tried to look down to see miniscule buildings dancing around this anxious head.
    The elegant blue birds were swaying below him on the foggy day.
    The smell of degenerate factories jetted through the mans nasals as he breathed in a dose of worry as he saw his life before his eyes. The wind flogged at tube man pushing his eyelashes and brows until the pain was so extreme he wished he had cut them off before he had made the brainless choice to climb an in construction sky-scraper.
    The greasy bolts of the skyscraper rattled powerfully enough to fall. The man decided to slide down the cracked wooden boards that laid on the sky-scraper. My stomach churned up and down so much that he was nauseated. A rush of scare unthrottled him making him faint.
    The man fell metres and metres until he was awake again. A blood-curdling scream rushed out of his mouth begging for help as he was scared to lose his valuable life. A woman ran into a material shop and rushed out with a large twinkling sapphire coloured cloth. A group of people held the edges of it and stood below the falling man. He breathed out a sigh of relief, just about hoping that he would make it through the drastic event. There were still kilometres to go and it felt like it would take a while until the man would drop. Channel 6 news was metres away from the scene and decided to shoot the event. People were calling ambulances and gathering cloth materials, hoping to save the man’s life.
    The man thought of his future while falling from the sky. He suddenly realised that if the man survived, after all the necessary medical treatment, he would be taken to jail, for breaking rules including climbing the sky-scraper. The man saw a patch of cement and hurled his pressure towards it thinking it would be better to die than go to jail. Not a few more seconds till death. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5… halfway through…4, 3, whoosh! The man could not take such a painful death. He was saved by his trusted community and a quick change of body pressure. A radiant smile appeared on the man’s face expressing his everlasting gratitude and gratefulness.


    Part 1
    I looked back. The unfinished skyscraper, still metres behind me. The agonising pain in my shoulders throbbed heavily against me, as if trying to pull me back. The dreadful memories flooded in my pounding mind. I thought about this for a moment. Just a bit further and all this hardship would be over.
    The tarnished, metal outlines of the towering skyscraper was like a looming ladder about to fall. I was not just determined to climb this what seemed like a fortress, but I would climb and destroy anything that came my way. I was not afraid. The harsh wind blew against my face whispering the malicious words one had once told me. The terrifying memories still hovered above me, but there was this one, the most petrifying one, which was the one with the words my family had told me.
    “You will die upon this very day. Upon this very day, you will end your suffering, not to deal with us anymore. You have no one to encourage you and you will never. You will have no one to give you kindness and you never will deserve it. You have been a pest to our family and you deserve less than others. At the same time, no one will hurt you nor discourage you. You are simply trapped in the middle of emptiness, no one to surround you and care for you, you are nothing and you will always be nothing. By climbing this, you only show how dumb you are and the stupidity that lies within you. Do you think you can climb a 500-metre building when you can’t even climb a 5-metre tree in the park? How absolutely stupid that thought would be. You are only doing this to earn money and be a celebrity to others to look upon at. We all know that you want to earn this money to be popular and saving up to leave. Why are you here on this godforsaken planet? Why are you even here? You are nothing. You are a plain, stupid loser, which tries to reach their goal but always fails. Sometimes I ask myself why you are here. What can you do to make this place a better place? Nothing. You will fail, you will perish, you will die”
    The world felt over as I though the world died on me. I was not going to live this way. Thinking about the question ‘What can I do for this world?’ I was terrible at nearly everything from my grades at school, my abilities, to my IQ and thinking and calculation speed…… Everything was done. I was done. The world was done. And here I was, trying to make my family proud and trying to describe something extraordinary. But what if I don’t make it? What if someone already completed the task before me? And most importantly ‘Would I die?’ The question flooded like a river to a city in my brain. I knew I would. There was a feeling deep inside me that told me I would do it. The inky-black city sidelines seemed to lighten up with the sound of people chattering around. Oh wait! I remembered, it was New Year’s Day! I was really stupid after all wasn’t I. Finally it came. Hope. I saw the whole skyscraper lit up with decorations and candles. I found the harness hanging behind me. Was there someone else behind me? I slowly but carefully looked behind me. Thank goodness. Just the harness had fallen off, so I connected it.
    I was wrong. There it was, another 170 metres up from where I was standing, giant helicopters swirled like a tornado above my head while coming down. I almost fell right out of the tracks! It continued to level down and when it landed, a sly and quick man jumped right out of the helicopter wearing a magnificently red police uniform holding a gun……. Which was aiming at … me!
    “Stop right there,” or we’ll shoot, we aren’t hesitant. Put your hands up and surrender”
    I did exactly what was told. I fell onto the tracks. But I survived. How lucky! The police officer realised what I was doing. The jet-black sky, still lightened up with the decorative candlesticks. It somehow motivated me. I was ready… to face anything that was left. Well, there wasn’t much left, only a few metres. I would definitely get there. I wanted to see my full potential and what I could do. I climbed and climbed until… Yes! I somehow made it. Alive. All alone. Done.
    Lucky for me, it didn’t take me 2 seconds to think of a way to get down. By the helicopter of course! I had definitely gone far away from what my family and I had expected.


    The nebulous clouds engulfed me in perilous indignation, spewing a horrendous mixture of gushing rain and powerful zephyrs onto my emaciated body. My calloused palms gripped the precarious, bone-chilling scaffold as my blustery sweat dripped profusely down my ebony sweater. My pallid limbs persevere; every step felt like my limbs were being dipped into buckets of penetrating ice. “Go back; you will kill yourself,” a small but dominant voice hissed in my mind. I shook the thought off immediately . Not even the breathtaking auburn cake that my mum used to make, with a distinct taste of moist milk chocolate crumbling into my mouth, will turn me back.

    The voice wasn’t going to urge me to get down now. I was desperate to prove that I wasn’t that intimidated naive boy, who used to curl up in a little ball and whimper in tepridation when he saw a little puppy yapping across the road. I wasn’t that boy who would sob in the attic alone, his hazel eyes puffing up like ripe tomatoes when he was scolded for his mischievous behaviour. That was all in the past. Now is the future. I clenched my fists, forming maroon crescents in my gnarled palms. I ignored the agonizing pain and the zephyrs that kept biting at my nimble legs. I closed my eyes and sighed. Suddenly, a miracle formed out of the blue. It was as though my guardian angel had been sent down from the mystical heavens and was protecting me from the treacherous beryl. It was flapping its milky white wings, gracefully whirling around, its scintillating beauty bedazzling me.

    It had to be sorcery. The angel didn’t have to utter a single word as its tranquil doves followed her silent commands, raising me cautiously from the ground to the top of the scaffolding. The angel finally winked at me and whispered graciously in my ear, “Wake up.” Almost abruptly, my hazel eyes fluttered rapidly and finally opened up to reveal there was no guardian angel. But I was at the top of the monstrous scaffolding. Sighing in relief, I whooped with joy, a toothy grin forming on my face. I was the king of the world, and I had proved my family wrong. I did it; I had won over my family.

    What seemed like a second later, interviews started brimming around me, and flashlight cameras started to flash rapidly. Most importantly, the calignous clouds disappeared, and the vibrant rays of warmth and light shone upon me. Despite the fact the police helicopter was urging me to get inside in an exasperated tone, I took in the prideful moment, breathing in the lukewarm air and reflecting on my experience. That’s when I realized, I didn’t win over my family, I won over myself. That’s what my father was trying to teach me the whole time.

  9. Tell me About Yourself:
    I am a kind and compassionate student who strives for excellence. Additionally, I set high expectations for myself and always try to improve myself. Because I believe that self improvement is the best improvement. I am a pretty social person and is always open to make new friends. To further explain, I am a very approachable person who is kind and caring towards others. An additional fact about myself is that Im a respectful person who follows rules. I have many hobbies and interests like Basketball, Cricket, Piano and Reading. These interest keep me fit, educated and eager to learn more about the world and differing perspectives. One of my favourite sports is Basketball. I play this sport at a competitive level for my local team. It teaches me how to cooperate effectively with other people. It keeps me fit and responsive to my environment. Another sport that I play is cricket. One of the most popular sports. I enjoy playing cricket because you can work on all physical movements. Running, throwing and catching. This helps you to be quicker at movements and have a quicker reaction time. Another interest of mine is playing the piano. It offers me peace and a space to vent out feelings. I love music as it is relaxing and after a long day it is all you really need to relax. Another one of my most beloved hobbies is reading. I read all sorts of books from non-fiction to fiction to biographies. Books act as an easy and enticing way to grasp knowledge. Fiction books allow your mind to be creative and think outside the box. All in all, Im a persistent, caring person who loves to play sports and play the piano.

    Why are you the perfect fit for this School:
    Im a perfect fit for this school because I understand that this school is academically pleasing and I will do my best to strive for my goals in the present and future. In addition, I love the compulsory sport where we can compete in teams and learn resilience to bounce back from any problem. To further exemplify, I want to share my love for sport with all the students. So, I want to make a positive difference where all people are interested in or at least don’t despise an active community. Moreover, I think that I can make a contribution by leading more kids to love sports and active lifestyles. As this school has a Christian background, I believe that I’ll fit in perfectly with the students around me. It would be a great honour to study at this school. I will work hard to inspire other students. As hobbies and interests, I play basketball at a competitive level and I also enjoy playing the piano in my free time. I heard that this school has a band so my skills could finally have some use. I love working in a team in any situation and being park of an Athletic and musical team would be great. At my current school, I have grasped a Prefect position in the SRC and hope that I can become a great leader at this school as well. Moreover, I would hopefully contribute by helping other students learn and getting them involved in thought-provoking exercises. Coming to this school will grant me a higher education thats tailored to me.

  10. The Difficult Climb

    The infrastructure of the lofty skyscraper violently rattled as I nervously climbed through the unsteady rusted iron bridge. The skyscraper was the highest building in the whole city, towering over the measly ant-sized houses beneath. Death waited below me thousands of metres deep down, waiting and hoping to catch me and take my life away. The boreal chill conjured up bombs of zephyrs blinding my enclosed view as I tried to progress further up the building while my teeth were chattering fearfully from the brutal cold.

    The angry winds attempted to mercilessly knock me over with their powerful and deadly blows, but nonetheless I trudged on. I was a professional climber who had climbed all the tall mountains and skyscrapers in the world – except for this one. This famous skyscraper was definitely a must-tick. The skyscraper I was climbing was undeniably the tallest and hardest one of all the ones I had on my list. “I need to get the tick for this,” I constantly thought, as I kept on going. This was the only thing that fueled me to go on even though the sky was getting darker, more depressing and wanted me to retreat back to the ground below.

    As I climbed, thoughts swirled around in debate. Would I make it to the top? Would all this be worth it? What if I didn’t even get anything from this and this was just a waste of time? I felt that climbing this skyscraper was a huge mistake, while thinking that I should continue on and safely get to the top. I was in a state of uncerntainty for deciding which choice I should make.

    Suddenly, while I was still battling the discouraging thoughts in my head, the winds stopped and the fog and mist parted. The bright sun shone through like a guardian angel, giving me some confidence and hope that I could reach the top of the skyscraper. The sun also came in useful, enabling me to see how far I’d gone. To my surprise, I noticed I was just a few steps away from the top! “This is it,” I thought, as I excitedly climbed up the last few steps, “This is exactly the moment I’ve been waiting for.”

    Proudness filled the air as I stood at the summit of the skyscraper. I saw a police helicopter which had witnessed my grand achievment hovering close by so I motioned it to come over. But, as I embarked on the helicopter with my knees shaking like jelly, I asked myself, “What was the point of all of this? Nothing has changed, or has anything?” After a minute of deep reflection, I realised what I had done. I had won over myself and proved what I was – not just a person in the middle of a crowd, but someone who had gone over my comfort zone and passed the assumed limits.

      1. Part One:

        The Siberian zephyr whipped at my feet scaling the scaffolding with countless smoldering, grey tendrils. The nebulous zephyr coiled around the ramshackled superstructure as I trudged up the faint ruby scaffolding, now dusted with grey. Sonorous whispers invaded my mind, peppering me with poisoned insults, scarring the proud climbing skills that I had always cherished.

        “Turn back now, you’re not worthy enough. You will die unknown, an anonymous man in the crowd,” spieled the voices as I clambered up the skyscraper, the icy winds scything my body and the scaffolding. Memories came flooding back in a torrent of fire, burning away at my life force as I saw my parents chastising me for trying to climb the orange tree, my sister dissuading my dreams of being the first to climb the skyscraper by the Shum Chum river. I never knew what it was like to see your life flash past before you but I didn’t expect it to feel so fleeting and bitter. For a split second I looked back, looking down on the swirling world of topaz yellow streaks, jade green dots and rows, infused with a splash of amethyst with only the slightest hint of the perfumed smell of petrol. The gales kept up on lashing at my hair and face, making little pools of slush form at the base of my eyes. The world danced before me, the thought of never returning beating my psyche into the corner of a raging vortex.

        The droning noise of a helicopter snapped me out of my stupor making me face the hard, bleak poles of the scaffolding, frost slowly crawling its way down the structure. A checkered blue and white pattern flashed past my vision, a flurry of shouting and the roar of engines. Encouragement or not, I knew one thing. I would not turn back.

        Adrenaline coursed through my veins and I yanked myself upward, determined to prove that I could make it, be the first to climb the Shum Chum river skyscraper. I was no longer the silent boy of my childhood, not focusing in class, not daring to talk to anyone. I was now confident, a grown person and nothing could stop me. I was going to get to the top.

        I cried out as my hand was grazed on a screw. Crimson stained the old spires that supported the scaffolding. The pain richoted against my skull around what seemed like an eternity, but I scrabbled up the building nevertheless. As if compensating for the nail business, a ash grey cherub with over-sized eagle wings fluttered down towards me. I had to be hallucinating but after vigorously shaking my head and washing it with the piercing cold water from my bottle, the angel was still hovering above me. Its opalescent feathers radiated kindness and understanding. The furious air tyrant seemed to have dissipated completely.

        I had done it. I had proven myself right.

        As I collapsed aboard one of many helicopters, I was swarmed by reporters and journalists but when I looked to the spot where the cherub was floating, all I saw was a pigeon flapping its way towards the halite clouds.

  11. selective superstar

    1. Tell me about yourself
    My name is Zara, and I am currently in year 5. I’m a dedicated student who thrives on challenges and problem-solving tasks. I am a hardworking and diligent student, and I try to use all of my character strengths, such as perseverance, love of learning, patience, leadership, and personal excellence. My hobbies are reading, cycling, baking, and bushwalking. I love to play netball, and I’m always willing to take on a challenge! This year, I have been elected as the 2023 junior school prefect, and I have served as a classroom monitor. At my school, I am part of the IPSHA debating team, where I have had the opportunity to debate schools such as PLC, The King’s School, Scotts College, Amity, and Trinity Grammar. I also love to play netball, and I am part of the IPSHA Netball team, which I have thoroughly enjoyed being in. When I grow up, I want to be a heart surgeon, as I have had this passion ever since I was four. Ever since I started to watch Operational Ouch episodes, I have been intrigued by how the human body functions, and I never go squeamish when I see blood. I believe that the heart is the most important organ in the human body, as without it, the body stops functioning. I have always been fascinated and passionate about being a surgeon, and I believe that being a surgeon is a vital and rewarding job as you save many lives. A few quotes I believe in that motivate me each day and help me to persevere are “There is no substitute for hard work” by Thomas A. Edison. “Difficult doesn’t mean impossible. It simply means you need to work hard,” by Deborah Pezzuto. “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.” by Malala Yousafzai

  12. Tell me about yourself:
    My name is xxxx. From Kindy to Year 4, I was at Marie Bashir public school. I’ve been in the Summer Hill PS OC class since Year 5.
    Summer Hill school is so far away from my home and I still remember my parents feeling frustrated because they had to drive me to school to and back. To avoid this, I learned how to independently catch the train to and from school everyday which helped me make friends.

    I am currently studying AMEB fifth grade for piano and have also learned how to play two new instruments, violin and ukulele and joined the Symphony Orchestra with other skillful musicians in my school. My favourite subjects are Drama, Music and Maths, because in Drama, you get to act and perform whatever character and their personality, in Music, you can create wonderful sounds from instruments and explore things like rhythm and in Maths you can learn about complex equations and figures you haven’t heard of before. My favourite sport is definitely swimming, because I can interact with friends and stay healthy, since it’s harder to move your arms in water than in the air. In fact, I’m so dedicated to swimming that I even wake up every Saturday at 5am to attend swimming training!

    In my free time, I enjoy reading a book or playing music on my piano or violin, since both these activities can calm me down and are fun to do as a break. I like reading all sorts of books, from fiction, like Harry Potter, to non-fiction, for example Horrible Histories. I have read a bit of Elon Musk as well! When I grow up, I’d like to become an AI engineer, because as an AI engineer you can design and invent new robots which will change the world significantly. It’s also fun to test and experiment on what you can build with bits and pieces, making possibilities endless.

    At the end of the year, I have received a Summer Hill Blue, the most prestigious award in our school which is really special. I also was awarded a swimming ribbon for representing my school in the swimming carnival 2022. I also received a top 10% in my school’s Maths Olympiad test and got a gold badge in 2022.

  13. Why are you a good fit for MLC?

    I believe I’m a good fit for MLC. I can contribute to the school with my soft skills and hard skills which can improve the school.

    I can contribute to the school by demonstrating my soft skills, for example communication, volunteering and teamwork. My communication skills are very high, since I am a great listener and speaker and I can get along with all classmates. This greatly helps; I can easily form friendships in the new environment. I also do a lot of volunteering, for example when I participated in Council’s Plant a Tree Day and helped to plant new trees. I also protected the environment by picking up recyclable bottles on the streets and recycling them in a machine. To fertilise our garden, I constructed a compost bin to make fertiliser from food scraps. I’m great at teamwork and can help everyone in the team to reach our goal by the deadline.

    I’m confident that I’ll be one of the top students in academics. My favourite subject is Maths. I am a fast learner and feel comfortable with all the school subjects. I am fearless even when the subjects turn a lot harder and more challenging as I progress into Y7-Y12. I can keep calm and work them out.

    Swimming: I’m currently attending MLC School Aquatic Centre 3-4 times a week in Metro Squad. Every Saturday I get up at 5AM to attend swimming training, because that’s the only available session for my level. I am well supported by my parents and coaches. For any future challenges and opportunities, I’ll strive for excellence. I just love swimming in the water.

    Music: MLC has a well-established music tradition, a long tradition of musical excellence, and the best music centre I’ve ever seen. I’ve got a few years’ experience playing musical instruments (piano and violin) in the Symphony Orchestra. I believe my passion for classical music, strong commitment to the Symphony Orchestra and interest in improving my musical abilities make me an ideal candidate to join the MLC school community.

  14. The Tense Tower

    The chilling gusts of icy wind crept up my hunched back, as I cautiously climbed up the rickety scaffolding, firmly grasping the ebony railing with my rough hands, shaking in terror. I dared not to look down, as the old, rusty scaffolding creaked with agony as I took another quaking step upwards. As the nearing clouds laughed mercilessly at me from above, the tyrant clouds spat at me with their small pellets of spit landing on my delicate face, weary from climbing the unstable skyscraper. The croaky wood strained to support me as I fought against the howling demons, blowing me back with their foul breath. My blood-stained hands gripped the supporting beams tighter, as the gale pushed me away from the final destination.

    The heavy load of back-breaking items in my oil-black bag made me stumble, but I pushed on, putting my physical limit to the test. As I continued to scale the unsteady skyscraper, birds flew past me, reminding me how high I was. The immense skyscraper was metres behind me. There was nothing I could do. I had to continue to climb the treacherous scaffolding. My throbbing feet laboured to complete the climb. As I progressed the scaffolding, gripping my way up the unsteady path, a nail stabbed into my hand. As my carnelian-red blood spewed out of the opening, I bellowed in pain. I ripped the nail out of the wood in frustration. It was a grave mistake. The plank that I was standing on came loose. I plummeted down but managed to grab onto the pole. As I mustered all my limited strength to lift myself back up, I sighed in relief as I made it back up alive. Doing pull-ups finally paid off. As I almost collapsed onto the floor, I saw the last few steps ahead of me. I was going to make it.

    In a waterfall of excitement, I sprinted up the remaining platforms, jumping with happiness once I reached the top. I had done it. As I looked down upon the miniature city, it felt good. It felt as if I was the king of the world. I appreciated the moment, but I had to get down before the scaffolding collapsed. I pulled my paraglider out of my bag and got ready. This was going to be great.

    I jumped off the rusty scaffolding without a care in the world. I glided down and as I descended, the people on the streets stared at me in wonder. News reporters followed me around, as I slowly descended. The golden sun was rising. The perfect view. As I landed softly, the reporters rushed toward me for interviews. I pushed them back. I wanted peace after that experience. So, I told them to come in a few hours. As I reflected on what had just happened, I realised that this was what my parents tried to teach me all the time. “When you have done a great feat, you can be proud, but stay humble and don’t brag.”


    Part 1
    The Savage Skyscraper

    Whoosh! A blustery, turbulent wind almost swept me off my feet. I balanced precariously on the compact rail that was as narrow as a drainpipe on the towering, altitudinous skyscraper. I shut my eyes, imagining the criticism and laughter of the people of the kingdom below me; like a gaunt snake, poisoning my thoughts, slithering into my brain. Perhaps that was why I had agreed to this fatal job that will surely bring me to death. Oh, how I yearned for the comfort of the shimmering, iridescent palace that was my home. I could almost smell wafts of the delicious desserts and taste the freshly made dinners. Although, it was the location of this fine mess I had gotten myself into. Yes, I was the weak child, the scrawny one, the fragile, delicate weakling, nothing like the proud, gorgeous, high and mighty princesses of the palace; or the superior, cocky, attractive princes that were my father’s sons. Yet I would prove I could do this. I could! I had to.

    I glanced up and was unpleasantly surprised at the seemingly endless path up ahead, drawing back as an agonising, excruciating pain shot through my body; a steady stream of blood was gushing out of my pale shoulder. I tasted bile and blanched. Clasping my skeletal hand to the wound, I was chilled to the core as a numbing Siberian wind blasted me with hurricanes of bitter, frosty raw currents. It sure felt like the cyclone was taunting me, jeering and sneering as it circled me, howling and wailing hellish insults. I felt it lamenting me hysterically, hollering, “Of all the heroes I have devoured, the King sent you! Oh, this is almost too easy. Just give up already, little mortal, for you will never reach the top.”

    For a vast, sweeping moment that seemed to last an age, I believed it’s deceptive words. I hindered to a halt and frozen tears rolled down my face. But then I thought of my family, the mockers, the people who scorned me; and I realised for all I had sorrowed and detested their despicable ridicule, all it had done was give me a resolve. And as I glanced at the helicopter hovering above me, the driver who signed for me to get on or I would freeze to death, I realised I could have just let go and freefall. But the arctic wind hardened my heart, and I shook my head.

    With a new sense of glory, I painstakingly continued on, grasping with my calloused, blistered and frostbitten hands and reaching up, up, up. As I climbed, I felt my hypothermia fade away and I gasped in wonderment as a warm, tender, comforting glow that reminded me of nights beside the fireplace, and succulent, heavenly, enchanting cookies that smelled and tasted of fond memories surrounded me. I knew it must be an unquestionable sign; therefore I kept going, and finally, my hands seized the last step. Yelling in victory as I was bathed in triumph, I was celebrated respectfully as a hero; a hero who scaled the towering skyscraper. And as I looked around, I now understood this wasn’t only for recognition – and I didn’t only win over my perfect family, but myself.

  16. PART 1-By Vinal Liyanage
    The caliginous zephyr tortured the climber, with its merciless Siberian chill, spitting out sudden bursts of rain, laughing demonically baring it’s gnarled teeth. The climber was irritated but still, was determined to get to the top of this voluminous skyscraper. The pain in the mans body was gruesome. But as he climbed, one step at a time equalled more and more pain, he was even more determined to get to the top of this beast.
    The torn orange skyscraper felt rusted as the man hanged onto the mechanical beast, holding on for dear life. Just as he put his leg out to go to the next step an eagle flew like a bullet right into his ankle and the poor man banged his head on the hard metal. He cursed. As he banged his head onto the metal, the mans beanie had fallen off. This meant in his natural instincts, the man looked down to see his beanie flying away and screamed like a 4 year old boy losing his lollipop when he saw how high he was. He was just about to give up and fall to the ground without reaching his goals, but the man was determined and he didn’t let that happen.
    Then he heard a voice that he was never willing to here ever in his life. His demonic, manic father screaming, “You will never make it in life. You surely should have known that that by now. You will die from your stupidity and your silliness. You will die soon. Very soon.” Although the man didn’t want to believe that, he knew his mad father was right. He knew that some day he would die.
    The only reason this man was doing this task was because he wanted to prove to his family that he was not worthless. He was brave and had courage.
    After the man climbed a small amount of steps, the unfinished skyscraper wobbled a bit. The man looked around in panic trying to see what caused it and fix it then he saw a bolt coming out. “Oh no,” he thought to himself. Then the man quickly tried putting the bolt back in but it wouldn’t go in. So the man quickly ran up the stairs, hoping that having no equipment like a harness was necessary. But this situation made it worse and he heard from the very bottom of the skyscraper rumbling and heard clatters of metal on the floor. The man ran as fast as he could to get to the top. Where he was a minute ago, he would have been dead, and not buried in a cemetery. He would have been buried under a lot of metal.
    As the clattering got closer and closer he finally saw the end of this magnificently tall skyscraper. He shouted at the top of his lungs and ran. But the metal falling was only around 5 stairs behind him. He got to the top only to be hearing, not applause but “You have committed a crime. Get onto the helicopter. Now.”
    This was it. It was the end of his life. He would be taken to prison and be sentenced for life. “No,” he screamed and fell to the floor from more than 10 kilometres from the sky.
    His blood curdling scream escaped his mouth just like his goals had escaped him. He wanted to show his family something. He wanted to win over his family except, he won against himself. His scream was so loud that it could be heard from all of the town.
    Then a soft bump came. Even though the bump was soft, it hurt a lot. The metal kept travelling but he didn’t.
    “Lucky we caught you there,” said the police officer and then they took him down to the ground to the police station, where he would stay for the rest of his life.
    The man was happy though, his bright smile in the night sky. He had not been killed which was all the man cared about, and he proved his father wrong.

  17. Part 2-Tell me about yourself
    My name is Vinal Liyanage and I am currently attending John Palmer Public School, in Blacktown, New South Wales. I have hobbies for soccer, piano, biking, playing with my family, and hanging out with my friends. I have one brother named Senal. I am kind and I have determination for nearly everything I do. If I start something I will always try to finish it. I take piano classes every week and I play academy level soccer for Ponds ASA. When I am bored I often find different things to do. The main thing I do is go into my room and play music or I read my book. I love reading books as it helps my brain process when it is jammed. I also use it when I am stressed and I forget my problem. I also love rugby and AFL. I love to play kicks and passes with my brother and we like to grab our whistle and blow it like a referee. I love the outdoors because it helps me get a lot of fresh air and me and my brother use equipment we have in my backyard and we make obstacle courses. I also love to watch electronics. I also am a specialist at athletics going to state for shot put and never missing out on regionals. I love the 400 metre, 200 metre and hurdles. I am a hardworking student who loves all subjects especially History, Geography and Science. I am a SRC this year. My favourite animal is a dinosaur. When I get older I plan on being a sports star (I don’t know what sport or event yet), a palaeontologist or an architect. I like architect because I get to design stuff which I am very good at doing.

    Part 2-Why are you a good fit for The Hills Sports High School
    I think I am a good fit THSHS because there motto reads, Strive for Success and the only way I can do that is by going to The Hills Sports High School. In the Hills Sports School, I can learn everything I need to learn about sport, so that I can fulfill my life long dream of becoming a sporting hero for Australia. Hills Sports have shown that they are one of the best schools in Sydney West as they have a plethora of professional athletes, some of them I have met, some of them I meet regularly, and also looked up to, as I want to become one of them. Because of this, I can trust that THSHS is a good school for my sporting dreams. With academics, the Hills Sports School is a very good school, having a lot of Band 9 and 10 in naplan. I want to continue this and also represent THSHS in academic as well as sport. Also, from the website it shows subjects that a lot of other schools will not have and I want to take advantage of more subjects, and make a business run be me because more subjects lead to more opportunities. This wonderful school also includes many complex challenges than basic schools like The Ponds High School, or Glenwood High School. This school would boost my education and my sporting to the highest level which is why The Hills Sports High School is my dream high school.

  18. Tell Me About Yourself:
    My name is Phoebe Chien, and I am eleven. I currently attend Opportunity Class at Alexandria Park Community School. I am a kind person who cares about people. I listen to my peers and I reach out a helping hand to those who need help. For example, there was this time when my friend couldn’t find her lunchbox, since she left it in the playground by mistake, and I helped her find it in lost property, even though it took around 7 minutes. I listen to my teacher meticulously, and I learn as much as possible. I want to be an author who writes fiction books when I grow up, mainly because I have loved reading since I was young. My favourite type of books are fiction, and it helps my imagination grow. My role model is J.K. Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter series. I have always loved reading Harry Potter, and I keep on wanting to read it again and again. I want to write like her because I want to make sure everyone can access books because they can make us smarter, healthier and happier. They can also mentally benefit underprivileged people. My hobbies are also solving puzzles to test my brain and help it grow, writing and making origami, especially butterflies. Another hobby of mine would be drawing and colouring in. I particularly like to draw cute things, like kittens, puppies, pusheens, flowers, and pokemon, since I enjoy marvelling at my masterpiece at the end. Colouring is also fun since I like planning out what colours I will do for my artwork. I like how the colours fit and sometimes even blend together, if I can choose correctly what colour it should be. I use textas, pencils, crayons and watercolour to colour in my artwork. I do not like collaging as it gets pieces of paper all over the place.

    Tell Me Why You are Fit for Your Dream School:
    My dream school is St Catherine. I am fit for this school because you value honesty, courage, relationships and love in action, which I strive to work on during my day. Your motto, “In Christo thesauri sapientiae et scientiae”, meaning “In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”, which I can’t disagree about. It is perfectly true. I am also special for this scholarship as I am a caring and supportive person. For example, I help my sister with her work when she is stuck on her homework. I also help my family start the floor-cleaning machine. I have helped my friend go to lost property and figure out where their lunchbox was. I have also helped my teacher hand out the classroom books. I have given the book I was reading to one of my classmates who wanted to read it too. I help my family pack the dishes away after they have been cleaned. I also help the family by placing the wet clothes on a drying rack. I also enjoy my lunchtimes reading a book, or helping my friends clean the classroom library. When I am older, I want to help young kids understand the importance of reading books and how much it can do to improve life. There is always room for improvement, and I intend on improving to the peak of what I can attain. I also make a great helper for group collaborations and ideas. I have interesting ideas for things such as fundraisers and group ideas. For example, I thought of the idea for our class performance for the assembly, and although we didn’t end up going with the idea of doing an ad, and then one of my classmates mentioned doing an ad for a radio, and then someone else came up with the idea of doing “rickroll”. It was kind of disappointing when the next day, our teacher announced that we couldn’t do it at the assembly because then everyone would be too hyper.

  19. miachen629gmail-com

    A delicate tapestry of mist caressed the man’s emaciated back in a gentleness exotic to nature’s forces as his feet implanted themselves against the dilapidated pillars of the scaffolding. A panoramic scene unfolded in an iridescent kaleidoscope of moonstone and saccharine emerald, strangling him in a concoction of colours. The zephyrs, however, dictated the man’s actions, whipping him with tendrils of tempestuous gales, sending his clothes fluctuating in the air. He pursued. Blades of agonising distraught pierced his soul, knowing his goal was just another imagination floating unwanted, fading into the clouds of mists just like any other of his attempts to impress his parents. He could turn back, safe, but a coward. Yet the only thing that ameliorated this pain was death itself. He was willing to embrace it, to die in the cradle of the skyscraper, forever a hero etched into the minds of his parents.

    Like a beehive stencilled onto the pavement, swarms of figures launched tirades of disbelief at the man, who was still in a state of assimilation as one by one, his haggard toes, calloused from the hours of balancing on the carnelian scaffolding ascended a step. Then two. In a peak of pure zest, he unleashed arrows of intoxicating rowdiness throughout the town square. He banged on the brittle steel, stripping the top gnarled fingertips from his hands, overtly displaying a quilt of vermillion in ecstasy. He had not reached the top. He had not succeeded. He had not done anything. Then why was he celebrating?

    His father’s words rang in his head in a subtle brush of pain. “What have you done? You will never be Samantha or anyone like her. Now she’s dead because of your ignorance. Leave this place until you can prove me wrong. Otherwise, I don’t even want to hear your name after this,”

    As Laistrygonian tempests collided in a harsh battlement on the man’s flushing cheeks, he had proven his father wrong. A conglomeration of reprimands and the whir of choppers released him from his state of absorption. A blaring intercom rang from the top as people bowed in veneration. “Sir, get off the top or we will remove you by force!”

    “So be it,” he muttered, as he jumped off into the brumal air, caressing Death in his very palms. He’d proven himself. It was all that mattered. Then all faded, and a pallid white struck him.

  20. Part 2

    Tell me about yourself:
    My name is Aidan and I am nine years old. I currently attend a Year 5 OC class. However, I am younger than my friends, as I sat for the OC exam early and skipped Year 4. At first, it was quite challenging to fit in as I missed my friends and everyone was older and taller than me. However, after a few weeks I adapted and made many good friends, so overall I enjoyed this year at school. I found the schoolwork this year to be more fast paced and engaging, and I have enjoyed the challenge.

    I have many hobbies such as playing sports like tennis and table tennis, and spend most days of the week involved in sports activities. Right now my UTR (universal tennis ranking) is around 3.15. I am striving to be a UTR greater than 4 by the end of next year. I am also trying to get into the state team for table tennis. For sporting achievements, I have made it into regionals for cross-country running and the 800 metre race. I play PSSA (softball) for my school, and regularly participate in tennis and table tennis tournaments on the weekends

    I am currently doing grade 7 in piano and grade 4 in drums. One day I would like to go busking and earn some money from music. I enjoy playing games during my breaks, and also like reading books in my spare time. My favourite book is Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. It is a very interesting book, mixing fantasy and the history of Greek mythology together. I like travelling and my favourite place to go to is Japan. I also love coding, and I have gotten the opportunity to go to a quantum computer lab once as I won a coding competition.

    Why are you fit for your dream school:

    I would like to apply for The Kings School or Newington. I believe that I can benefit these schools if I am accepted because I can contribute to their academic performance. Also the private schools have a strong reputation for teaching and have a more flexible curriculum than public schools, and I would be able to undertake my learning pathway at a pace that I can engage with.

    These schools also have strong tennis teams, and I would be able to represent the school in these sporting endeavours. I enjoy many sports and have performed well in different sports, and I would appreciate the opportunity to further develop my sporting interests, and hopefully I can represent the school in these other interests as well, including cross country and running. I would also like to participate in a school band, and contribute in school performances, and this will also foster my enjoyment for music. I will strive to be a good classmate and role model for other students. This is why I am a good candidate for these private schools.

  21. The climb.

    Moon-white mist engulfed the the climber’s emaciated body like a mystical semblance. The partial, yet derelict statuesque convulsed against the choking wind forcing the adventurer to helplessly erect his hands to safeguard his tumescent eyes. The wind cascaded against the climbers face cauterising a luminous aura as the natures phenomenal powers kept brewing. Millions of questions racing in the mind. The pertly ideas domiciliatingly discombobulated him. His begrudging mind salvaged his hands to persevere. His cracked palms deemed like they were clobbered by a tyrants legionnaire. Notwithstanding, he elongated his arms, and hand by hand he magnified as the aeruginous scaffolding.

    He could feel the clammy grasp of the mist’s crisp fingers wipe away the perturbed beads of distress as he clambered wearily up the tarnished tower. The demonillion nebula guffawed in approbation acquiring brawniness every second passing by. The climber staggered oblivious of power accentuating around him. Flabberghasted by how much left to go, puissance extricated out of him. The ongoing hexagonal pattern of tapestry was like a labyrinth imperishing and enduring in perpetuity. The wind was now snaked around his neck choking him. Unprecendentedly, he continued, incognisant of the amount of time he had left. Then, his families word ricocheted in his mind, “Your impossible, I can’t trust you! This is why you are lost, no one will ever love you. Reminisce about the last two holiday we had. You almost assassinated us and you ran away! You will never make the top.”

    The words penetrated my heart like daggers, and making the top of the scaffolding was like a hallucination now. Blackness swelled my eyes.
    His hands bludgeoned the bitter cold metal making an ear-piercing sound. The cognition of being with his family again was over. He was nearly at the top. “Just a few more steps…” was the only thing that came out of my sullen mouth. He prayed for protection upon him but the only thing that was upon him was death. Then, the insignia of red and blue appeared in the sharp corner of my eyes. The sound of the devastating drill sound of the engine vibrated in my sorrow ears. The mountaineer was at sixes and seven’s until a voice. The cacophonous amplifier’s sound was defeaning. The herculean gales blew harder. Promptly he shook out of unconsciousness, as he continued to shinny up.

    The cops gazed in nescience and they withdrew their weapon. However, there was nothing they could do. The helicopter was too enlarged. Then, with the final stretch, he pulled through. He was at the top. He succeeded. Although, all those hate comments, he pulled through. Then the natural instincts took over and he closed his eyes for the first time in a day.

  22. Hi, I’m Daniel Kim

    I’m currently attending NorthCross Christian School in Ryde, Sydney. Ten years of living, I learnt many thing, like never interrupting a grumpy teacher when they are on break or simply not eating too much food before a sports carnival. I have participated in every enrichment, (harder class) and nearly every sports carnival. My favourite sport is Soccer Baseball, and Swimming and have won many cross countries well as carnivals. My nickname is Danish and my favourite subject at school is English and Maths. My hobbies are biking, reading and playing soccer with my family. I have a mum and dad, and a agitating little sister, but sometimes, its good to have company 🙂 OOPS! Lets don’t forget dogs!!
    I have a adorable Cavoodle and she is the best. She is 1 and a half years old. She can understands our language and has sympathy for others…
    My favourite book/series is the Throne of glass series by Sarah Maaj. This series has a lot of mystery and is about fighting for freedom.
    I love playing with my friends just messing around. I am super friendly and I always help my friends out. I’m in grade 6 for piano, grade 5 in clarinet and grade 7 for drums. I am in the school band in my school. As I move onto year 5, I hope I can learn more important thriving tips to improve. When I grow up I want to be a dentist. I saw some documentaries and saw many people who don’t have access to dental clinics often get periodontal disease.
    I want to help those in need and I also want to help my sister who eat a ton of lollies. =)

    The school I really want to go to Sydney Grammar or Kings.
    These schools have great sports and academic. I love swimming and I want to meet more friends in different schools and to have a chance to enlarge my bond. These schools have good swimming teams and have high music bands. Private schools tend to have better curriculum.
    So I think, I will fit will for these schools.

  23. khus-australiagmail-com

    PART 2 – Zahra B.

    My name is Zahra Badri, and I am almost ten years old. I currently go to North Shore Coaching College. I have two younger siblings, one brother, one sister. I am a quick learner and I have a lot of discipline. I am kind, caring and I make friends with a blink of an eye! I have no problem in teaching anyone who doesn’t understand a specific thing (but only people the same age as me or younger than me). For example, if my sister doesn’t understand the meaning of a word, I am happy to help. I am always the shortest in my class but I am the one of the smartest. I love to do homework and I can prove it because I started doing homework when I was around four years of age. My biggest dream is to become a teacher. I either play by myself or with my sister and don’t think I be silly with the “student” because I am a very serious teacher (don’t worry, I’m a bit funny). I love teaching and seeing how my sister reacts when I teach her. We make up things like behaviour charts, raffle tickets, if you behave properly, you get longer breaks, etc. I have a lot of fun spending time with her. My favourite subject is maths because when my teacher is teaching maths, I really hit the books and that’s how I get straight A’s in maths. Therefore, I want to become a maths teacher.
    I am affectionate about reading, but sometimes I don’t have time for it. My favourite author was Dav Pilkey, but his books are not my level any more, so I am getting more interested in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. One of my favourite hobbies are to solve word searches. I really love the hardest word searches and to solve them, especially with my parents!

    My dream school is Perth Modern (this is a school in Perth). I feel that I am a good fit for this school because it values respecting yourself, respecting others and respecting your space, which I always attempt to work on. I am so eager to go to this high school that I was absent at my current school during term 3 just to have the tour of Perth Modern School! On the tour, I saw the Achievment Board and the people who got scholarships into the school. I also saw my mum’s friend’s daughter who is currently in Year 12 on the board. (This school only takes people with scholarships and there are only a certain amount of spots. So, you can’t enrol unless and until you are selected in the scholarship test!) Students even achieved maths scholarships, and as you know maths is my favourite subject. So, I was really confident.
    Next up, the auditorium. It was the biggest auditorium you would have ever seen in your life! It was outstandingly awe-inspiring!! It had seven-hundred seats!!! These are only some of the reasons why I want to go to Perth Modern! But I cannot attend Perth Modern School in a split-second. I have to work hard, reach each stepping stone, and then I will reach my main goal.

  24. selective superstar

    Why I am a good fit for my dream private school- Meriden

    My personal values align with those of the school, Meriden, as I am a supportive peer, a good role model, honest and trustworthy, and always open to a challenge. I have a servant heart, and I am always willing to offer assistance when needed. I have taken part in many fundraisers at my school as well as presented my ideas for school improvements and new activities that can be held. For example, I presented my idea of creating Christmas cards for sick children in hospitals, which got accepted, and now Christmas cards have been sent all the way to Chicago in time for Christmas. I also donate to many organizations such as The Salvation Army, Vinnies, and UNICEF in order to help children and families who are less fortunate than me.

    I have also been part of extracurricular teams, which are valued at Meriden. I have been part of the IPSHA debating team, school choir, and IPSHA netball team. I have also participated in academic assessments such as Maths Olympiad, in which I got in the top 25%, and ICAS, in which I received the highest scores in the grade. My communication skills are also strong, which is another skill that is valued at Meriden. As previously stated, I competed on the IPSHA debating team and was chosen to represent my school at the IPSHA Gala Day. I also received a semi-finalist award in public speaking.

    Leadership is highly regarded at Meriden, and I think I will be a good fit. I have been elected this year as the 2023 Junior School Prefect. I am also a monitor for a classroom, where I help the teacher with marking, stamping, and sorting out classroom supplies. I have been elected in previous years as class captain and vice captain, and I had the great pleasure of assisting teachers and students.

  25. The Climb

    The skeletal man ascended the rusted scaffolding as cold dry sweat dripped form his gnarled palms that were gripping the vermillion bars tightly. The nebulous cloud loomed out of nowhere, chastising the cadaverous climber with sullen globules of water. Despondent clouds masquerade an angry toddler that bursted in a paroxysm of rage. The climber looked down at the microscopic building that pirouetted in his brain. The uncordial zephyr snaked up my back, inaugurating arctic chills through the feeble physique of the man. A stream of zephyr shouted the words: “YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT TO THE TOP!” Despite the comment, the optimistic climber confronted the wind.

    The climber escalated the scaffolding, seizing the poles, with desperate hands, yearning for the silky bread that was homemade by his parents. However, he continued climbing. Just as he was about to take another step, a click was heard. Something fell. And that something was the safety strap. Perturbed emotions appeared on the contorted mind of the climber. Was this going to be the end of his climbing career? The heavy loot of items in his ebony black bag made the skeletal man stumble across the platform of the scaffolding. Was he going to make it?

    An 1000kg of pressure was loaded onto the climbers head as he continued cautiously walking on the platform with sweaty feet. The infrastructure of the skyscraper mercilessly swayed in the zephyrs of the cloud. The gnarled man looked in front of him with sullen eyes. 30 meters left. Could he finish it? He could see multiple helicopters in front of him, willing to take him when he finishes the climb. The helpless man can see waving people in ahead of him, twirling through his noxious head. Instantaneously, a platform crack behind him. There was no going back now.

    After 10minutes, the fatigued man had finished the climb. He stood there in proudness as helicopters (and interviewers) acknowledges his significant achievement. As the man walked into the helicopter, he started thinking to himself, “What was the point of all that? Why did I climb this thing for nothing?” After some more time, he had released that he had won over himself, not his family. The man had done something that nobody would have expected from him. He rode the helicopter back home, thinking about all the delicious food that his mother will cook tonight. The man has been able to surpass his comfort zone and did something that maybe no one else can.

  26. My name is Zack and I am currently in year 5. I am a dedicated student who takes on loads of challenges and problems that requires plenty of thinking. I am also a kind and respectful student who always strives for excellence in learning. Being social is always an essential aspect of life. I am pretty social everyday and I like spending time with friends and family. To add to that, I am a very respectful and caring person who always follow school rules. I always go beyond expectations of teachers and am really proud of my works (writing, english, mathematics, drama, music and more).

    One of my favorite sports is basketball. In this game, you have to cooperate with your team members to be able to win the game. It teaches me how to get along and cooperate effectively with other people. This sport also keeps me healthy everyday and it will decrease the chance of getting diseases. Another one of my favorite sports is tennis. In tennis, you have to hit a ball with loads of balance. It also requires moving quickly and swiftly throughout the court. This sport also involves hand-eye coordination skills. This is one of the most vital things since you need to be able to control where to hit the ball to (often, you want to make your opponent run a lot).

    I also love music as it is very relaxing and soothing. Playing an instrument releases emotions of angriness, madness and sadness.
    One time, I was really angry about something and when I played the piano for 15 minutes, I immediately forgotten what had happened. Another one of my hobbies is reading. Reading allows people to take their mind of things and engulf themselves in a fictional realm. Basically, books as an easy way to be able to gain more knowledge.

  27. I am a perfect fit for Knox Grammar as I understand that this school is pleasing in physical educations and academics. I believe this school is perfect for this school as I have high communication skills and can socialize with many people that are not the same age as me. The teachers and headmaster are also one of the main reasons I am looking forward to in this school. The teachers at Knox Grammar take pride in their teaching and are willing to do anything for the benefit of the school. The teachers also look out for student weaknesses and strengths. They help students who need help in certain subjects

    In my lunch and recess breaks, I will help students who are in need of help in the playground. I would dedicate a vast majority of my time to learning and I would always strives for excellence in my school works. I will always take on difficult tasks and always try my best to complete them. I am a supportive peer, a good role model for younger children and I am also trustworthy. Some of the achievements I have made are getting a top 10% for math olympiad which I have just participate in this year. I have also got an A for my fifth grade in piano (AMEB) and I am now preparing for my Eighth grade which I will be doing next year. I also have gotten Multiple book awards at presentation day in school. One of my favorite school subjects is mathematics. Mathematics is one of my favorite things to learn as there are just about an endless thing to learn about. When I grow up, I want to help save people lives by being a doctor or a dentist. This why I believe that I will be perfect for Knox Grammar

  28. Garima Malhotra

    Pearl – The Confidence
    My gaze dropped down the rickety scaffolding , which swayed hazardously in the caliginous sky, like a gibbon swinging on a tree. I instantaneously regretted thinking up the word dropped. A cold shiver ran down my back as I tightly gripped the vermilion bar with my blistered, motionless palms. Half-way to go, I thought to myself. I took a steady step, then another. The nearing clouds sneered mercilessly at me , spitting out bursts of rain, that smacked me hard, torturing me with their whips of wind. What was I thinking when I decided to make this suicidal mission? The faces of my parents disapproving looks appeared in my head. That was why. Well, they’ll see, I’ll make to the top alive, and they can stuff poisonous mushrooms up their noses. That thought distracted me enough to tread up the stairs of the half finished scaffolding. A sound startled me overhead , but I could feel it before I heard it. This wind wasn’t the thrashing wind of the sky. It was the sharp, constant wind of a predator stalking its prey. It was a magnificent ,giant, but monstrous sound of a helicopter , a police helicopter. My sensitive heart skipped a beat as I looked upward, shielding my eyes with my protective hands. ‘ HOP DOWN FROM THERE, SIR, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE OUR GUNS, BUT THERE MIGHT JUST BE AN ACCIDENT’ the officer called. ‘So be it’, I muttered treacherously. I sprinted up the scaffolding, confidence finding me, my parents would be proud. But as I neared the top, a jolt of realization hit me. I had not won over my parents, I had won over myself.

    PART 2
    Tell me about yourself
    To begin with, I have just finished Year 6 at Blacktown South Public School and am a part of the Year 7 2023 cohort of Reddam House this year. School is a place where I feel comforted around friends and have the ability to learn in a fun and stress-free way. I greatly enjoy getting involved and participating in new activities. For example, our school recently conducted a ‘Peer Play’ program, where children who find it difficult to communicate and express themselves are given the opportunity to connect and play with other students.

    Extracurricular activities are also a major part of who I am. My main hobbies include Cricket and Debating. Sport is extremely fundamental for a child’s health and Cricket is the one that caught my attention. Cricket allows me to relax and get my mind off things. It also helps me build stamina, hand eye coordination and concentration, which are all beneficial for my studies.

    Debating is an extracurricular activity that I find fascinating. Debating gives me the capability to enhance my public speaking skills and also has numerous other benefits.

    Why I want to continue to be a Reddam House student
    High school years are one of the most essential years of a child’s education. It is those years that can shape the rest of one’s life. That’s why I strongly believe that attending a private school is the right path. My future goals revolve around public speaking and other fields where I believe I can thrive. If I am presented with the opportunity to leverage or hone my skills at Reddam, it will produce more of an outcome, compared to a public school.

  30. Part 2
    Tell me about yourself.
    My name is Riley Thurman. I am an affable, amicable, caring, and thoughtful 11 years old, who just completed year 5 at Coogee Boys Preparatory in Randwick, New South Wales. I have brownish black hair, 156 centimeters and hazel brown eyes. I have participated in STEM, debating, coding, swimming and athletic, cross countries and my favorite of all chess. I have participated in the Friday chess lessons at lunch time since year 2. In chess I have competed internally within my school as well as against other schools within the Eastern division. I won the chess tournament at school 2 years in a row therefore I received the Junior Chess O’Carroll Cup.
    Through weekly chess competitions, I have earned seven medals and three trophies which are the Gold King, the Platinum Queen and the Double Platinum Medieval King.
    Due to my achievements, I have been nominated by my school and hand-selected by Sydney Academy of Chess to join the NSW Elite Chess training program for promising young players. At school I have frequently participated in the CPS debating team and Student Representative Council (SRC).
    In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends helping around the house. My hobbies are robotics, mechanical design, woodwork and fantastical architecture design projects such as a swimming pool with a floating island that has a built – in heated spa, a barbecues and an ice cream machine. You can go to the island via a clear glass tunnel surrounded by a school of exotic tropical fish swimming around you. Designing my ultimate tree house, currently there are ten levels; start from the ground floor there will be a multi terrain ground fit for go carting or dirt biking, game room on the first floor, a bathroom on second, a study room on the third, a bedroom on the fourth overlooking another tree house via a zip line.
    The rest is a work in progress in my imagination.

  31. PART 1


    The tenebrous gusts of clouds spat spindrifts of sudden condensation across my anhydrous face as its oceanic apatite rivulets down into the citrine crane, initiating the skyscraper to convulse on preliminaries. As it eluded, I kept on immersing myself in the next object as I accelerated to the next stepping stone which was as flat as a latterly desiccated tourmaline pancake. My palms were in perspiration as goosebumps were being detonated in a flash of lightning in silence and my almandite heart bludgeoned into the indicolite aqua sky. Hearing the sudden winds lurking up to me as my sluggish breath tinkled in the rain. My guts sensed up my throat as I pondered to wonder about rushing back down at the speed of light.

    I knew my senses would not get me back towards the bottom of the incessant land of paradise. I scurried rapidly as my foot broke into tranquility, but the colossal crane was slanting just as my foot broke into tranquility. I scurried rapidly like the Leaning Tower of Piza. My chest ran up a mountain into the humungous tourmaline sky with eyeballs popping out of my doomed face facing the difficulties glaring against the hurricane of clouds. My ears tinkled in the storm of clouds, as I spoke to the sound as if there was an earthquake speed running down to the ground floor to collide with destroying the whole city into nothing but bits of tin and metal.

    My hands lifted one another but soon made it up to the unfinished skyscraper with more fingers than I could ever have. My sacred sardonyx stomach sensed a fright of a call in the wind, but little did he know it was to pass on that he had done nothing no one else has ever done.

    The sky summoned into pure brecciated jasper black and haughty clouds waiting to be turned into grey moonstones floating up above the mystical land queuing to be seated on. “My gosh, why does the sky have too always be like this?? It does not make sense.” I excogitated. My legs tremored to face my efficacious phobia to ever exist in my spessartine heart. My phobia was being in skyscrapers which was a sterling stereotype phobia. The moment I stepped into the construction skyscraper; I knew the world had ended for me but luckily things were not the way they seemed. Later that day, the News had inspected that someone had creeped into the in-development skyscraper.


    Part 2

    Introduction to Me!

    My name is Jaslyn and I’m a student at Holy Family Catholic School Lindfield in Sydney. I’m 10 and I’m going to be in Year 5 next year. Being born in Hong Kong, I come from a Chinese family!

    One of my hobbies is reading and I adore reading fiction. My favourite genres are fantasy and adventure! I love doing art projects and household crafts, because they’re fun and calming, and I’m a diligent student that learns fairly quickly. I enjoy sports like track and playing the piano and violin. Currently I’m interested in Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson.

    I’m 54% introverted but also 46% extroverted because I can be social and fun but also I tend to work better alone. I love animals, and especially harbour a fondness for cats! As a 4-year competitor of the Speech Festival and a third and second place winner, public speaking is one of my strengths. However, I’m claustrophobic, which is my fear and weakness, although I make it up with enthusiasm in learning any subject I’m interested in. Finally, to keep me occupied I do random new projects like crocheting, designing posters for animal shelters and learning Spanish! Learning different languages and cultures is something I’m passionate about, and it would be brilliant to learn more languages (as I’m trilingual – I’m fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese) And that sums up me; Jaslyn Lo!


    Part 2

    Why I’m a good fit for my dream school: Abbotsleigh.

    My dream school is Abbotsleigh. Abbotsleigh is in Wahroonga and it’s a girls high school with expansive academic opportunities! Subjects include French, Latin, Chinese, Technology and so much more- there’s a vast kingdom to explore. I have an interest in music as I play the piano and violin – in Abbotsleigh there’s a wide variety of ensembles like a range of choirs, string, jazz, guitar, woodwind and brass ensembles, and concert bands and orchestras! I would love to try out these fun activities. Additionally, the Performing Arts department of this school is a way to “channel the inner creative energy” and hosts performances from modern dance to debating, which is an amazing way to express one through creative arts. I also can’t wait to experience the sports carnivals! While sport is not compulsory at Abbotsleigh, this hobby is taken on by many students and I would love to experience team sports and more encounters with the environment and campus. With countless clubs and amusing capers, Abbotsleigh is a “Goldilocks Zone” for students like me who love reading and writing (ranking 7 in the most successful schools) – that is to say, just right!

  34. Yisub So
    Part 1
    “I’m ready. I’M READY TO CLIMB THIS MOUNTAIN AND BECOME THE CLIMBER TO CLAIM THE FINAL STONE TO ETERNAL LIFE SO I CAN PROVE MY FAMILY WRONG! Many years ago, my family had called me worthless and puny. I was made fun of and picked on. Now its my turn to get the final laugh, because I will succeed in getting this stone!” Many people had perished, nobly trying to get this stone. The skyscraper is a jaw-dropping 5000-kilometer tall, rusty, creaky, hazardous obstacle which only the most experienced climbers could even set foot on. However, even despite these freezing conditions, many still have an everlasting flame of ambition burning through their hearts, hoping one day they would claim it as theirs. The stone, known as Αιώνια Ζωή (aionia zoi, meaning eternal life), was left behind by the all-time acclaimed, courageous, daring, fearless and heroic climber who made history for his modest town that was in Greece, Καλύτερος Ορειβάτης (kaliteros orivatis, meaning best climber).
    Finally, after years of preparing, I am at the foot of the skyscraper, with my professional, advanced and modern climbing gear, and some snacks such as carrots and an energy bar. However, I needed to go up a dangerous scaffolding first. As I climbed the scaffolding, I kept repeating 3 vital, essential words in my head. DON’T. LOOK. DOWN. The sub-zero, chilly, cool, freezing, icy, snowy, glacial, frosty, frigid, bitter, numbing, arctic, hyperborean (Greek Giants that would attack by freezing you) and bone-chilling zephyr blew chills down my spine. It made me shiver with fear. My sweat was more than enough to fill a bathtub. If I let go for even a split second, all hope is lost. The metal poles were spread out, making it difficult and excruciating to climb up. Slowly but surely, like a monkey, I clinged onto each metal bar and painfully pulled myself up. This was only the start of an epic, grandiose and monumental journey, and I already felt my eyes become swollen and droop down. I took a pit-stop at a platform to eat some scrumptious snacks that I had brought to devour. This journey would be so intense. I wasn’t the only one frightened. Even the appetizing, luscious, succulent, tasty, delish, mouth-watering, palatable, savoury, dainty, juicy, luscious, tasteful and flavoursome snack I was eating was trying to sprint away to protection. It was almost like I had an aura of fear. When I was satisfied, I decided to finally face my fear. I would climb up the colossal tower. As I grabbed onto the walls and dents, I accidently glanced down. All the miniscule buildings looked extremely short from this immense height. Suddenly I felt air breeze onto my fingers. “That’s strange,” I thought. “My hands were gripped tightly onto the dents a minute ago!” Abruptly, I realised. I was falling. Quickly, like an acrobat, I swung onto a cliff that was nearby. Although hardly dangerous compared to the skyscraper, the cliff also had dangers. The rock I was grasping on was breaking. If I fell from this height, it would be the end for me! Surprisingly, I saw my wicked uncle over the top of the clearing. He exclaimed, “Yes! My last ancestor! I will destroy you and I will be able to claim the stone! Now at this very moment, I will make you land face-plant onto the ground! Now, you may succumb! MWAHAHAHA!” What could I do?
    Suddenly, my uncle flew sideways off the humungous cliff, and hit the skyscraper as I felt a cold feeling on my shoulder. I thought of an amazing possibility. Was… That… Someone else? An alien? A monster? The hand pulled me up. As I fell onto the rocks, I opened my eyes to a beautiful, blinding sight. A reindeer had been living here for the whole time! It must have smelt the very powerful scent of the almighty carrots! In return for saving me, I gave him some carrots. It had the stone on its long, branchy and beautiful antlers! It was blue like the clear sky. The stone was calling me. It bestowed down onto me and I gladly took the glamorous and grandiose stone that had made climbers crave. The reindeer looked at me forcefully. It told me, you may take this stone. You are the chosen one. You will take this stone and do a daring but foolish thing. I thought about this sentence. My instincts took over. I knew what must be done. As I look wistfully at the stone one last time, I pondered what I would do after this noble decision. I also thought about the reindeer. Maybe I could take it home! That would be amazing. After a long and awkward silence, I smashed the sinister stone that sucked lives out of people. Suddenly, I felt a flame. It was a flame of courage! I had beaten my fears and accomplished my goal! Finally, I had proven all those who doubted me wrong.

  35. PART ONE (438 words):
    A bone-rattling chill tingled the compassionate climber’s enfeebled spine. Cantankerous winds lashed at his powerful yet reverberating limbs as he strangled the rusted iron construction poles. Wisps of enigmatic vapor swirled around him as it swept around the precarious building. The man’s cardiac inflated rapidly as fear swelled in his icy veins. As soon as his eyes met the distant Earth. His teeth clenched and he gasped instinctively. The sudden shock sent him backward as he clasped the paint-faded but rigid structure supports. Perspiration slipped slowly down his cheek as he breathed the thin oxygen slowly. The weeping clouds shot frigid blasts of tears and they unleashed their rage by wrestling the frail building. He scaled the building through the hypothermic hardships but his fingers slipped from the metallic rungs of a ladder. The clouds watched and cackled manically. His back landed on a platform with a gauche thud. He sighed fortunately and continued to climb. As he brought his foot down, an icicle shattered under his worn sneakers. Abruptly, a wave of alabaster wind crashed on the tip of the building. His sight was depleted to almost nothing as pesky flakes of snow blinded him. Each step took extreme caution as he ascended the unstable apex of the infrastructure. As he clambered up the last ladder, he glanced down bravely. The ominous ground was enshrouded by the altitude’s balls of milky white. He sat on the miniature platform at the very point of the building. The wobbling plates of steel vibrated perilously. Sweet victory dizzied him in joy as glee tugged at his lips. A giddy grin appeared on his face. His body careened dangerously from side to side. Then, the platforms collapsed in a chaotic unity. Groaning bars that served as scaffolding snapped as the structure crumbled. His legs fumbled helplessly as hell broke loose. Shattered glass and random rungs of metal clumped together as they crushed anything that dared to go below. He finally clenched a steel railing and hung on for dear life. Panic stirred his thoughts as fear pierced the before intrepid climber’s hyperventilating heart. His grip on the bar tightened as he moaned in agony. The bar echoed the same dissonance as it was breaking slowly. His hands became clammy with the sweat of fright. Time froze as the alloyed rail gave way. Barbaric flames sneered menacingly as his boots were singed. His hand reached upwards to grab nothing as his hope faded. Joy came to hope that then fell to hopelessness. The phrase “Why did I do this” echoed in his mind. “Life comes and goes, and so does humane exuberance.

    1. Tell me about yourself (280 words)
    I am Nathan Chan. Others call me intelligent and erudite. They also call me funny and creative. But I can’t keep blabbering about why other people call me a god because I am humble and value equality. But what else is special about me? I am a lover of basketball and am quite good if I say so myself. The sports I cherish include basketball, table tennis, tennis and swimming. I used to do lessons for all of them when I was younger. Although I haven’t learnt a musical instrument, I have been a member of the Student Representative Council 4 times. I have always strived to achieve the very best I can. I always believe that there is always a way to resolve things. If I cannot find a solution I work harder and search for more clues. I have always had a passion and burning curiosity for science and maths as a result. I work collaboratively with other inquisitive kids to be the best of the best by using our all-out best. But my parents still call me lazy. Others would feel shameful but my parents mean that I find the best solutions. Getting easy and swift resolution in my life has been hard without the wisdom of the intelligent. “There is no substitute for hard work”, said by Thomas Edison is something I do not accept because of the irony. Thomas Edison merely stole the idea of the Nichola Tesla lightbulb and sold it first. That is not hard work but sly works of deceit. I do admire his hard work on creating his own though. “You can substitute hard work with efficient solutions” by Nathan Chan.

    2. Tell me why you are a good fit for Sydney Grammar (279 words)
    But of course there must be a reason for why you accept me. Why pick me over the 1000 of other hopeful children? Sydney Grammar is a Grammar school therefore english is a focused subject and I excel at it. At my current school, I am in an opportunity class that focuses on writing types like essays that will be asked for in high school. Sydney Grammar will be a whole new level. But I have had a lifelong passion for poetry and I am very creative. I may not be able to describe things monumentally but I can portray a big idea through small words. Others would see deforestation but I would envision the notion of the demise of the old and wise. But not only is english an important criteria. I excel at mathematics and am accurate and cautious. It is key to be steady and fast. I am also a fantastic fit because of my curiosity. Curiosity is key. Life has no purpose if there is no curiosity. The whole point of this amazing school is to teach valuable things. For example, my entire life changed when I learnt how to spell and talk. Even though I may not excel at musical instruments or sports, I am always inquisitive. I always wonder how to do things and ask repeatedly for feedback. But people say curiosity kills the cat but they forgot to mention they could find a tasty sardine or go back to another of there 9 lives. Who knows? That is curiosity. This school wants people with potential, not people that think they have. Others may be like that but I am not. Not yet.

  36. My name is Yisub So. I am 10 years old. I am in Year 4 (Turning Year 5 by the end of this month), and I made it into Ironbark Ridge Public School (OC class). I enjoy learning new things and writing different text types like poems, narratives and reports. I also like to read different books. My favourite genres are Mythology, Comedy and Fantasy. I find Maths, English, playing games and Science very enjoyable. I have a brother named Ethan, and a mum and dad. I have received many sport awards and academic awards. My favourite food is pizza and I love eating fruit. I am a very capable student. I like playing with my little brother in my free time. I enjoy going to school and playing with my friends. I have gone to multiple schools (Due to moving houses and OC) and hope to have an enjoyable time at Scholarly. My favourite book is Tom Gates-Family, Friends and Furry Creatures. He has lots of similarities and differences with me. My dream occupation is to become a soccer player, mathematician, scientist, doctor or a youtuber. I have many friends who are fun to play with. I am very sociable and make friends with other people very quickly. I want to become a person who donates money to charity, just like Bill Gates did. I want to start a world-wide company that helps many people and think of a cure or new formula for people to use. My ambition is to help the world be a better place. I like taking notes during class and I am a very organised person. In my free time I like watching YouTube, reading, playing video games and doing sport. I hope to have a bright future and influence many children into becoming good kids.

  37. Part 2B
    I want to go to Sydney Grammar school as it is one of the best private schools and it is still in Sydney. It is a school for boys (I am a boy) and was founded in 1830 by Sir Francis Forbes. It also accepts all boys, which is encouraging and welcoming to many students. There are many fun activities to do. Things that the boys do at this school are Music, Sport, Drama, Cadets, art, chess tours, camps, debating and much more. The school was ranked 6th in the HSC exam, according to the Sydney Moring Herald league table. There is also a band where you can play a wide variety of instruments such as the flute, clarinet and trumpet. The address is College Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 Australia. I will enjoy going to this school because I can make new friends, meet new teachers and enjoy the vast playground that has been displayed in the school. I will also get a chance in the Maths Olympiad, something I have been not allowed to do yet. I can also experience going to a good private school and meet new friends who have the same level of understanding as me. I will also wear a new school uniform and take a university test when I graduate. The experience will be enjoyable for me, as they try to help as many boys as they can to become good students and get jobs that will help the community. The school’s old boys are called “Old Sydneians” and have helped the country lots financially and academically. The school is very large and that’s why Sydney Grammar School is my dream private school. I hope I can go there so I can have a good education and have lots of fun being there with my friends.

  38. Part 1

    Beads of acrid, moist sweat slivered profusely down my spine, as I sneaked a sharp look at the world below me. My body was a manifestation of a fear I have not experienced before, with my racing heart pounding violently against my ribs, and my cold, clammy hands were shaking so uncontrollably I could not grip the rails. The scaffolding snaked treacherously beyond the clouds above the outreaches of the sky, overshadowing the miniscule buildings and hive of ant-like activity below. Just a few more steps, I thought to myself. “You have not proved me worthy. If you really loved climbing, you should have climbed the tallest building in the world!” my father’s words echoed in my head. They stung like daggers to my heart. The mental scarring was worse than any physical pain one can ever feel.

    Icy zephyr and hail pounded me on my fragile back. Ruby-like blood gushed out of my blistered hands. My apprehensive body took one step forward. It felt like the weight of the cold, misty sky was falling on me, crushing my soul into a speck of nothingness. Then I remembered I had to prove something to myself. Not the reporters, not myself, my unloving family.I shook myself off, now with extra, fiery fuel in my body. It felt like a guardian angel came down to help me. All the mist, fog and hail felt like it was gone.I took one step, another, until finally, I was nearing the end of this vicarious situation. This was all I needed. Nothing could stop me, not the rusty, blistering scaffolding, not my family, nor mother nature herself. I leaped and twirled, until finally, I made it.

    I had realised there was a stream of crowds waiting for me on the tower. Half young reporters, and half strangers that had wanted to be on camera. I pushed all of them aside, wanting some time to myself. Breathing heavily, I parachuted down back to earth, where people on streets were gawking at me. Thinking back at my adventure, I thought ‘Will my parents love me now?’. There was only one way to find out. My dreaded destination was set. Time to travel on.


  39. Tell me about yourself:

    My name is Josiephine Zhou and I am currently in year attending Haberfield Public School School (Year 5 next year at Summer Hill Public School OC). I am a diligent student who strives to surpass the expectations of others, striving to achieve my very best in all activities that I participate in.

    Sports is an activity that everyone partakes in daily. For me, this is seen not only through running with my peers, but also a multitude of team and individual sports. From netball and touch, to swimming and cross country, sports are an integral part of my school life. In my free time, I also play badminton and cycle with my siblings. My favourite sport, however, is basketball. I love how it gives you a chance to collaborate with your team and work together.

    Ever since kindergarten, I have thoroughly enjoyed music. I have been learning piano for 5 years and although I do not participate in examinations, I love playing for leisure, especially when I am burdened by the pressure of other activities. Furthermore, I was selected to perform at the Sydney Opera House for recorder, the Town Hall for Primary Proms and am in the school intermediate band.

    Unlike many other people, I am bilingual as I speak both Chinese and English fluently. I started taking Chinese lessons before kindergarten and speak this language with my family and a daily-basis. Moreover, I was awarded 2nd place in the Hello Mandarin Recitation Competition and was also awarded the Outstanding Achievement Chinese award for my enthusiasm, commitment, and performance in Chinese.

    Additionally, I received an A in my IMEB and drama exam for both year 3 and 4, and recited in the City of Parramatta Eisteddfod. I also greatly treasure and take part in the extracurricular activities that my school provides, such as chess clubs and Math Olympiad.

  40. The skyscraper of integrity

    I glared at the formidable abyss below me as the glacial zephyr cholerically wreathed around my gasping throat and the brittle, putrid scaffolding with a savage thud. The depressed clouds were still oozing out drenched, miserable tears. I was petrified and baffled. “ You won’t make it “ murmured the faint voices of the agonising memories of my parents as I ascended the skyscraper. “ Go back! Go back! “ my absurd brain thought. But it was a certainty that I was not going back. I had a hefty urge to prove to my parents that I could do it and that I was not the scaredy cat they thought I was. I would no longer be the timid, hesitant boy I used to be, not facing challenges. I would face them.

    My father spanking me and my mother scolding me would not halt me in my tracks. My perseverance outweighed their puny spatula and their yells of destruction. As I continued pondering, I glanced at the astonishing canvas of the city being the radiant moon that was smiling jubilantly and scintillating stars twirling jovially in the majestic, ebony night sky. But, I still saw the immense height below me, making my anxiety aloft up my quivering spine. I could smell the divine aroma of the scrumptious food wafting in the faint, Siberian breeze. It made me yearn for some embrittled potato chips and charred steak from my hometown. However, I must go on.

    I heard an abundance of police helicopters in the distance, calling me. Every appalling step had a sensation like committing a
    malignant crime. But still, I would not go back. My parents would not conquer me anymore.

    I scaled up the mammoth skyscraper of hope for what felt like an eternity of metal lacerating through my frostbitten hands, which had a whirlpool of taunting memories. My maghony, blood-shot eyes were dehydrated as my sweat exuded out of my sable, oleaginous hair. My lubricated nose flared in a swelter and my rancid teeth deteriorated. In an instant, all my optimism was depleted from my mind. Would I make it? Could I prove my parents wrong? Am I just a failure?

    And as it seemed that all efforts were in vain, a shimmer of hope glimmered in the shadows. The correct path radiated as if a supernatural being could sense my grief. Was it god? Hastily, I darted towards the path and sighted a lustrous ladder: a blessing from heaven. I escalated up the ladder and finally proved my parents wrong. Or did I?

    I realisation came into my mind. I hadn’t proved or won over my parents. What I had won over was the unequalled thing that nobody could possibly offer; Myself. I realised that I had not proven anything to my parents. I had only proven to myself that I could climb the skyscraper. And that is the greatest possible achievement that someone could achieve.

  41. Part 1
    Write a DISNEY-INSPIRED narrative about the man climbing the skyscraper (400 words)

    To overcome my fear of heights, I have scaled sky scrapers. Next was to conquered the tallest, most torturous scaffolding known to man kind.
    My journey began with feverish anticipation and boisterous ignorance. Arrogant clouds shot a plant-like bullets across my haggard face as their tendrils of mist creeped into all my open orifice My bloodless hand latched onto the circumpolar poles of the formidable scaffolding. The relentless bombardment of wind gouged chunks off meat off my body, The contemptuous, agonizing laughs of thunder sheathed its homogeneous arms around my ears. A bone-chilling sensation running down my back irascibly inducing rabid shivers that excruciatingly withered through my tatterdemalion musculature like lightning.
    A morose ripple of Siberian cold beads of sweat dripped down my clammy back. I forced my tears-filled eyes up, espy through the apocryphal grey moonstone that carried the mysteries and powers of the new moon, glimpsed beyond the veil into unseen realms. My family and my friends beckon me home like a lighthouse.
    Encyclopedic movie reels of my life decisions, mistakes, triumphs, academic achievements and bucket list of adventure, travels, experience, life goals and meaningful loving relationships.
    I stopped for sententious moment, trying to coalesce my thoughts. Awakening the pockets of courage that served to enhearten and rigidify my purpose.
    Bolstered by newly awakened unyielding determination, my steel-capped toed boots inched perilously along the elongated orange-red zircon steel tentacles, held by sylphlike harness. Threading between life and spiralling into the abyss.
    Courage sheltered by dune, formed by the wind, pushed me forward, inching closer to my lighthouse. I could see my entire family, embraced and cocooned in their love and warmth. Heard their imperceptible affirmation, a beacon that guided me to the shoreline towards the lighthouse of love and hope. Failing was no longer a possible course of action.
    The amaranthine journey, bedarkened and weeping with consternation. I was oblivious to the crippling fear, undiscerning and voracious wind in my quest.
    Reaching calm water, threading my debilitated body, delved into adamantine ground. I could hear my family’s words reverberate through my body, ‘we love you and you can do it’. I am feeling immensely relaxed and deeply somnolent when my steel-capped toed boots brush up against uncompromising ground. I realised; I had made it.
    The angel of mercy, forgiveness, courage, love, support and acceptance chaperoned me to my lighthouse where my friends, family, adventure, dreams and hopes lives.

  42. 1577077626qq-com

    Step by step, I climbed higher and higher, never knowing when I would reach the end. Tempestuous whisps concealed the beginning of my future fame, glory, and most of all, a sense of worth to my family. My knuckles clenched onto the bone-chilling steel bars, my muscles aching with every movement I take. Not daring to look down, I forced myself to keep going despite the fear that every breath I take now could be the last. No, I mustn’t think that way, I can’t allow myself to climb back down to my judgemental family who outcasted me, shamed me, and out-did me in every single action, thought, and even breath. This could be the only chance I proved something right to my family, that I wasn’t just a shadow among their greatest successes. My hands were bruised and battered, with skin slowly but painfully peeling off, would I reach it to the top? I don’t know but I do know that I will die trying.

    The clouds had grown along with my silent rage, spitting sudden bursts of rain filled with malicious thoughts. The rusted metal bars provoked me with their ear-splitting, warning shrieks, desperately trying to gain control over me and force me to back down. Despite the dreary dull grey buildings coated with a faint vomit-green, the sky lit up with prismatic hues that fused – blazing rosette, festive azure, vehement amber splashed with a delicate amethyst. This was the same scene filled with warmth and affection instead of disgust and hatred that was lost many years ago when my family sat together to enjoy the Northern Lights.

    I could finally see the top, my heart pounding, my breath becoming shallower and shallower it was almost like a dream come true. So close yet so far. With one final lunge, I reached the top, all the shame and censoring had been worth it, I could prove to my family I wasn’t just someone they were related to, I was somebody. Except, I felt empty on the inside, everything became clear to me, why would they care? That’s when I realised climbing this skyscraper was never for my family but for me instead.

  43. 1577077626qq-com


    Competing in Tournament Of Minds (TOM) was stressful and certainly needed great teamwork and leadership. In TOM, students choose a challenge to work with and elaborate on within the next six weeks. We had to sacrifice one hour of our morning to get to school by 8:00 am and our lunchtime breaks so we had time to do our project. To add to the pressure, we could not get any help from teachers or parents in making things, creating our lines, or even carrying our props from the car to the entrance. There was another challenge that was given on the spot only allowing us to plan for four minutes and present for one minute. This tournament forced me and my teammates to work as a team and be adaptive to each other so we could achieve a better result.
    It is the same in sports, I play a position in netball (goal shooter/goal attack), like many other sports it requires teamwork and needs you to think on your feet. Academically I strive to improve with everything I do, which I did result in me getting “outstanding effort and personal achievement” when I was in year 3 and also an “academic excellence” medal last year. I believe that MLC School’s tagline “dare to be more” does fit my qualities and achievements as with MLC’s guidance, my ability to sacrifice, adapt and be independent would develop as I stay at MLC.
    I am in the OC where I can be challenged both academically and socially resulting in me being well-rounded. With other academically gifted classmates, I like to take charge and step up to guide my team through projects. As an SRC (class representative) I represent my class when presenting issues and questions, hopefully, I can also be in a leadership role in MLC. Additionally, I achieved well in ICAS last year scoring high distinction in Math and distinction in English along with my report last semester closing with a great result of 2B’s and the rest A’s, demonstrating the academic side of myself. I believe my positive up bring attitude towards learning can help influence my classmates around me, creating a perfect atmosphere in MLC for studying.

  44. Part 2
    Tell me why you are a good fit for your dream private school (300 words)
    My name is Riley Thurman. I am an assiduous learner, engaged, passionate in ways to improve the sustainability, an effective team player, with abundance of curiosity and keenness to be involved in an extensive variety of co-curricular activities. I am a promising young chess player presently hand-selected by Sydney Academy of Chess to join the NSW Elite Chess training program.
    The Sydney Grammar school’s academic extension programme allows boys to pursue special interests beyond syllabuses in many subjects. The school take the view that broadening and deepening a boy’s understanding of a subject, through personal contact with a teacher who is an authority in the field, is preferable to acceleration through the curriculum.
    Some of the academic extension programme that peak my interest are:
    Arts programme to enable me to acquire a technical competence in skills such as drawing, perspective and composition
    Music programme to aid in my journey to be a better guitar player, to master another musical istrument or two and have opportunities to perform both in small ensembles and larger orchestras.
    Sport progrmme comprise of summer and winter sports: cricket, rugby, football, tennis games, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, rifle shooting, rowing and fencing.
    Debating, chess, creative writing, ceramics and fly-fishing
    and many more that i may not discovered as yet.
    Other clubs and activities on offer that i am keen to be involved in are:
    Maths Society which is a before school club interested in exploring some of the fascinating branches of Mathematics with a fascination with numbers, an interest in puzzles, a passion for the history of great thinkers and a natural curiosity.
    The Informatics Club is open to all boys who has enthusiasm in various programming languages. Currently the Club is programming in Python and C++..
    The Environment Club is a group dedicated to improving the sustainability of the School through initiatives such as recycling program.
    and there are myriad of activities that I may not be aware of but would love to take part in them.
    I hope Sydney Grammar school will find me to be a good fit to represent what the school stands for and will be a place that nurture my individual talents.

  45. Nathan
    My pallid and sweaty hands clasped the tarnished gelid bars of the tower. My forehead bore alabaster pearls of sweat, drenching my mask and face in clammy perspiration. A Siberian wind battered my body, making the flimsy metal structure wobble precariously as if it was nothing but matchsticks. I flinched at every creak of the bars as I silently prayed for the tower to not collapse as its intense fragility shook me to the bone.

    Just above me, clouds sneered down at my enervated body, its misty abyss above shrouding what I would climb up into. Digging painfully into my back and hands, my harness, the only thing preventing me from tumbling off into the crepuscular mist below clanked once more at the tower. At the back of my head, I could faintly hear the arrogant voice of my father, who thought I would never succeed, his shouts and jeers stabbing my heart like a dagger of ice forged from the depths of a poisoned well.

    “Don’t even think about trying – you’re a failure – you’ll never succeed – what good is climbing anyways?” I remembered my dad’s words, hot tears welling in my eyes quickly whisked away by the whipping winds, mimicking my callous father, shutting all my emotions inside myself, never letting the dam of my heart breach its wretched waters of sobs and tears.

    But today, a dam breached. A waterfall of tears cascaded out of my eyes, each held-back teardrop now gushing out. I pounded my fist on the tower, no longer caring about the height. My hand caught on a rusty bolt, vermillion blood now mingling with the tears on my body. I could already hear the distant whir of police helicopters A little voice poked out of the winds.

    “Don’t worry – you’re almost there!”

    With renewed courage and blurry vision, I continued my forlorn ascent. I needed to prove my dad wrong and wipe the smug grin off his face. The clouds brushing the tower hit me as I reached the top of the tower, swirling and snaking around me with its countless tendrils of mist, the police helicopter waiting for me.

  46. Part 1:
    I suddenly glimpsed the world below me. Cold sweat dripped down my already drenched back. The bitingly cold wind lashed at my freezing legs, as I clung on for dear life on one of the rusted poles of the scaffolding. My harness seemed to be pulling me down as if telling me not to go further. The only thing it did to me was increase the agonising pain on my already exhausted shoulders. With every excruciating step I felt the ferociousness of the wind lashing like a whip against my already sodden legs.
    I was about to make another weary step up, but my foot slipped through a tiny crevice in the scaffolding. Just as I thought I was going to fall, one of the straps on my backpack caught on something and there I was, hanging from one backpack strap 200 metres in the air. As I dangled there I thought; the chances of a strap on my backpack catching on something was one in a million chance. So that means fate has saved me because it thinks I am worthy enough to climb the skyscraper! With one excruciating effort, I heaved myself back onto the scaffolding.
    I staggered forward. I gritted my teeth, and I knew I had to keep going. As I wobbled to put one foot in front of another, I thought what it would be like when I finally reached the top. How high would it really be? Maybe when I reached the top, I could touch the celestial stars. Who knows? These were the thoughts that kept me going. That kept me moving. I felt if I was just going to slump there and just die a miserable death, but I was determined to reach the top, thus I kept going.
    Then just when I was sure I was going to collapse, I saw a light, a light at maybe the top of the tower, that light sparked a little bit of hope in me as I scrambled on up the groaning skyscraper. I kept falling over but the light on what seemed like the top of the tower was growing brighter and brighter and that lifted my hopes up. I stumbled up and up, my ears were popping as I ascended up and up the colossal skyscraper. Every step felt like injecting a whole tube of anaesthetics into my legs which made them feel so numb I couldn’t feel pain when my leg got caught on something and it started bleeding. The light seemed to be getting closer, closer, and closer, until it was only about one hundred metres away.
    That last one hundred metres put me in deadly peril as the metal of the scaffolding creaked and one of the bolts even fell off and tumbled down, down, down, down, onto…my head. Suddenly I began to see stars and if it wasn’t for my harness, I would have died, I must have been knocked unconscious and when I woke up again a few minutes later, I found myself dangling from a rope from the scaffolding. I pushed myself up until finally I was only metres away from the light. And I realised that the light wasn’t a light, but star balanced precariously on the tip of the scaffolding…

  47. Part 2 No. 1 Tell Me about yourself
    My name is Bella, and I am currently in year 4 at Matthew Pearce Public School. I am a hard-working, dedicated student who always thrives on large challenges and hard tasks. I am also very diligent worker, and I always strive to use my personal strengths such as my patience, perseverance and leadership throughout my school years. My hobbies are reading, drawing, cooking and climbing. I love to play netball and touch footy. I am always willing to take on a challenge versing my friends in netball at school. This year, I have been selected as part of the PSSA school Netball team for Winter and the PSSA touch footy team for Summer. For my PSSA Netball group, we have been in the semi-finals against Samael Gilbert Public School, but unfortunately, we lost. It was still a good game. I have also been in the school swimming carnival for all four strokes and even got through to the State Championships! When I grow up, I want to become a veterinarian because I love working with animals and I want to help them if they are injured. I even have a dog myself! I would love to participate in more advanced carnivals and challenge myself on anything. I believe that being a vet is a crucial job in saving many animals from extinction. Without animals, our earth would just not be the same. I have a few quotes that motivate me each day and help me be a better person. They are “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” By Thomas Edison. “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying I will try again tomorrow.” By Mary Anne Radmacher. “When the world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” By Malala Yousafzai.

  48. amyliairbusgmail-com

    Thomas Wang

    Part 1: The Skyscraper Climb

    Try not to look down. I kept on reminding myself with an irate attitude. The scaffolding was quivering like an old wooden bungalow about to collapse, but sweat was dripping through my tight palms as I tried to hold on. The fog haughtily attempted to choke me. If this worked, I would finally prove those intrusive high-school bullies and get thousands of likes on social media.

    With all the victuals and cameras in my backpack, everything was weighing down my body as if I was carrying a steel anvil. Finally, halfway, I was too exasperated to smile at the camera, but was afraid to show it on Facebook, so I put on my onyx-coloured face covering. I made sure my go-pro was straight and acted like I was enjoying it. My heart was pounding so hard it felt like a grenade about to explode, I always have had acrophobia.

    It was like magic. My foolhardy self was still intact on the scaffold. On the outside in the video, I was a bold lion conquering one of my fears, but on the inside, I was still just a newborn puppy with no idea what to do. I felt as if I were about to drown in sweat, why did I think of doing this? Like a ragdoll, I helplessly flopped to and fro when in despair, but I realised I had to make it to the top. I had to be brave and just get there and it would all be over in an instant.

    Almost there… just a few metres… and yes! I finally made it. Time to unpack, consume the provisions, take some photos and videos, and go home. I laid down the picnic mat and the food, then I reached for the camera. Then I realised the crucial mistake I made; I forgot my camera. This was an abysmal action, that I didn’t know how I was supposed to do anything.

    But then, I realised I didn’t need followers on Facebook for this, I overcame my fear of heights. I realised how wonderful the view here was. I could see the whole city! It was more beautiful than a diamond polished with a silk cloth. The splendorous zephyr finally stopped, and the fog cleared, and I gazed upon the ground below and how far I climbed. The only problem was how I was to hike back down.

    Part 2:
    Tell me about yourself:

    My name is Thomas Wang and I was born in Beijing, China in 2012. I moved to Sydney with my family when I was two years old. We currently live in St. Ives and I am in the GAT class in St. Ives North Public School. I enjoy studying at St. Ives North and I have made many friends in the six years I have studied there. I am only ten instead of the normal year five age of eleven so I have been the youngest in my class since kindergarten. I got into the GAT class more recently and struggled to keep up at first, but I’m alright now.

    One of my largest interests is aviation. Once when at a ski field in Queenstown, New Zealand I met a man from Seattle who used to work for Boeing and we droned on and on about aviation and all the new aircraft and how things might turn out. I constantly research about aviation and still am learning new things about it every few days. Apart from studying about topics like mathematics, I learn about aviation.

    Some of my hobbies include skiing and travelling. Every year, I go skiing at least twice and I am trying to learn new skills each time I ski. It is my favourite sport and I felt depressed during lockdown because I couldn’t ski. My other hobby is travelling. I travel to a new place every year and I like to see all the landmarks and meet locals. I have gone to places all over Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of China.

    Those are some facts about me. I study hard, travel a lot, play sports and learn about some of my interests in my spare time. I also regularly do outside sports, like swimming, hiking, kayaking, cycling and more.

    Tell me why you are a good fit for your dream private school:

    My dream private school is Sydney Grammar School located on College Street in Darlinghurst. If I don’t get in via the scholarship test, I will still likely get in via the entrance test. There are several reasons I for why I will be a great fit for the school and the other boys studying there.

    I am curious about the world and want to learn more about it. I hope that one day, me and my peers would be able to make the world a better place for all. Sydney Grammar is one of the best place to learn knowledge and to build the ability for that. It is also a great place to learn socialise and collaborate with your peers.

    I love learning and I am dedicated to it. I constantly study at home and I am interested in many different things. I love reading, I love thinking, and I like talking with different people. I always want to learn new things. Even if I make it in, I will keep on learning new things every day.

    I am a smart, cheerful and joyful boy who loves life and the world. My best friend is also in Sydney Grammar and that means I will get to be with him, which will also make me happy. All this is why I would fit into Sydney Grammar.

  49. Part 1 – The Perilous Climb.
    The wild clouds were exploding with tremendous outbursts of rain. My numb feet were fighting to find its place to land and my frail body was in a bad shape. I had to stop, I had to rest, but I couldn’t. Then a dark, ominous voice popped into my faint head. “Don’t do it, you will gain nothing. You are an embarrassment to your family.” I shook my head to focus on the task. Up ahead could be what would lead me to failure, to shame. There was a gaping hole in the structure, and all that held it up was a tiny, slim metal pole in the middle of the colossal skyscraper. I had only one terrifying, horrible idea that could lead to death. To jump.
    No. I couldn’t do it. Maybe I should have just stayed on the ground and have been a normal person. This thought almost induced me to go back, but I took teetering steps on to the tiny pole, imagining it as a wide, strong bridge that connected one country, to another. Then I heard a creak, and a loud crack.
    I couldn’t move. The pole would snap, if I didn’t fall off first. I sensed a blinding light behind me. I turned my head, to see a ball of illuminating light brightening the night that seemed to be making a noise. “Go on.” I heard. Was it the light speaking? No. Impossible. Then the ball of light moved under the pole and acted like a support! I took this chance and leapt for it, my heart pounding like a drum as I just made it to the edge of the other side. I scrambled up, almost losing balance. Now I could see there was not far left.
    Now the path became narrower and narrower with every step, ending with a close and a parachute for jumping. I was still so paralysed with fear that I hadn’t realized that I’d done it! No, it must be an illusion. There must have been more to the skyscraper. But I was wrong. I really had done it! As I slowly regained my energy, I had a sudden realization that I had done it not for my family or anyone other than myself.
    I was filled with a feeling of achievement as I floated down into the busy, noisy streets of Sydney. It was hard to believe other people went on their normal lives when I had just had such a dangerous, fearful moment. Then I saw the bright light again! This time I really did believe it was there, and heard a ‘Well Done’ from it. I thought that in the future I should do things not to win others, but to win myself.

  50. PART 1

    The Day My World Went Black
    The bone-chilling bursts of wind stealthily sneaked up my back, as I vigilantly climbed up the fragile scaffolding. I rigidly clenched the freezing-cold railing, with my calloused hands. My legs were shaking like jelly. Signs of life-taking fear in my eyes. The old, tarnished structure pursued to make eerie sounds as I tried to take another step towards death. The haughty clouds above me laughed maliciously as they saw me struggle. I fought against the howling wind, blowing me back with its revolting breath. Gentle drops of rain began to trickle down on my forehead. I groaned with agony. Could this get any worse?

    My teeth grinded against each other as I continued to climb what seemed like Mt Everest. My black bag felt as though it was getting heavier by the second and my back began to face unbearable pain. As I continued to scale the unsteady skyscraper, birds flew past me, reminding me how high I was. My mask made me suffocate, but I knew if I took it off, I would find it even harder to breathe.

    The immense skyscraper was too far away now. I had no other option other than to continue walking on the vulnerable scaffolding. My shivering feet were slowly losing their senses. As I proceeded walking the scaffolding, riveting my way up the unsteady path, my head started to feel lighter. My face went pale. As my entire body went numb, I bellowed in pain. I decided to lean on the railing to regain sensation. Though at the moment, the plank that I was standing on lost its nails. I tumbled though just got hold of the bottom railing. I couldn’t dare to look down. My palms began to sweat as though they were going to create an oasis. My hands slowly slipped. I pulled as hard as I could, using all my upper body strength and just in time, I landed a foot on the platform.

    Before I knew it, I conquered half the bridge. I decided to take a quick look down and to my unfortunate luck, there I saw vicious, greedy cops. Their police sirens create a deafening noise. My head fell in disappointment and regret. Nothing could stop me from being sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. I jumped off the bridge without a thought in my mind. I took one last look at the sunset. And just at that moment, the world went black.

  51. Tell me about Yourself ( Scholarship interview) –

    My name is Reuben and I am a year 4 student at a state school.

    I have three other members in my family; dad, mum and sister. I am really close to my sister who’s three years older than me. I enjoy badminton, swimming and puzzles and board games. We have a close, big extended family, scattered around the globe but they mainly reside in Sydney, Paris, New Zealand and North America. I love meeting up with them every few years as I love travelling and expanding my knowledge of different types of cultures and languages.

    Until this point in my life, our family has travelled to many places worldwide. We have travelled to parts of Australia, New Zealand, China, South East Asia and Europe. It taught me how to appreciate cultural differences in the wide selection of cuisine or their limited availability and lets me understand how important it is to see others situations and how they live the lifestyles that others do.
    In understanding this, I can see how important a solid education is to further my knowledge of how the world works and what I want to study in university. I don’t have an idea of what I want to be when I’m a grown-up but I know that making a lot of money is one of my ambitions.

    I have a lot of good friends. They all agree that they enjoy my sense of humour and I am good at creating playground games that my friends like. I value their friendships a lot because we have been together since pre-school with most of them.

  52. Part 2 No.2- Tara Anglican School for Girls (TASG)

    Why do I want to be in Tara? Well, I believe that their school motto, “Be Inspired, Be challenged, Be excellent, Be you” is a motto that I preserve. To be inspired, I always have something that motivates me. Whether that is a quote or something that I remember of. I am still always inspired every day. Be challenged. I am always challenging myself on tasks and I have an aspect of this, my patience. My patience is crucial in this part because a challenge can be quite nerve-wracking sometimes, but if you have patience, you will never have this feeling of giving up. And I believe that describes a part of me. Be excellent. I am excellent because I always try my best in everything I do. I never give up on anything, and I finish what I started. Be you. Well, to be yourself you have to use all your self-qualities every day. I think that I am a person who uses all their self-qualities such as patience, leadership, love of learning and much more. I strongly demonstrate these skills whether I am at home, school or just about anywhere. I preserve these concepts. Tara is just the perfect school for me as I know how and what makes me the ideal student to be in Tara Anglican School for Girls (TASG).

  53. Garima Malhotra

    Part 2 – Pearl

    Tell me about yourself –
    Hi, my name is Pearl and I am currently in Year 5. Some of my passions include dancing, reading, public speaking and learning.
    Let’s start with dancing. I love dancing as it frees my mind and helps me meditate, making me a better person , someone who understands and thinks before jumping into action. Ever since I joined Rouse Hill Public School, I have been chosen to be in the dance troop, and me and my team have performed in many eisteddfods and festivals, including the Sydney Opera House Eisteddfod. These performances have embedded confidence in me which I have used in public speaking. Through public speaking, I now have a voice to stand for change towards issues that are important. I also, using public speaking, am holding and maintaining many awards,
    achievements and leadership positions, such as , top 8 for school captain, top 10 for representing the school in a speech contest and 1st in 3 speeches. I absolutely adore reading as it opens my mind towards ideas I have never even thought about. Reading evokes empathy in me and enhances my vocabulary. I am currently reading Wings of Fire, which is way beyond my level. All of these things are parts of my favourite passion, learning. Dancing is learning, as I learn new steps. Public speaking is learning as I learn to speak confidently. Reading is learning, as I learn new words and emotions.

    Tell me why you are fit for your dream private school-
    I don’t have a dream private school, to be honest, but when I find one this is why I would fit into it.

    Recently, I quizzed my friends on what they thought were my top 3 traits. I expected the answers to be humorous, like silly or crazy. But, actually , when I tallied up the results, the top three traits were, friendly, trustworthy and chatterbox.

    First up, friendly and approachable. I joined Rouse Hill Public School just this year and my parents were worried if I would make friends. They were pleasantly surprised that I have tons of friends there. I’m sure the school would benefit with someone who’s friendly.

    Secondly, trustworthy. You can trust me to be punctual. I’ll never miss anything. Part of being trustworthy is being a team player, and that’s just what I am. I’m very cooperative and I listen to everyone’s ideas.

    Another one of the traits is chatterbox. My dad says I go on and on about anything and everything. My friends say I’m also a good listener, as I listen to their problems. So if my peers ever need to talk something out, or just want someone to listen, I‘m always there, no matter if the problem is big or small.

    I live and breed school values, respect, responsibility and resilience. I am respectful as I always treat others with courtesy, politeness and kindness. I’m ready to assist at different levels, from my peers to teachers to visitors. I’m responsible as I take care of my own, school’s and other’s property. I always take responsibility for my actions.

    As for resilience, when I was little , I would trip over a lot while running but I always got up and kept on going. That instilled resilience in me, those events help me bounce back till date. If I ever get into an argument, I try to understand what the other person is feeling at this moment and understand the reason behind their actions.

    I have also been privileged with chances to speak on stage during assemblies, participate in debating, had the chance to fundraise massivley .

    My name is Paco Liu and I currently go to Dural Public School. I originally went to Sherwood Ridge Public School for kindy to year two. Then I moved to Bella Vista Public School for years three and four. Now I am in Dural Public School in year five, moving into year six. At school, I participate in the senior band and senior choir. As well as this, I also am in the chess club. These activities make me wake up earlier, especially choir and band, but I still like them, due to my passion for the two activities. Recently, I volunteered for school captain, but sadly, didn’t get in. However, I also tried out for sports captain and ended up becoming a vice-captain. When I grow up, I would like to become a biologist or a programmer. The reason for this is that firstly, I would like to discover much more information about nature. The world is a fascinating place and knowing all its secrets will help us solve many problems. I have always been curious, and I plan to continue that when being a biologist. Another reason for being a biologist is because my brother also wants to become one when he grows up. A marine biologist to be exact. If I am also a biologist, then we can help each other out, and it will also bring many fond memories to my life. The reason I want to become a programmer is that I have always loved to play video games, and I would like to give other children and adults the joy of playing too. By developing or programming a new game, I can bring excitement, happiness, and entertainment to the world. My favourite TV shows and channels are Bright Side and Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell. This is because they provide me with more knowledge and test my knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Kurzgesagt does it through stories and animations, while Bright Side does it through stories and quizzes. My favourite sport is badminton, as it is fun to play and it uses quick reaction time. My physical strength also comes into play when playing this game. I can hit the shuttles hard using the racket and smash the opponent, winning point after point. My hobbies are reading, playing badminton, watching the mentioned YouTube channels, and playing video games.

    King’s is my dream private school. I am someone who has an interest in many things such as singing, music, coding, and technology. King’s provides me with all of these. Ranging from a fantastic choir to a magical technology club, it has everything. My education is very good, especially in maths, comprehension and thinking skills, but time is my issue, and King’s can help me change this and we can succeed together. I will join the choir and help make the beautiful sound of music and song sound better. I will join the band and help make it music to our ears. I will join the chess club and enhance my chess skills. I will join the IT club and have fun, while learning side by side with other students. I will help the school. My dedication to doing things right and doing them with great quality will not break, and instead strengthen while I learn with King’s, whether academically, physically or in extracurricular. I will show great skill and passion in subjects and I will always be willing to learn at King’s for the entire journey. I will succeed in many areas and will also learn many things during my fabulous time at King’s. I will help King’s by succeeding and rising it up the ranks of the top HSC score schools and attract more students. But I need help to do it, and King’s has exactly what I need. Together, we can change King’s, change the academic world, change the future of our ancestors, we can even change the world. Some people don’t like change, but some changes are good. This can be one of them. Together we can achieve great things, and many amazing things can happen. But it all starts by finding a passionate and dedicated student like me.

  55. Scholarship Interview – part 2

    I believe I would be a great fit for Sydney Grammar as I will contribute to this school by offering positive ‘group think’ learning reflected from my past experiences in my friendship group so that everyone is striving for excellence in Sydney Grammar. Not only do my own achievements matter, I believe that my contributions will help bring up the school’s important values such as; good attitude, holistic learning and commitment.

    I have interests and values that align with the high standards of Sydney Grammar such as; Social Skills, Public Speaking, integrity, honesty, being open-minded, friendly, considerate, Creativity, extroverted, and most importantly, I know how to crack a good joke.

    I have always wanted to go to Sydney Grammar as it is my dream Scholarship school. This school is known for its high academic achievements and I believe that I can be one of your students who are able to consistently achieve the high standards required of the school. Other than that, there are many opportunities to be involved in curricular activities like chess sporting clubs, and Languages. I believe that Sydney Grammar can help me reach my goals.

  56. Moon-white mist engulfed the the climber’s emaciated body like a mystical semblance. The partial, yet derelict statuesque convulsed against the choking wind forcing the adventurer to helplessly erect his hands to safeguard his tumescent eyes. The wind cascaded against the climbers face cauterising a luminous aura as the natures phenomenal powers kept brewing. Millions of questions racing in the mind. The pertly ideas domiciliatingly discombobulated him. His begrudging mind salvaged his hands to persevere. His cracked palms deemed like they were clobbered by a tyrants legionnaire. Notwithstanding, he elongated his arms, and hand by hand he magnified as the aeruginous scaffolding.

    He could feel the clammy grasp of the mist’s crisp fingers wipe away the perturbed beads of distress as he clambered wearily up the tarnished tower. The demonillion nebula guffawed in approbation acquiring brawniness every second passing by. The climber staggered oblivious of power accentuating around him. Flabberghasted by how much left to go, puissance extricated out of him. The ongoing hexagonal pattern of tapestry was like a labyrinth imperishing and enduring in perpetuity. The wind was now snaked around his neck choking him. Unprecendentedly, he continued, incognisant of the amount of time he had left. Then, his families word ricocheted in his mind, “Your impossible, I can’t trust you! This is why you are lost, no one will ever love you. Reminisce about the last two holiday we had. You almost assassinated us and you ran away! You will never make the top.”

    The words penetrated my heart like daggers, and making the top of the scaffolding was like a hallucination now. Blackness swelled my eyes.
    His hands bludgeoned the bitter cold metal making an ear-piercing sound. The cognition of being with his family again was over. He was nearly at the top. “Just a few more steps…” was the only thing that came out of my sullen mouth. He prayed for protection upon him but the only thing that was upon him was death. Then, the insignia of red and blue appeared in the sharp corner of my eyes. The sound of the devastating drill sound of the engine vibrated in my sorrow ears. The mountaineer was at sixes and seven’s until a voice. The cacophonous amplifier’s sound was defeaning. The herculean gales blew harder. Promptly he shook out of unconsciousness, as he continued to shinny up.

    The cops gazed in nescience and they withdrew their weapon. However, there was nothing they could do. The helicopter was too enlarged. Then, with the final stretch, he pulled through. He was at the top. He succeeded. Although, all those hate comments, he pulled through. Then the natural instincts took over and he closed his eyes for the first time in a day.

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