Scholarship G2 W2 Writing

Part 1.


Write a Narrative with this opening line and refer to the image: Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. (400 words)

Use the same framework of extended personification/metaphors and high-impact emotions to spice up your writing.

Exemplar intro: ‘The feral storm sneered diabolically as it commanded the clouds to loom into a hellish black mass. I could feel its torment wrenching the waves into oblivion, swirling in a vortex of disorder. My heart trembled to the spasm of the ocean as the rickety boat groaned in despair. I knew I shouldn’t have come out. If only, I had listened….’


Part 2.

Scholarship Interview Questions

Write about 3 of your greatest achievements using the following framework: 

1. Characteristic/LOVE/ PASSION 

2. Anecdote- little story\ROLE MODEL 

3. Achievement 

4. Thank everyone/grateful 

400 words 

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    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. Waves that seemed like a pack of voracious beasts lurching towards its poor, helpless victim that barely clung to life. Rocking ferociously beneath the menacing clouds that were blaring its horrible electric teeth, growling at any newcomers afraid of its presence. But the creaky wooden boat was compelled to do the storm’s bidding as it was controlled by the breath and crashing of the waves. Trembling in fear, Dodo desperately gasped on the sides of the boat, just about his eyes were slowly flickering until they were about to close, a silver scale flashed across his eye.“A dragon? No, those things don’t exist,” Dodo convinced himself. Next second, a pair of talons gripped his shoulders.

    The moment Dodo opened his eyes, he knew he wasn’t dead… yet. Fighting against the little voice in his head that was commanding him to act dead, his curiosity had gotten the better of him. Hesitantly, Dodo lifted his head to discover a creature of great strength glittered in diamonds, gold, and silver carrying him. Almost unable to blink or even breathe, Dodo was completely uncertain about what dangers lay in front of him. It was a magnificent beast, a real-life dragon, with claws that could pierce through anything including human flesh.

    They had arrived at the beasts’ lair, dumbfounded Dodo with its wealth, the home obtained piles upon piles of glittering valuables.
    “Just my luck! This dragon must be the richest creature alive on Earth! Who knows maybe I could steal a couple of those diamond statues once the stupid dragon turns its back and I could make a couple of million dollars?” Dodo silently schemed in his mind.
    A few minutes later, Dodo was left all alone in the living room to conduct this plan, or that’s what he thought.

    As Dodo cautiously crept towards the item that could be the beginning of all his wealth, fortune, and success. Peeping behind the corner, Dodo saw the dragon stirring something in a huge, pitch-black cauldron, as a mysterious sneer grew across its face. That’s when Dodo realised those statues weren’t portraying dragons, they were human beings. It was already too late, a shadow hovered over me.

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    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The troglodytic storm ravaged the crystallised ocean, cackling demonically as it swirled in a cyclone of disorientation. His rickety ship seemed to be conducted in a symphony of destruction and manipulation, bowing under the storm’s thunderous conducting, groaning in the agony of being wrenched underwater. Like the abrupt stroking of an artist’s brush, a topaz streak of thunder resonated in the ebony auditorium of the storm-congested sky. That’s when the seriousness of the situation manifested in front of his eyes. His last memory was of celebrating Christmas with his mother, circling around the parcels under the pine. It was beautiful, emerald needles threading themselves amongst the skinny figure of the tree.

    But that was it. Nothing else. The rods of mercury that were previously a fixture of his serrated fishing boat had been sent away by the ravenous dominion of the storm, where talons of Siberian chill clung against Dodo’s emaciated body in a grasp of final desperation. Amongst the acerbic air, he clung to the remains of the Skinner IV, where life mattered more than his father’s lost memories. Another vociferous tirade of thunder struck the blanket of sapphire-blue, startling frail ravens in search of warmth. What could’ve happened to him? Dodo looked around for any search for land, though the water remained a barren landscape that choked him with hopelessness.

    He stared into the bloodshot eyes of the clouds, who were crazed by their power as they whipped him with chains of despair. Dodo never expected this to happen. One moment he was celebrating Christmas with his only parent, and the next he was stranded emaciated and haggard from fatigue.

    As he drifted off into a state of absorption, the world unfazed for him. He was stranded in his ocean of troubles, where the toll of his father’s death struck him with thunder and ravens scattered the attention to his mother’s indifference. But there was no escape than to face it himself. He banished all the wisps of anguish for his father and abandoned it into a place where he could remember the good memories, but the waves kept on pushing him down, but perseverance made the retaliation of his problems futile. He had faced his problems and that was all that mattered. Freedom, he though, didn’t come from hiding, but facing it directly.

  3. Part one:
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. He couldn’t remember what had happened. With the tremendous raging waves pushing against his boat, he knew that his chances of survival were almost impossible. This was especially because he had imprudently brought nothing with him, just his backpack, which had a key (It can unlock anything) and a sword that was passed down from his ancestors. The screeching gale howled as it drifted off like a race car. The decayed wooden boat was beginning to tilt, as if it was going to fall. Suddenly, firm arms grabbed his shoulders, and pulled him down below the ocean’s surface. “What is happening?” Dodo thought to himself. “Am I going crazy?” He had no time to answer these questions though. As he got yanked down lower and lower, he became blinded at the sight of the glorious fish dancing in the gleaming sunlight. Deeper in the mysterious and majestic ocean, Dodo also found pitch-black section, with sea creatures that looked traumatizing. Dodo saw himself arrive at a building, which looked like something a mad scientist would live in. It looked like a lair. Out of pure curiosity, Dodo foolishly decided to explore it.

    As Dodo swam through eat room, he became more and more alarmed. There were rooms with potions, statues of animals made from flesh and even deadly weapons! Although there were hundreds of rooms, one fascinated Dodo the most. It had a crown and a humungous throne. No human could cover the whole space. In a blink of an eye, a colossal sea beast appeared. It had three heads and a long, bloody and grey body. It looked like an unsanctioned hydra with it glitching and flickering. It declared, “You are now under my imprisonment,” its voice booming as the sound barrier was broken. Dodo shivered. Why did the water feel freezing now? As he questioned himself, Dodo was led to a steel-iron-bar cage with a bed and a toilet. He would be given food and water each day. As soon as he saw the bed, he leaped onto it and passed out.

    He awoke, back into reality. “Why am I here?” Then everything came flooding back to him. The boat. The castle. The sea beast. The prison. Dodo knew he had to escape. So, he fearlessly grabbed his rusty backpack and pulled out the old sword. Then he unlocked the prison with his trusty key. Your job is done now, key. “CHARGEEEE!!!!!” Dodo yelled, making the chandeliers rock with fear. Dodo went berserk! He sliced everything in his way from wood to gold! He paused, exhausted. Dodo, the unique sword fighter, was now facing the king himself (the sea beast). Dodo hopped around and dodged the sea beasts beams of hydro, forceful water. He went in and dealt some serious damage. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Dodo defeated the sea beast. He swam back up to his boat and sailed back home. All he had wanted to do was find some fish to eat. Dodo decided he would never go on a tiring and bonkers adventure ever again.

  4. Stranded On The Water

    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. He reminisced about what the day before when he was on the lukewarm, canary sand of the beach and the compact waves were tranquilly crashing onto the shore. “How did I get on this miniature, wooden boat, stranded on the ocean ?“ he pondered.

    Dodo was surrounded by the aquamarine, mammoth waves of the vast ocean that was a ferine dog that leapt up and down and trampled on everything it came across. Dodo’s miniature, the wooden boat was like prey to it.

    Eventually, Dodo came to his reality and accepted that he was stranded on the treacherous sea. He observed the water and hastily realised that he was not alone. Many mystical creatures were lurking around him that had various colours, shapes and sizes. The ocean was an enigmatic place. Now knowing that he would have to be attentive to survive, he adjusted his sail in the direction that the zephyr wafted, caught some consumable, small fish for food supply, and set off for a journey that he would recall forever.

    He arose again, the next morning, to find flocks of birds aviating away as the gloomy, ashen clouds were weeping tears of rain, thunder and lightning. The clashing thunder radiated the sky as the lightning made a vociferous strident. Dodo’s mind was instantly filled with anxiety as he enclosed himself in the basement of his ship until the enraged, livid storm had cleared.

    After the storm, Dodo was more optimistic. He felt like he was going to survive. He gazed at the majestic, kaleidoscopic sunset for hours. Some colours were vermillion, auburn, amber, and amaranthine. But even after seeing the most superb sunset, he still couldn’t stop thinking about his family. The only craving he had was to return to his family. His optimism swiftly turned into despair and depression. “ Will I be left here to die? Will I ever see my family again? “ Dodo thought.

    But just as all hope was lost, A mesmerising dragon emerged from the depths of the water. It gyrated around his boat like it knew his grief. Not wasting an opportunity, Dodo sprung on the creature’s back. As soon as he was on, the dragon dived underwater with astonishing speed and rose out of the water and glided in the air. Gradually, Dodo lost consciousness and passed out.

    Later, he woke up, in his family’s car and arrived at the same beach that he was at before he ended up on the boat. He smiled, as he realised a life lesson; Even in the most difficult times, there is still hope.

  5. The Monster.

    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea…
    The tormenting, tumultuous zephyrs raged with antagonizing anger as my raft shifted between the zealous waves. Boiling sensations of disquietude seethed through the shivering bones of my emaciated arms. How had I managed to voyage out into the swirling, ebony oblivion of the sea and fall asleep? The sneering clouds laughed with diabolical cheer. Spitting pitilessly at my gaunt knuckles holding on to my raft which was whimpering in the malevolent tendrils of waves. Sharp beads of gelid sweat flowed down my haggard bones as my teetering raft teetered to and fro on the vehement waves. How did I manage to lose myself while trying to fish? The ferocious storm snorted its heinous command as clouds loomed in to strip me of sunlight. Seething, I grasped my cadaverous arms around the severed ropes connecting my debilitated raft together. As if chains incarcerated my body, cramps lacerated my numbed mind and clung on as the livid, vexed fists of the sea clashed against my quivering raft. Why did I have to come out to fish so late in the afternoon? Clinging onto the raft pierced my corrugated palms as they grasped the frayed wisps of rope which whipped against my hands.

    From the corner of my ears, a low growl emerged from the tumultuous thundering roars of the waves. My torrid lips curled with a bone-tingling fear. How am I stupid enough to set out to sea with no one informed? My mind racing with anticipation and the antagonizing growls grew louder and trembled my eardrums. Another manacle, tortuous gnarl boomed across the perilous sea. The haughty clouds stopped spitting across my tormented face. Pellets of rain ceased to bombard my rickety raft. The petrified sea abruptly came to a hult at splashing piquant pints of water into my torrid face. My macilent ribs trembled with trepidation as the ruptured ropes on my raft split and fell into the merciless abyss of sea. Soft content growls reverberated through my timorous, horrified mind. I leaped with fear as a delicate splash of water sounded through the angelic rays of benevolent sunshine. My strained, aching neck creaked as I turned my head to hopefully catch a slight glimpse of what was making this terrifying cacophony. That was the worst and final mistake I would ever make in my life. A monstrosity of claws, teeth and fur met my quivering eyes as it swam closer and closer. A swift flash of ivory white was the last thing I saw.

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    First achievement:
    When I was younger I loved swimming. It was like the first time I went into the swimming pool I just loved splashing in it. My parents used to say I could be a dolphin if I was reincarnated. The funny thing is my dad didn’t know how to swim so I learned with him and I ended up levelling up faster than my dad and I got to where I am now, in the squad. As the year went by, slowly but surely I got into zone, regionals, and finally, state which is one of my proudest accomplishments I have achieved. My role model to swim was actually my older brother who kept challenging me to swimming competitions which sadly I kept losing in so that kept motivating me to become faster and faster. I am also grateful to my parents who paid for my swimming lessons, and who woke up early in the morning just so I could get to my squad training on time. So, a big thank you to my parents and siblings.

    Second achievement:
    Education plays a huge role in my family, and because of this, I was surrounded by numbers and letters from quite a young age. As both of my parents came straight from China, they could not read or write English and definitely could not teach me English without Google. So I was at a disadvantage, but they took their time to teach me, which led me to the day when I found out I got into the OC. I look up to my other sibling, my older sister, who is the oldest child in my family. She was born before my parents had any experience teaching a child a completely new language. And now, my sister is learning civil engineering at UNSW, my sister was my role model to keep learning when times got tough. I thank the rest of my family who kept motivating me and making high standards for me so I would not waste my effort.

    Third achievement:
    Drama and acting were a huge part of my life, like most people, I had a huge stage fright, before, the thought of even ten people watching me could make me tremble in fear. That is before I joined the *Tournament of Minds (TOM). My teammates were extremely supportive, they were motivating me whenever I was afraid to act. I believe the main reason I finally got out of my cocoon was because of the motivation I received. Even though we did not make it to the next level of competition, TOM opened many new doors for me for something I never realised I enjoyed. Again, I was in debt to my teammates that gave me this opportunity and opportunities in the future.

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      Adding to my third achievement:

      *Tournament of Minds (TOM) is an academic competition where a group of students compete with other students in expanding an idea in a way of drama/acting that involves collaborative thinking with teammates. (In TOM, parents or any other adults are not allowed to help, at all.)

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    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The ruthless waves thrashed savagely, hurling the precarious boat through the infuriating air. The nebulous clouds seethed and spewed out a horrendous mixture of precipitation and daunting lightning. Naive gull chicks squawked in trepidation as they frantically strained against the cackling turbulence. Oh, how Dodo wished he had obeyed his mother’s seemingly exasperating rules. His stomach grumbled violently, craving his delectable feast of battered fish and slightly salted fries. He craved his tantalising citrus cheese cake with a glass of fizzy lemonade to go with the dessert. But what he desired most was to be with his mother, his father, and even his mischievous brother, which he tended to avoid. Why did he go out here? Why didn’t he listen to his mother?

    A flood of bitter tears gushed down his pallid face, almost identical to the downpour that started to fill up his flimsy boat. Dodo wiped his scarlet, swollen eyes intensely, scolding himself for his foolish behaviour. He was alone on the boat of a mouldy Bermuda sloop in what appeared to be Lucifer’s lair. The deafening silence made Dodo’s spine shiver and his pounding heart thump even more rapidly. He could distinctly hear the penetrating, devilish snicker that echoed through the blustery winds. The once-pale cerulean sky transformed into an ominous mix of marigold, tawny, macaroon cream, and navy. It was a gruesome sight, and Dodo’s cotton summer T-shirt and his baggy shorts didn’t prevent the wind from biting his legs and forming goose bumps on his wan skin.

    However, there was a gleam of dazzling sunlight somewhere in this grotesque mess, producing its aesthetically appealing rays of light and warmth. He just had to find it. These miniscule setbacks were not going to prevent him from acquiring that sunlight. It was his turn to lash out at the environment, shaking his scarlet fist in the air as he sailed through the seas. Dodo’s beady eyes glistened once again as he steered gracefully across the perilous chunks of water. Even the sky had frozen in terror, its devilish cackles reduced to wisps of wind whispering to the heavens above.

    That’s when he saw it… His home. His dwelling. His residence. Not Lucifer’s. Sighing with relief, he whooped with ecstatic joy as he bolted out of the boat and onto the familiar prickly grass. Dodo’s family immediately embraced him, with his mother crying tears of elation and his father hugging him intensely. Even his little mischievous brother didn’t plan any exasperating tricks and just hugged him. Suddenly, Dodo had learned a crucial lesson. “Dogs that bark never bite.” The wind, sea, and sky had never hurt him; they just made petrifying sounds…

  8. Part 1:
    I opened his eyes. I was out at sea. The feral storm sneered diabolically as it commanded the clouds to loom into a hellish black mass. I could feel its torment wrenching the waves into oblivion, swirling in a vortex of disorder. My heart trembled to the spasm of the ocean as the rickety boat groaned in despair. I knew I shouldn’t have come out. If only I had listened to my father, who had warned me about going to sea on a cloudy day… I wouldn’t be in the middle of the ocean, fearing that I will die with no one to commemorate my death at sea.

    Clouds whipped around me as the wind roared cacophonously, lightning crackled as I shuddered at the resounding noise thunder could make. The sun had started to rise, but it was still nearly ebony black. I would have to wait for another hour or so before the sun would fully rise and cover me in its rays of warmth. Birds flocked around me as they flew in circles around me.

    I suddenly had an idea. Birds always fly to land. I could follow the birds and go home safely! If the birds knew where I wanted to go. They flew southward, and even though that was not the direction of my homeland, I decided to follow them anyway. Wind smashed onto my little, rickety boat as I rowed the boat onwards. Waves burst out, surprising me with their vicious coldness as I struggled. The wind lashed out furiously as I squinted at the birds in the distance.

    A cave loomed, bigger and bigger, as the birds and I got even closer. There was a gaping mouth, sparkly and shiny, but there was also an unknown threat that I could feel there, lurking in the darkness. A big something, one with fiery golden eyes and sharp, silvery gills glittering in the darkness. I had known one beast like this, feared across the island, rumoured to live in a cave, like this one. The Lochy.

    Lochy was known for killing all people and birds that tried to get past him and steal his treasure. Then why did the birds lead me here? To my death? Then I saw something. A lever. A lever on ‘on’. Why would a lever be here? Is this how all the people died? Because a lever was turned on and was made to… kill people? Then I heard something else. Someone else, actually. Someone was at the mouth of the cave. I had to hide.

    “Ahoy, yar need to clean this goblet better,” rasped a familiar voice. The River Pirate! What was he doing here?

    “Arr, boss, righty ho! Arr we raiding again to-night?” growled a also-familiar voice. The Water Pirate, the River Pirate’s co-mate! Were they trying to steal the treasure of the Lochy?

    “No, yar stupid thin, we are tradin’ tonight! Hurry up and grab the treasure!” roared the River Pirate.

    “Very well, boss, righty ho! Righty, ho! Wait a sec… does anyone smell bird?” demanded the Water Pirate.

    “Yes, ya dumb co-mate, hurry up, or ya will be as dead as a dead bird!” snarled the River Pirate.

    “No,” cried the Water Pirate, “REAL BIRDS! YAAR NEED TO KNOW THERE ARR REAL BIRDS!”

    “Ya need to hurry up!” hissed the River Pirate, “And be quiet! Someone might hear. Don’t forget to turn the lever to ‘off’! I had guessed correctly, and while they stood arguing, I stole their map, and headed off home to tell the island about my discovery.

  9. Part 2.
    Ever since I was a child, I loved to play Basketball. Basketball is my biggest hobby and is undoubtedly a huge part of my life. I still constantly play Basketball for my local team which also helps me improve on my skills. One time when I was young, my coach said I needed to work on my shooting form. While I was shooting, the ball slipped out of my hand and landed on the coach’s head. He wasn’t angry yet because the form I used was correct. Along the way, it took tons of practice, self-belief and hard work to achieve your goals and to have fun doing the things you love. All in all, I love basketball and pursue a greater set of skills in this sport. In my current league I’ve been awarded The Rookie of the Year although I couldn’t have achieved that without my persistent and caring coach and parents.

    Ever since I joined my 2nd school in 2018 I have been fascinated with Tournament Of Minds.(TOM) I always looked up at the older kids and what they were doing. I noticed a couple of older students laughing and having fun with an assortment of props. I quickly walked over to them and asked them what they were doing. They immediately answered that they were preparing for their TOM competitions. As the years went by, my interest in this tournament grew. And finally in year 5 I was chosen to be a part of the team for my school. We were good enough that we won both the Regional and Branch finals for TOM which won us certificates and medals. Our team was the best in NSW and represented the state in Canberra where we competed against other states. Our team wouldn’t have even made it through to the first round if it weren’t for our dedicated teachers and parents. Many of them were willing to spend exuberant amounts of money and time to advance us through the stages. They taught us everything they knew about props and storylines and we were all very grateful to have them.

    I absolutely love exercising and one of the most interesting sports I excel at is Long jump and high jump. This sport takes resilience and the ability to work hard and persist. I love jumping around all the time and I excel in pressured environments so I am exhilarated when it comes to the yearly school and district competitions for long jump and high jump. My school teachers are all highly experienced and committed to the school’s athletic success. They assist me in every way possible when it comes to jumping. During the years 2021 and 2022, I won multiple 2nd and 3rd place ribbons for the annual events of high jump and long jump. I was also lucky enough to be chosen to represent my school in the regional high jump finals. All of this was made possible because of my excellent teachers who spent their time and effort with me to push my skills to their limits.


    Part 1
    A Beacon of Hope

    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. Curiously, he leant forward precariously to see the raging waters below, and recoiled as crashing billows bubbled onto the edge of the pygmy, puny, splintered raft that Dodo was perched on. The frothing tide sprayed him with a ferocious valour akin to a pack of ravenous wolves stalking its prey. He tasted salt water and his eyes stung; not only because of the brine but of the sheer hopelessness of the situation – stranded, alone in an ocean of dreads.

    It just seemed like yesterday that Dodo had fled from his abusive parent. His mother was dead; his father, a savage brute of a man. At that period of time, running away from home had seemed like a good idea, but suppose anything to get away from the hurt and abuse seemed like a beacon of hope in a dark abyss then. Dodo had been planning his grand escape for months, starving himself to pack food in a dusty sack, the lumpy, dinky dinners that consisted of lettuce floating in a bowl of soapy water, mixed with bread crumbs which smelled frightful and tasted foul and revolting. His stepmother would sourly deposit outside his room – or closet, more like while his father feasted outside. When it was oh-so quiet Dodo would tiptoe out and steal no more than an apple, or a pear. When his sack was filled, he put his most prized possessions: a picture of his mother and a single toothpick, the only present anyone had given him that was all his mother could afford before she died – in a rucksack. Then Dodo fled. Running and running, he stole a raft and paddled out to sea.

    A deafening crash brought him back to the present. The overhead storm was heckling him, sending gusts of arctic wind that fractured the raft, splitting it clean in half. “No!” Dodo clinged to a shred of wood for life, screeching in terror. He tasted bile as a daunting, treacherous wave lifted him up in the air. And as maniacal blasts of whirlwinds demolished everything around him, shivering and oscillating, chilled to the marrow, Dodo let go. Stupefied before he hit the water, at that moment; everything went black.
    Sand. That’s the next thing Dodo felt. He tried to move, open his eyes, but every bone in his gaunt, weakened body throbbed. So he just lied there, peacefully, on the warm, snug, comforting sand. He vaguely felt gentle, strong arms lift him up and place him onto a bed that smelled like coconut, that felt like soft vines and leaves. In his mind’s eye, he saw a woman leaning over him, soothing him with her nurturing voice. Was he dead? If this was heaven, Dodo wanted to stay forever.

    Then the fog lifted; Dodo opened his eyes. The woman rushed over – the one who had the gentle voice. “You have washed up on the sand of our island, boy,” said she, who Dodo later found out was called Za. Dodo had been called ‘boy’ many times before, usually with hate or loathing, but this time it was lovingly tender. “We, the eternal maidens, welcome all travellers; but no one can stay unless one is a maiden. We shall send you on your way, boy.” Dodo sighed forlornly. “I’m on a wretched, despairing quest. I’ll never succeed – it will surely bring me to a painful death!” Za shook her head. “Even in trouble, you will find a lifeboat. Do not give up yet!”

    A few days later, with a reasonably sized canoe and enough supplies for him to eat like a king for a month, The Maidens bid him farewell. With a smile on his face and hope in his heart, Dodo knew – whatever challenge would be in front of him, he would face it, for even in an abyss of fear, loss and terror; there would be a beacon of light.

  11. Part 1:
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The drenched oak floorboards rattled against his feet. Stinging salt water pierced Dodo’s eyes as shots of bitter fluid surrounded the young boy’s pupils.
    Dodo was as scared as a stray puppy when he realized he was standing on the very ship everyone was afraid of. ‘The Assassin’. His eyes pursued the gloomy, old ship. Dodo needed to get out of this place as it belonged to the one and only evil Captain Scallywag. When Dodo stood up he tumbled forward and backwards, hardly able to stay still. Finally, Dodo got control of his balance and went off to the plans rooms. The opened the creaking door breathing in one last smell of the natural salty sea water fragrance. I stepped in and saw a big paper that said. Operation; capture Master Dodorus Van-McCurie. That was him! He read the plan and apparently, Dodo was to be taken to Virbusty central, a city far away from the mansion he lived in.

    Without a moment’s hesitation, Dodo tried to hatch a plan to get off at Scully shore where he knew some friends. Suddenly, Dodo heard footstep[s coming from outside. He rapidly hid himself behind the barrels of beer. Two muscular men came in. They were patched with tattoos from head to toe and had piercings in the most unusual places. Dodo’s heartbeat thumped as I forced myself from making a single sound.

    “Oh Brunberg, I wish there was a cheese shop at Virbusty Central.” one of the men dreamed.

    “Keep dreaming Filth Finger, as if Captain Scallywag wou;ld allow you to get cheese.” Brunberg teased

    “Well just to say, my wish came true, Captain said if there was a cheese shop on Trapbuster terrace, Valley bay or scully shore, he would take me there because I captured the Night howler.” Filth Finger replied.
    Another man came in and told the men to go scrub the deck. They all then left. Dodo quickly got some paints and paper and drew up a fake cheese commercial. He attached it to a string and made it a flying billboard. Dodo then released it from the ships east. His dream had come. The ship turned and arrived at Scully shore.

    The crew ran off and so did Dodo. He had in one of the barrels, which the men were going to use to fill with cheese. Dodo tiptoed out and headed to his friend’s house. So Dodo was now safe from the scallywag crew. Phew!

  12. My favorite hobby has always been singing.It is an activity that is in the very center of my comfort zone. I compete in singing competitions and am proud to be in the top league. Singing is my passion and I will never let it go. Once me and the choir of Macquarie Anglican Grammar school set off for a three day trip to sydney. There we would perform in a notional competition. Me and another girl and two boys would be doing the solo.
    Sadly the event was canceled from the david pandemic but every school would send q clip of their work. Me and my singing partners, Eva Tom and Bradfille were happy to get second and Eva and Tom were happy to get fourth. This is one of my proudest memories.

    At cross country I always get either second or third place. Sadly, my best friend Scarlett has tried harder than anyone to get into the podium, but she never does. This cross country. I realized it is best to stick with your friends as me and Scarlett did so we came 3rd and 5th as someone came in between us. This meant we both got to go all the way to Katoomba from Dubbo for the next level. It was called the country championships.

    I have participated in my school’s sports curriculum. I decided to do a term of league tag. I tried and tried and realized that I had found my dream sport. Every match I got one of the two best and fairest awards and ended up getting the Dubbo under 11’s League tag award. Gosh, I was pretty shocked and felt pride running through me.

  13. selective superstar

    1. ICAS Spelling Bee Medal
    I’ve always had a passion for spelling. I love using difficult spelling words in my writing pieces to enhance my writing. I love reading books with a variety of spelling words because it helps strengthen my vocabulary in my daily conversations. I also love it because it is part of my favourite subject, which is English. In year 2, I had been picked to represent my year in the school spelling bee, and I was competing against only year 5 and year 6 students. That’s when I found out that spelling was truly my passion. Later in the year, I participated in my first ICAS competition. I received a medal at the UNSW ceremony, and I was delighted. This is one of my greatest achievements. However, I couldn’t have achieved this without my supportive parents, who used to read out spelling lists every night and encouraged me to do the ICAS assessment.

    2. Top 25% Achiever in Maths Olympiad
    My second favourite subject is math, as I love solving challenging problems that extend my mind. Worded problems and numbers are fun to work with as they help me think outside the box. In fourth grade, I started to do Sudoko puzzles, and although it was frustrating, it was a relief to get the final answer. In year 3, I started to do difficult tangrams and started to piece shapes together. In second grade and first grade, I completed my first two years in Extension Learning for Gifted and Talented. So, I’ve always been trying to extend my knowledge in math, and I still continue to attend the Extension Learning for Gifted and Talented classes at my school. This year, I competed in the Math Olympiad, and I received a patch and a certificate stating that I was a top 25% achiever. I couldn’t have achieved this without my mum, as she used to practice with me every day with worksheets and support me by explaining all my mistakes.

    3. IPSHA Debating
    I’ve always had a passion for public speaking. I am not afraid when I give a speech in front of large crowds. In kindergarten, I became a finalist in the Stage 1 Public Speaking Competition at my school, and ever since then, I’ve loved public speaking. But debating was different. I loved it even more than public speaking. This year, I signed up for the debate team, and in order to get in, you had to do assessments. The first assessment was a writing test, and the second was a speaking test. I was delighted to be informed that I passed both tests and that I was selected as one of the students to represent the Junior School Debating Team. Throughout the term, our team worked hard to write out our debates and go to other schools to say them. Later in the year, I was chosen to represent my school at the IPSHA Gala Day, and we won 3 out of 4 debates! However, I couldn’t have been selected for the team without my supportive parents, who would help me by giving me impromptu topics to present in front of them.

  14. Part 2
    I love playing the violin. When I was young, my Mum used to take me to many musicals. I was fascinated by the glorious and inviting sound the violin made! My role model for this wonderful instrument is my violin teacher. She helps me play and encourages me to do better in difficult situations. I have received many cheers and compliments for violin, but that’s not enough. That’s why I have gotten a High Distinction award for my Grade 3 violin! It was a delight, and I was very happy to receive it. I would like to thank my teacher and family, without them I would not be here, as I would have stopped a long time ago if they were not encouraging me to reach new heights.

    Academic Award at the End of the year (Only given to 1 person per grade)
    I have received the Academic Award at OLOR Kellyville last year. This is because I have shown a love for and high understanding of different school subjects. Ever since I was born, my mum did sudoku, to help me understand numbers better. In class I contributed lots to discussions and I loved maths. My role model is Thomas Alva Edison, who said that “Genius is 1% knowledge, and 99% persistence. This quote represents me, and I try to show this quote in my daily life. It means, if you work hard, even if you are smart or not, you will succeed. If you are smart, but don’t work hard, you will not succeed and you will fail. I will thank my parents for supporting me through the school year and paying for my school fees (I know they cost a lot) and hope to have more success in the future.

    I love swimming and doing things that are related to water. Ever since I was young, I loved playing in the water. I would play in there for hours. I also went to swimming lessons when I was young. The water felt very inviting to me all the time. I am also very proud of how much I have achieved since my swimming journey started. So, you can tell that I was really happy and surprised when I a swimming carnival ribbon, and I came 2nd place in the swimming carnival that took place at my school.

  15. The Treasure of the Caribbean-By Vinal
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. Dodo remembered nothing about what happened. All he remembered was the clear blue sky and the crystal clear ocean and him looking up and then everything became black. Now what was the weather? Savage, cacophonous, sound of thunder and lightning, and waves hitting Dodo’s boat like a hammer and a nail. The waves were pounding the boat. Water got sprayed into the boy’s eyes, while he was holding onto the tiny, miniscule boat, for dear life. The boat started groaning and Dodo knew that he should have not come out to sea.
    Dodo was petrified and was screaming as lightning targeted his boat again and again. Dodo’s goal was to protect the treasure of The Caribbean, as he knew evil pirates were after it. He paddled and paddled not getting a single millisecond of break and he kept on paddling. After a few minutes, Dodo stopped paddling. This was not because his arms were burning and about to break, it was because a giant ship was looming over him just like the never ending night sky. It was as tall as the mountains, and as wide as Australia. Dodo gasped in shock. Then he did the never thought. He plunged into the hyperborean cold sea water.
    Dodo thought that there would be an underground tunnel up to the ship through the ship and there it was. He waved at all the sea animals under water and then threw himself into the tiny hole where there was a ladder to climb up to the ships deck. After a few hours of never ending climbing, he reached the top of the brown stained ship. Then he climbed up and there was pirates everywhere. This was why he climbed into a barrel full of potato and closed the lid. Just then a voice called out.
    “Jude! You are supposed to steer North West to get to the treasure of the Caribbean. Do you want to get there before the other pirates. They are so far they are ahead of us.”
    “How do you know, Daren,” asked Jude.
    “Because I put a tracker on all of the ships!”
    That was enough information for Dodo, as he climbed out spying on Daren who had said he has the tracker on all the ships. When Daren goes to sleep, the boy is going to take a look at that tracker and sail a ship to the treasure so then as soon as he got there he would get the treasure and scatter.
    As Dodo went back to his barrel, he heard Daren stomping off somewhere and he heard a little drop. It was the tracker. Dodo knew he was very fortunate to have the tracker just drop to him and this made it easier. He ran back to his barrel and hid until Jude, the steering person went to bed and then finally, Dodo went out there and did what he had to do. After hours of sailing he stopped the boat and plunged into the water.
    Dodo looked frantically in the water. He knew this was the spot as all the ships competing for it was coming this way. Dodo looked and after a few minutes he saw a golden light. He swam and got the treasure. Then he steered the ship to shore to give it to the person who it belonged to. His father. After about 2 hours the boat hit the shore and Dodo ran to where his house was.
    “Father. Father. I got it!”
    His father was extremely pleased with Dodo that he let him keep the treasure. Dodo opened it and it was full of diamonds and gold. Dodo shouted in delight and lived a wealthy, kind life. Then he got to hear the pirates shock about were they were and he got to hear Daren shouting about how off target they were.

  16. Part 2-By Vinal
    1st Achievement-Shot Put
    Probably my biggest achievement in my life so far is representing my athletics club, The Ponds Little Athletics Centre (TPLAC), in shot put at state level. I have had a passion and a feeling for shot put ever since I was 8. I competed for it at three levels: Zone, then Regionals, then finally my wish came true and I had been selected to go to State. My role model in Shot Put is Ryan Crouser, because he is one of the all time shot putters and I want to be like him when I get older and if shot put will still be my main event. At State I pushed the 2 kilogram shot put 6.29 metres. I pushed myself, like I did with the shot put, to 12th place and I got a club record for TPLAC. I thank my parents for driving me there and taking me to the park to practice and to my club owners because if they weren’t here, nothing would be possible.
    2nd achievement-Citizenship Award
    I absolutely love getting awards at school. Every single year, I have gotten at least 2 awards every year. It has been my hobby from when I started school and then in year 5 I managed to get my hands on the citizenship award. This means the best student in every class. Every year I am very eager to find out if I have got an award, and this year was similar. I asked my parents whether I had gotten an award because my teacher sends if I have gotten an award or not to my parents, and my parents said no. Then on the day of the ceremony, we were going to the presentation. I annoyed my mum so much because of how much times I had asked whether I was getting an award she finally said that I had gotten a nomination. Then when we got there I knew I had gotten an award because it had a paper saying ‘Reserved for Vinal Liyanage’. Then I finally got the award and we got to go home after around 2 hours of sitting down. That was how I got the Citizenship award. I would like to thank my teacher for letting me get the award instead of 28 other people.
    3rd achievement- Discus in Sydney West
    My final achievement is competing in Sydney West to go to State. Unfortunately I did not go to state but there is always next year! I had to get my Little Athletics result checked and if it was in the top 16 in the region, I would be able to go to Ridges, the level before Sydney West. I had probably the best as I came second in the event, however, it was one of my worst throws. That was how I progressed to Sydney West. I thank my parents for watching discus video’s, then taking me to the park so I can apply skills that the video taught. when they had work. I also thank my teachers, for putting in the time and effort to take us safely to the venue.

  17. PART ONE – JUSTIN (jilincpa)


    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The splashing of the waves on his motor boat whipped like lashes. A chilling wind blew across his face and ruffled his curled hair. Water droplets splashed onto his face, making his face sting as salt landed in his eyes. Standing on the bow of the vessel, Dodo stared at the coming horizon, admiring its beauty until it ended when the sun waved goodbye and went undercover. As he looked up, the beautiful stars shined like glittering diamonds. The moon lit up moonlight and made it barely visible to see. Dodo went back and into his sleeping area. He jumped into his bed and snuggled in, warm as a toast. Soon, he was snoring. Peacefully, quietly, soundlessly.

    Crash! Suddenly, like lightning hit him, Dodo jolted awake. Boom! Dodo scampered to the stern of his boat, he spotted gigantic waves staring evilly at him. They laughed a malevolent laugh, echoing all around him. Sweating, Dodo pulled the thing that would start his boat up again. Beads of perspiration trickled down his hand, slowly crawling. Dodo wiped his hair with his left hand; his hand was wet and sweaty. He hoped, “Please work …”
    The motor broke.

    Wham! Dodo scrambled for cover as the raging started. The water whipped at the boat, threatening to flip it over. Another shot; the items on the boat started wobbling. Quickly, he went onto the side where the waves shaked. Crack! Dodo knew something bad happened when he heard that sound. The hull of the boat had snapped by a rock that the waves had forced the boat into. Making a wise decision, he abandoned his boat and started swimming for the closest island he could see as his boat flipped over by a third wave that knocked it over.

    The waves roared as they took their first prey in a long time. Swallowed by the waves, the boat sank onto the sandy bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. As soon as the vessel disappeared from his sight, Dodo swam as hard as she could against the thrashing waves. Soon, the land he was hoping to reach was in an arm’s reach. He used all his last effort to throw himself on the bank of the beach. He would worry about the other things later. Right now, all he knew was that he was safe, and the world turned black.

  18. Nathan. C
    PART ONE (430 words)
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea…
    Barbaric gales howled maliciously as flashes of demonic, bloodthirsty eyes streaked down to the cantankerous ocean with ruby flashes of electric hatred. Dodo clasped the antique yet sturdy oak mast pole. The ethereal lightning struck Dodo’s boat. A plasma shield of pure positivity grew out of the wise wood. There was ancient magic in the particular mass of ravaging waters. It was the accursed gates of Atlantis. But it was Dodo’s goal to go through and reach the pearls of immortality on the other side. But he needed to face the predicament at hand. The boat’s magic was burning. Smoke swirled around Dodo. His silky robe flapped uncontrollably from the untamed winds. The heads of calamitous hounds rode in the wind, as they snapped at Dodo. Perspiration was sucked out of his face. He took his staff and whispered archaic spells. Arks of violet energy exterminated a beast. Exhaustion made his movements slacker. A grotesque creature manifested behind the boat. It was a being comprised of water yet fueled by fiery hatred. One of its many tentacle-like limbs extended to wrap around the ship. It darted swiftly through the chaos towards the miniature boat. With split-second thinking, Dodo shot a beam of magic toward it. A devastating collision exploded the air. A hellish wave of flames washed the air with destruction. Dodo opened his eyes wearily as the blinding lights faded. His eyes narrowed to pinpoint the location of the beast. Suddenly many manacles of robust granite and obsidian snatched Dodo from his boat. The same wretched and hatred-filled look returned to the surface of the water. The thing solidified by the impact of the collision. The ragged teeth in its mouth came closer to Dodo. He whispered the spell that could perhaps free him. Frescue indimeh geojust shatteglaz, he said shakily. A hole in the storm appeared, as a vortex of power shone an infinitely strong, beam of light at the rocky creature. The thing melted into magma and rested at the seabed. Dodo then swam to his rickety boat and sailed with acute caution. He then saw a pillar of mossy dilapidated stone. As he came closer, he rendered an engraving. ‘For those that seek immortality, shall think again. Why have infinite time to spend with no one than to spend infinite care with people you love,’ was the engraved message. Dodo looked up to the breathtaking aurora and twinkling stars of generosity. He sighed contentedly and began to row back to his island home with his family.

    PART TWO (421 words)

    When I was young, science had always interested me. I’ve always been inquisitive and curious about what is out there and what normal things are made of. I would constantly query about things to my parents. They would get me science tool sets that would allow me to learn practically to cure my insatiable hunger, rather than just telling me or not at all. I kept learning until I got an academic excellance award for science. I am deeply grateful for the help from my loving parents. Without their kindness, I would be kept unanswered and never find an interest in science.

    I was never really the brightest at math but I’ve always liked finding solutions to problems that are efficient. My dad is a very intelligent person especially at maths and he found difficult problems to make me think mathematically and carefully, and also to think outside the box. They stimulated my mind and made me what I am today. Today, others are still smarter but my carefulness and creativity to solve problems were enough to allow me the highest score for the Australian Problem Solving Math Olympiad award. When I received it, my parents and I were overjoyed. But my father still thought I could do better. I thank him for that attitude as I would never actually improve if he didn’t push me. I am grateful for his motivating encouragement and helpful criticism that made who I am today.

    If I was to be perfectly honest, everyone has always feared public speaking. Even the most extroverted people would be shaken from the immense weight of many critical eyes locked on you. When I was little that was me. Except I was very introverted. I would love sharing my thoughts but it was extremely difficult to do that on a stage in front of everyone. Because of that, I trained with my encouraging parents and my experienced brother in making myself a better speaker. And it worked fabulously. I could use my sweaty hands for conveying my ideas while talking and looking at the audience. Looking at the peoples’ eyes helped me too. And so I gave my first speech in year 3, filling the marking rubrik to full marks. I was so exuberant that for the first time, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I achieved what I before thought was impossible. And I thank all of it to my supportive family. They would criticise and improve me, till I could wipe all the fear away.

  19. Part 2:
    Paragraph 1: When I was growing up, education had an enormous part in my life. When my parents told me about OC, I knew that this could help boost my learning and let me meet new people. I had two options I was going for: Ulara and Alexandria Park Community School. I studied really hard in maths, reading and thinking skills. I was really nervous when the days flew by and I studied harder and harder, determined to get into one of the OC classes. And then, a few months after the test, I found out that I was offered a place at Alexandria Park Community School, and that I was on the waiting list for Ulara, so I picked Alexandria. I want to thank my parents for encouraging me and pushing me onward, and for telling me about OC, or else I wouldn’t even know about it.

    Paragraph 2: When I was at school, my favourite subject was maths. When I got into Opportunity Class, we had to do Math Olympiad, and I was really happy to get the opportunity, and I tried my hardest at it. There were questions about all different topics: number cubes, area, surface area… five questions and only half an hour to complete them. I calmed down and tried my hardest anyway. When our results came out, I was a top 25 % achiever. I really want to thank my parents and teachers for helping me and teaching me, at home and at school.

    Paragraph 3: When I was at school, I was not a fan of public speaking at all. I was very shy, but when I moved to OC, my parents encouraged me to try debating. I was really nervous when I was chosen, but with all my friends encouragement, I felt more confident along my path. I want to thank my peers and parents for encouraging me along my path of debating, and my debating teacher for teaching me how to debate properly and how to structure a debating argument and rebuttal.

  20. Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The lightning cackled maliciously as Dodo pondered, ‘How did I get here?’
    Before he could think of an explanation to the phenomenon, a blast of energy charged through the air, filling it with the acrid smell of smoking tyres. Dodo whirled around to see a gaping crater in the side of the boat which, to the boy’s surprise, hadn’t exploded with a horrible ending for Dodo and anything else inside the blast zone. As if the universe was part of a simulation on a glitching laptop, the dingy trembled, as if it were suddenly frightened of the looming emerald waves and their white tops, and before you knew it, exploded. Dodo felt a sharp, violent outburst of heat and electricity detonate against his body, sending him flying like a burnt ragdoll.
    The world was fading rapidly as Dodo continued his ascension towards the clouds, his clothes smoldering. Dodo shivered as panic crawled up the boy’s neck despite the flames that were engulfing him. ‘Goodbye, cruel world,’ he thought, as unmitigated darkness enveloped his vision.
    His eyes fluttered open as he gasped for air. Dodo shot upright or at least tried to when firm hands pulled him back down onto the soft sand of the beach. The boy turned his head left with great difficulty and got a proper look at his captors. From waist up, they were human, each with a pair of muscular arms that bulged underneath their plain tunics of what looked like… seaweed. Waist down, was a curved, plated, tail that seemed to be coated in myriad rust red barnacles.
    Two more of those guards were posted outside some sort of throne room with a colossal throne made of pale white coral, each holding a deadly looking spears with a coral spear shaft and a stone head. The ‘fish ponies’, as Dodo childishly decided to call them, above him draggd him across the smooth sand into the throne room. If he hadn’t seen the king, the boy would probably have enjoyed a view of the sandy beach all around him with soft waves lapping against the shore. Planted above the throne was an inexplicably large seahorse that, unlike the others, was a full sea horse.

    “Just in time, Dodo. I’ve been waiting for a long time,” the seahorse spoke sending miniature tremors through the earth. “I can return you home but only on one condition.”

    Dodo was transfixed by the sudden change of events but realised that the king was waiting for his response. “Ok? U-um, could you explain what it is?” The boy chattered with fear. How did the creature know his name? What could a seahorse want from him?

    “You see Dodo, I can return you home but I need help. You humans are destroying our elements and look at my throne! It shows the current health of all coral in the world but only one piece is still alive.” The king fish pony pointed at a small red lump sticking out of the throne. “If I return you home, can you promise not to tell anyone about me but try your best to bring back the coral?”

    Dodo was stuck. The fish ponies could be tricking him and could send him to some deserted island for the rest of his life but the king needed him. The boy saw it in his eyes. In the end, the thought of family was too strong, too desireable.

    “OK,” Dodo replied. ” I’ll do it.”


    Part 2

    Achievement #1:

    Ever since I was in kindergarten, public speaking had been my passion. When I was younger, I attended drama classes and would perform everywhere – from my living room to clubhouses! I never had stage fright; rarely do I experience a fear of speaking in public. When I found that I could compete in Speech Festivals in different languages, I jumped at the chance. Attending the festivals has made me so passionate about public speaking! To share my thoughts through a speech or to express my emotions through a poem was a marvellous way to enhance my seven-year-old self. Throughout the next three years since Year 1, I would spend hours and hours memorising the poems, noting parts to lift my voice and training my vocal chords to show the emotion I felt while performing. Then, disaster struck. A week before my competition, I was brought into hospital for a major case of food poisoning and I stayed there for five days. This was my biggest and most challenging competition – I couldn’t just lie in hospital and miss the entire thing! I begged the doctor to release me in time. Even though I was so sick I couldn’t eat or drink, I practised like crazy – and I ended up getting third place that day. Public speaking didn’t only make me more confident speaking in front of people and enhanced my reading skills, but taught me that “hope is being able to see all the light despite the darkness” -Desmond Tutu. And so many people in my life gave me light like my parents and teacher, who helped me get through this! She was hard but encouraging, which only made me realise there is no free lunch and if you want it, you have to work for it.

    Achievement #2

    As aforementioned, I adore reading. My parents used to say I would “suck the information out of the book like a bloodthirsty vampire”. What I’m passionate about reading is how you can learn writing skills from different authors. For example, J.K. Rowling’s books like the famous Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts taught me to write fantasy and fiction – with a hidden objective and a dark sense of irony. Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus led me to inject some humour into my writing and picking up on characters’ thoughts in first and third person views. It’s so amazing how an author can seem to show you what’s happening in your mind’s eye through words, not pictures!

    I think reading’s a passion, never a chore. After I slowly devoured every book on the shelf, I moved on to autobiographies like Life, on the Line by Grant Achatz, and On Writing by Stephen King. Like Anissa Trisdianty said, “Reading is dreaming with open eyes”. Reading can make you feel blissful, peaceful, or enraged, sorrowful. Whenever I’m sad or happy, I read – immersed in my own little world. In fact, I won my school’s reading competition as the student who read the most in my grade, and I’m so grateful that my parents gave me many opportunities to develop my love of reading. I know my overstuffed bookshelf wasn’t cheap, so thank you so much for your support!

    Achievement #3

    I love writing stories. When I was six, I “made” my first “book”- a crude little thing, seven crumpled pieces of paper stapled together, with colourful illustrations and the words “by Jaslyn, published by mommy” on the cover. I remember the feeling of pride as I set it on my bookshelf. My mother made copies of it and I remember giving it to the librarian, who displayed it on her desk with a smile. Finally, I remember it was called, “How to Write a Book”. At age seven to eight, I was typing a draft called “The Mouse’s Wedding Retold” as it was an old story retold by me. Age nine, I was intently writing “A Whole New World – In the Depths of Greek Myths” and “The Ninja Quest”. Age 10 – “Diary of a Zillionaire Empress”. So many short stories surrounded my childhood, and looking back they weren’t just books, but memories. In first grade to now, almost fifth grade, I enrolled in John Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth. After undergoing an exam, I got good results and was accepted! CTY has allowed me to interact with people from all over the world and connect through forums about different books like Dragon Tales and Robot Encounters. This course both enhanced my reading and writing, so a big thank you to my instructors that helped me learn more and more about everything! I’m grateful for the chance to join the program so I could interact with other people worldwide!

  22. Part 2.
    Scholarship Interview Questions
    Write about 3 of your greatest achievements using the following framework:
    1. Characteristic/LOVE/ PASSION
    2. Anecdote- little story\ROLE MODEL
    3. Achievement
    4. Thank everyone/grateful
    (400 words)

    At 2 years of age my Dad introduced me to the game of chess by obtaining a beginners guide of chess booklet and coached me. I spent hours every day learning the game and tried to beat him. The way the pieces move, the value of each piece, the opening few moves, the strategies and tactics intrigued me and piqued my curiosity.
    Every zeptosecond of my time, I practice my game. I gained my confidence and aptitude, to the point where I reached my summit, defeated him with a checkmate.
    In year 2, Friday chess lesson was offered at school. After much pleading and begging, I finally convinced my Mum that I was able and ready for a chess lesson guided by trained coaches. I received awards in all the lessons throughout the year.
    My parents recognised my effort and determination. They reached out to my uncle who practiced under tutelage of a chess Grandmaster.
    Under my uncle’s tutoring, I learnt assorted opening, middle and end- game’s tacticts, blind chess (you turn and unable to see the board, called out the square where you would like the piece to move to) and last but not least the Fischer random chess (also known as Chess960, is a variation of the game of chess invented by the former world chess champion Bobby Fischer).
    On my 10th birthday, I received a chess clock, one that is used at The International Masters and World Champion game from my uncle.
    I continuously lost against my uncle, even when I had all of my pieces and he removed two of his most powerful pieces, the queen and rook. Once the game ended, he walked me through his strategies, thought process and blunders that I had made. He encouraged me to refine my strategies, how to think a few steps ahead of my opponent and the ability to make thoughtfully considered decisions under pressure.
    I was and still am determined to beat him. One of these days, I shall reach my next summit, winning the game against him via checkmate.
    To date, I am the recipient of the Junior Chess O’Carroll Cup for 2 years in a row, seven medals and three trophies through weekly chess competitions at school.
    Due to my achievements, I have been nominated by my school and hand-selected by Sydney Academy of Chess to join the NSW Elite Chess training program for promising young players.
    I would like to thank my parents, my uncle and my chess coaches for their support, understanding, encouragement, guidance and patience. I am a better chess player because of them.

  23. Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. Waves that seemed like wild animals charged at the fractured wooden boat. The nebulous clouds spat out sullen globules of water. The clashing waves was spinning in a vortex, forcing the splenetic clouds to emerge into a ebony-black mess. The puny wooden boat rocked on the surface of a rough ebony-blue surface as menacing clouds blew the rickety boat from side to side. Clamorous booms of thunder haunted Dodo as the feeble boat groaned in despair. Dodo’s heart trembled, wishing that he had never set out to sea. He thought to himself, “If only, I had listened…”

    A scintillating figure flashed before Dodo’s eyes. What was it? Surely it wouldn’t be a sea beast, Dodo thought to himself. Within a flash of the eye, sharped talons gripped onto the edges of the boat. Dodo tried to fight the gleaming creature with his only blade. Will it work? Suddenly, the creature let go of the rickety boat, swimming away in trepidation. Vociferous zephyrs raged with antagonizing anger as Dodo’s enervated boat slides on the fierce navy-blue waves. Dodo carefully examined the mysterious waters, only to find that he wasn’t alone. Many other creatures have been lurking under the sea, vibrant and dull colors were shown on every part of a creature.

    Immediately, Dodo’s boat leaped out of the sea. He looked below him. A yellow and lime green sea beast has appeared from the waters, viciously showing it’s razor-sharp teeth. A treacherous head bobbed up and down out of the murky waters. Who knew what was going to be down there. Dodo’s wooden boat was like appetizing pray to the elephantine waves that roared like fireworks that were launched at New Year’s Eve. Abruptly, the wooden boat fragmented, sending Dodo flying in to the air.

    The next morning Dodo woke up, he was greeted by a scorching sandy island. Dodo was marooned all alone in the middle of nowhere. Just when all hope was lost, He had realized that there was a shape of a city not far from here. All Dodo had to do was swim across. An exhausting few hours has past and the the only hope he had was to search for his family. This place looked familiar to Dodo. It reminded him of his home town. All of sudden a vision came to Dodos mind. He saw raging fires everywhere. Innocuous citizens shrieking in agonizing terror fleeing from the city. Dodo looked at the peaceful city in horror. An explosion was heard, Dodo’s worst nightmare… had come true.

  24. 1st achievement
    When I was very young, I loved mathematics. I loved it so much that I spent at least half an hour learning it everyday. It was because of all the unlimited things you could learn about. The ways numbers and equations were written has always fascinated me. Starting from an early age and with some encouragement of my parents, I started progressing fast. In year three, I had pretty much covered all the topics I needed to learn in primary school. Because of this, I got into an OC class in Newcastle. Later on in year 5, I achieved a top ten percent in math olympiad, making me one first place in my class. I would like to thank my parents and teachers for helping along my journey of mathematics.

    2nd achievement
    I have always loved the piano because all of its soothing and calming traits. It is capable of making you forget emotions. When I first started learning piano, I struggle a lot. Reading the music and understanding which hand to move at what time was difficult for me. With more and more practice, I started to improve. My piano teacher told me that I was getting better. With this encouragement, I started improving faster than what me, my mother and my teacher was expecting. Before I had realized, I had completed my fifth grade in AMEB (and got an A for it). All of this happened about a year ago. Currently, I am preparing for my eighth grade and might be going even higher! I would like to thank my mother for practicing with me and my piano teacher for teaching me all the skills that brought me this far.

    3rd achievement
    Swimming has always been a indispensable part of my life. I love all the elegant strokes and postures and what really encapsulates me is the rhythm which you need to follow to be able to breath. When I was little I started swimming at a swimming pool near my house. I had a lesson of 30min each time until was about 7. When I was 7 I had more training with my family. We had also swam a few laps. Finally when I was 8, I achieved a 3rd place in 50m freestyle at a swimming carnival. Due to Covid, there hasn’t been any lately. I am now swimming in squad and I comets the swimming pool three times a week. I would like to be thankful to my wonderful swimming teachers and my parents for driving me here (and swimming with me).

  25. Part 1
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. He found himself helpless, in the middle of a raging storm. His boat was but a tiny insignificant lifeless object in the endless expanse of the ocean , being thrashed around helplessly by the merciless waves around him. The heavens opened up in a tantrum of flashing lights, erupting the sky with a fiery display of anger and power. He felt all alone, the only other signs of life were a flock of birds in the distance, also trying to escape this reign of terror. He could taste the salt from the crashing waves around him, as his mind was enveloped by darkness and fear.

    Where am I, thought Dodo to himself. He looked around, unaware of his surroundings. Before he fell asleep, Dodo could only remember how he was fishing in calm waves.

    Suddenly, a roar came from the ocean, taking away Dodo’s train of thought. Thunderous booms erupted overhead and deafened his ears, reminding him of his fragile presence on Earth. He turned his head, as a giant wave lunged at him and wrestled him overboard. His life flashed before him, as he began his descent into the dark, murky water, swirling around him as it sucked him in. He was falling deeper and deeper under the water. He thrashed around helplessly, trying to get out of this raging mass of water, but to no avail. Eventually his energy drained from his soul and his limbs gradually became limp and lifeless, as he blacked out.

    Dodo woke up on a hard surface. His brain was slow to realise that he wasn’t dead. Surprisingly, the only pain he felt were a few aches here and there. He tried to stand up, but a coarse hand held him down. “Get some rest” a croaky voice said. “You’ll need it”. It was his grandpa. Dodo had just remembered him going fishing with him, talking about the good old days. Dodo wanted to ask a thousand questions but he couldn’t because above him, a storm still raged.

    Waves that were metres tall crashed onto the ship. However, Dodo and his grandfather were expertly controlling the ship, dodging all of them. Dodo could see the sun peeking through the clouds. They were almost there. One final tug of the ropes, and they were through. After all the hardships Dodo had faced, they had made it out.

    Dodo slept while his grandpa steered the ship. They took turns doing this until finally, Dodo could see land. Days had passed since he left just to go for a little fishing trip. He looked into his telescope and could see a grave with his name on it. They had all thought he was gone. He was about to show them how wrong they all were.

  26. Part 2:
    Ever since I was young I have had a passion for tennis. I have learnt a lot from playing in tennis competitions. I have also made many friends playing tennis, and have also learnt that there are many good tennis players around, and that the more effort people put in, the better they become. My favourite quote is “ The more I practise, the luckier I get.” My favourite tennis player is Roger Federer as in addition to being a great player, he has a good attitude to sports and life, and is always respectful, even in defeat. I have reached the Champions of Champions stage for under 8’s, and I am grateful to my mum, who has taken the time to find good coaches to improve my tennis skills, and also to drive me around to coaching and matches.

    Public speaking
    A big part of my life has been public speaking. I love public speaking as it helps express your feelings as well as improving your confidence. Every year I go to the Eisteddfod Inner West competition. I usually get an honourable mention, and last year I won, against many great competitors from many different schools. I am grateful that my parents put me in drama and public speaking classes as I wouldn’t have won without them.

    Ever since I was young, I have had a fascination with maths. When I was young, when I went to the shops, I would find what I wanted and I would check the price of them. Then I would add them all up and see how much it cost. In 2022 I got a top 10% badge for the Math Olympiad. I pay my thanks to my parents and teachers for helping me. In particular, I would like to thank my teacher from Year 3 who took the time to prepare extra work and even taught me some algebra and high school maths.

  27. christinachanhealthadmin-info

    The feral storm sneered diabolically as it commanded the clouds to loom into a hellish black mass .I could feel its torment wrenching the waves into oblivion , swirling in a vortex of disorder.My heart trembled to the spasm of the ocean as the rickety boat groaned in despair.I knew I shouldn’t have come out .If only I had listened .

    It all began when mum , Ava ( my sister ) and I went to the solicitor to elicit my fathers will .I didn’t really expect to get anything as I always sensed that my father favoured Ava over me .I never intended to go with them because I didn’t want to let myself down as I would walk out of the bank empty handed whilst mum and Ava would come out with loads of cash but my optimistic heart yearned for me to come along so I did .I haven’t seen mum since the funeral but as soon as I saw her I knew she was still mourning dads loss .The smile she put on her face when she saw me was strained , pretending, not real .

    Once we were in the office the solicitor brought out the will. My stomach knotted into twists as my wrists wore a watch of anxiousness . My head was feeling dizzy and it worsened after my brain told itself to pound my head in despair . Though I was still wary enough to follow on with what the solicitor said . Mum got the house and half of dad’s money , Ava got the other half as well as all of dad’s cars . Then I got a ship .

    When I came to pick it up by the bay the next morning I was in no surprise to see a timbered , rickety ship that’s mast was stained yellow in an unordered fashion.It was true dad truly loved Ava over me Ava sneered at me and giggled in an arrogant manner.I could feel the atmosphere of humiliation suffocate me.Even mum smiled a little bit.It hurt .Knowing that my own mother and sister don’t acknowledge my feelings strained me in despair.The sight of seeing both my mum and sister overlook at laugh at me like I’m nobody antagonise my eyes as I felt it’s grief.Floods of tears streamed down my cheeks from then on I would never ever talk to my mum and sister again.

    After what happened I decided to embrace the ship and voyage the world on it.I told my friends and aunties and my aunties told my mum and Ava.The day had come where I would finally leave , I was just about to let go of the anchor when Ava and mum sprinted up to me.I expected an apology but instead I got a “don’t go you’ll never survive out there , you’re gonna die” .

    I rebelled against them.I couldn’t bear to let them put me down and looked where it ended up .Me stranded at sea as howling winds torture my the rickety timbered boat. Black masses of clouds overshadow me as the rickety , old timbered boat bellowed in pain and distress .The stained mast starts to rip , the wood starts to shed , sinking , drowning dead .
    Apologies for it being bit rushed,I had a lot of activities going on this week *

  28. Write a Narrative with this opening line and refer to the image: Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. (400 words)
    Use the same framework of extended personification/metaphors and high-impact emotions to spice up your writing.

    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea.
    A solitary teenage boy on a mission to capture a miscegenation of lightning, the cure of all diseases to save his Mum. A backpack contain a glass capsule, map, a bottle of water, a meagre ration of food and a compass as his companion. His last memory before the boat oars slammed into his face, knocking him out of his consciousness, was the raspy voice of his Mum telling him about a map, passed down through generations spanning over centuries. The map contained coordinates that lead to the location of where the Transit of Venus inter cross with the Ball of Lightning phenomenon, on the 13th day of the 11th month of the 13th year while simultaneously a circle of 13 Lava gulls appear in unison.
    A silver thread stitched across the horizon. Water came gushing down battering against the wooden sail boat. The merciless winds caused the enormous waves to crash and erupt like lava coming down from a raging volcano, angered by the wrath of God. The waves pounded and thrashed his boat with all of their might. The wind gusts ripped through his sail. His fear, despair, anger and sadness threatened to pulverise his mission,
    He forced his tears-filled eyes up, espy through the apocryphal black moonstone that carried the mysteries and powers of the new moon, glimpsed beyond the veil into salient realms, a flock of 13 lava gulls circling majestically. The clock is ticking. He has 13 seconds to ensnare the miscegenation bolt of the Transit of Venus inter crossing with the Ball of Lightning.
    A ball of lightning lacerated through the sky and set it ablaze. His heart banging against his rib cage, the furious racing beat pulsated through his fingertips as he opened the glass container and held it to the sky, praying to God the bolt would be encapsulated in the jar and he is able to bring it safely home to his Mum. A splendorous sensation flourishing through his veins as the bolt hit the base of the jar. He closed the jar swiftly. Staring wondrously at the bolt of cure while marveling at the miracle of it. Part of him was astonished that he made it this far. He accomplished this segment of the mission, the next being to conquer the tortuous journey back home and safely discharge the bolt of cure to heal his Mum’s illness.

  29. Part 2:

    One of my favourite things to do is to play the piano. Since I was a young boy, my mother used to play the piano for me before I went to bed every night and I was always mesmerized by the need of co-ordination between the hands and the mixed yet beautiful melodies that the piano let out. When I told my mother that I wanted to start playing the piano, she encouraged me, playing along whenever I was stuck or confused and supported me every time I wanted to quit. And I kept going with the piano because from the moment I first heard my mother playing, I knew that my dream was that one day, I would play like my mother or maybe even better than her.

    Just a while ago, I passed my 6th grade piano exam with an A+ but I really have to hand the credit over to my mother and my piano teacher because my teacher has taught me many new skills and progressed with me since I was four, so she knows exactly how to help. To be frank, without my mother, I would have quit many times, but she always encourages me, pushes me even further. I really cannot thank them enough and I feel like I owe them my life.

  30. Part 1:

    The Lilliputian boat quavered on the demented ocean, the waves lurching vehemently at him. The phenomenal powers of nature gave a resemblance that made Dodo fear, as his kindreds voices ricocheted in his mind, “You’re our only hope, please, retrieve the pebble that used to protect our village.” Was all he evoked. Then a wave knocked him out of unconsciousness. Millions of philosophy scrutinised in his brain as the wind gyrated a black vortex. His soul was overfilled with kaput, and what would transpire if he failed?
    The next thing he knew he was doing was doing was lying in bed someone anonymous next to him fabricating a chambré cup of ginger tea. Who was this person? Then the person diverged, so that Dodo can see his face. Dumbfounded, he realised it was his younger brother John.
    “What are you doing here, don’t you know how dangerous it is?” bellowed Dodo.
    “I thought you needed help!” retorted John.
    Knowing the argument wouldn’t take them anywhere, he squandered.

    As he pushed on, the more vulnerable they became. Monsters and ghouls started appearing more habitually lurching at him.
    A phoenix with bright feathers, brighter than the angels from the trecherous rays of the sun plummeting down attempting to behead them.
    Nevertheless, he continued. Everyone in the village assumed there were ‘Gods’ except for us until we encountered something.
    The sky became more calignious, wind imperiously domineering clouds to form a unified rooftop, so staygian and crepuscular, it looked the hell.
    The waves became infuriated, wind as cold as the Siberian chill and the weather was so severe no plant or animal could outlast. The gelidity emaciated our backs with diaphoresis, the boat rasping and jarring dynamically. Could this be our comeuppance? My brothers eyes gleamed and his hair was thrashing his face. Half of his mind surprised by how far he made and the other.. oblivious if they would ever make it. The conspiracy hung among their heads Then something inconceivable thing happened. The boat gave up, it started bobbing up and down and started slowly sinking. Is this the end? He could see the stars…
    Then his eyes shut and everything went dim.

  31. Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. He couldn’t remember anything, where he was, how he got here, and why he was in the middle of no-where, floating in the ocean in an old, rickety boat. Then it came. First the booming voice of thunder and the mute cries of despair belonging to lightning. Then the ferocious breath of wind and the menacing sound of wild horses emerging from the waves. Dodo frantically tried to escape the demonical wrath of the raging sky but it did him no use. Nothing was more powerful than the diabolic demon of the air. Then suddenly, like a bull who has seen red, a burst of illuminated light hit the ancient sailing boat. It splinters into several different pieces.

    A cold siberian chill sweeps over Dodo as he furiously tries to hold on to one of the last remains of his defaced boat. After what seemed like an eternity of torture, he finally managed to clamber onto the miniature raft with success. But his moment of relief didn’t last for long. Soon after the first stroke of lightning, a second one came, barely missing his shoulder though it singed a small tuft of his hair. Dodo knew that his makeshift raft wasn’t durable and would easily snap the moment a large enough wave hit it. He looked around for a sign of land but the merciless landscape remained barren and empty.

    Dodo wished that he could just end it now. That a bolt of lightning would just hit him in the heart so that he wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. But he knew that that wouldn’t happen, that the devil was too savage to let it happen and that he would make Dodo suffer until it ended.

    He was stranded in the middle of nowhere, he was on the very edge of death but the devil still wouldn’t let him die and his boat was broken. What could possibly get worse? Everything. The biggest wave that Dodo had ever seen plunged down onto him and his makeshift raft. Suddenly he realised what he was supposed to do. He couldn’t get out of this alive so he wouldn’t. Dodo slowly walked into the water but never re-emerged. Finally, he was free, free from all his worries. People said to him that you must work hard to be truly free, but it’s as simple as just handing yourself over to the other side.

  32. Ever since I was 4, I was so intrigued by the 26 alphabets, by how many sound one letter can make, and how there are so many words(171,146 words). Every night before I slept, my parents used to give me words to spell which gradually increased my vocabulary and how I spelt more difficult words. As years grew by, I started kindy, 2018, and since then, I have been achieving the highest mark in the NSW Spelling bee in my grade, which gave me optimism and dependence to do better.
    My second achievement is how I got 39/40 in ICAS maths. I was at first astonished by how I got 39 out of 40 and was very flabbergasted but I realised everyone can do well so I started trying harder. When I was in year 2, my teacher used to teach me algebra, bodmas/bidmas and highschool maths. So I started improving more and more.
    I want to accredit my parents for helping me grow and never giving up on me and I also want to give give credit to my teacher who helped me learn important maths techniques I never knew about.
    Thank you

  33. 1. Public Speaking

    As soon as I stepped on the stage, I froze in fright and immediately cried. Despite wanting to go to the finals for Public Speaking, My stage fright still took over me. There were just so many people there, watching me, and I just could not control my emotion. From that day onwards, I vowed never to do Public Speaking again. I was in kindy.

    In Year 4, I made it into the Public Speaking Semi-Final, once again. So, I had to make a decision; Would I face my fears or would I stay in the crowd watching other people deliver their speech in the distance? I know that Public Speaking is a useful skill but I didn’t want to embarrass myself again. So, I asked all my friends and family for advice and/or motivation so that I could overcome my stage fright and they helped me in my decision; I was going to perform my speech on that stage and then walk off it, without hesitation or any fright.

    After making my decision I rehearsed my speech whenever I had the chance until I memorised it to the point that I didn’t need palm cards
    When the day to came to perform my speech, I stepped up on the stage and spoke out aloud, trying to not look at my palm cards too often. When it finished was so relieved, and I waited to hear the results. But unfortunately, I didn’t make it into the Grand finals. Despite that, I was very proud of myself that I got over my stage fright. I think it was a very important skill to learn and I will continue to practice it more and hopefully win in future public speaking competitions. Nevertheless, I could not have been so brave if I had not been encouraged and mentored by my parents and supportive friendship group,

    2. Maths Olympiad and Maths medals

    Ever since I knew how to talk, I was always interested in math. I always loved numbers and solving equations. I found them like being a detective or solving a puzzle.

    And when I was in Year 2, My mum found Scholarly: a tutoring course. I was then enrolled despite having a really hard time as the questions were hard and there was a lot of homework. However, As one of the subjects was math, it greatly enhanced my abilities in math.

    Skip to the present, I now have 2 math class awards and 3rd in Maths Olympiad. I would want to express my gratitude to Scholarly and my parents for greatly helping me in Math, and in everything, overall.

  34. khus-australiagmail-com

    Part 2 – Zahra B.
    Write about 3 of your greatest achievements:

    1. Winning the Spelling Bee Trophy in my School

    Spelling is my favourite subject and it has always been. I love exploring new diagraphs and how they make such different sounds than how they look. I also have a passion for learning new words that are very difficult and practising them so I can use them in my writing pieces to intensify my writing and vocabulary. In Year 4, my school decided to hold a spelling bee. The Year 3/4’s versed each other and the Year 5/6’s versed. When I heard about the spelling bee, I got awfully excited and I just couldn’t wait. Before the school held the spelling bee, we had to do a qualification test. I got in with just around 1 or 2 words wrong. Then, the real spelling bee was held. One by one, people were flying away. Then me and a Year 4 boy were the last 2 people. I put all the effort in to win. The last word was “terrarium”. Tyler went first to have a go and he got it incorrect. Then, it was my turn. I thought about it for a few seconds then said it out loud. Then the principal said “Correct”. I had to spell 1 more word to win. “Optician”. I couldn’t believe it! I won the trophy! This was when I truly found out that spelling was my passion. I couldn’t have achieved this without my supportive parents who helped me read spelling lists and take little tests every day.

    2. Coming 2nd in a Race at the Sports Carnival

    Every year at most schools, there is a sports carnival. Although sports is my 2nd least favourite subject, it doesn’t mean you don’t get any awards. Anyways, in Year 4, we had a totally different set-up for the sports carnival. It was basically a rotation where you had to rotate and stop at different activities. One of the activities was the 75 m race. There were two people from each faction versing me. As soon as the sports teacher blew the whistle, I got my little legs to run as fast as they could ever go. As a result, I came second out of all 6 people. Here’s the proof that if you’re bad at something, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get any awards. However, I couldn’t have done it without my teachers who helped me practise running the course every week.

    3. Winning a $20 voucher at my Religious Academy

    I’ve always had an ardour for public speaking. I have no problem in speaking in front of a huge crowd without being nervous. I love reading scripts and I have the skills to do it in front of a crowd. For example, you need to have eye contact with the crowd, you need to be expressive when you read, you can’t just look at one side of the crowd, etc. At my religious academy, the principal once announced that we had to write a speech and present it in front of your class. Then, the teachers decide who’s is best and that person reads their speech out in front of the whole academy. The principal would give the winner a prize. There were some really good ones in my class, but the teacher decided that I won. So, I read it in front of the whole academy and I got a $20 Officeworks voucher as the prize. I couldn’t have got the voucher without my mum who helped me write my speech and my dad who taught me the skills to be a successful public speaker. They both listened to my speech and told me what to improve on.

  35. Part 2

    Since I was young, I had always had a love for robotics. When I was seven years old, I made an electric circuit that powered a spinning minifigure. Following these instructions sparked my interest and soon, I was building Lego sets way above my age level. This inspired me to become an Engineer when I grew up, so I can enjoy what I really am passionate about. As a result, I entered the WAICY competition and won Gold Award, AI Excellence, and Design Award prizes, with my fellow teammate. I’d like to thank my AI teacher, Vladimir Tosic, for his hard work in guiding us to our victory.

    From when I first heard the piano being played, I knew it was going to be my instrument. When we were on a trip to Queensland, there was music on the radio that I had never heard before. When I asked my dad what the instrument that played it was, he said that it was the piano. I will never forget the beautiful music that it made. My Role Model is Thomas Edison who created the light bulb, for persevering until the end, just like how you need to be when playing the piano. After working hard, I finally passed 7th grade with an A+. I thank my teacher, Kirill Monorosi, for trying his hardest to improve my pieces to the greatest quality. Also I’d like to thank my mum, for driving me to the CBD two times a week, and sitting by my side, listening and correcting me.

    Maths was always my passion for a long time. I remember a time when I was passing a basketball machine, and I wanted to play it, but my parents wouldn’t pay for it. So I had to work out how much the basketball machine 1 play cost, and how much money I had. Then I needed to work out how much money I would have left, and if it would be enough to pay for that toy I really wanted. In 2022, I received a badge that I could wear for top ten percent achiever in the Maths Olympiad that my school took part in. I’d like to thank my parents, for watching me study every night daily, and not giving up on me when I make a mistake. I also want to thank my year five maths teacher for giving me advice when solving mathematical problems.

  36. 1. Public Speaking

    As soon as I stepped on the stage, I froze in fright and immediately cried. Despite wanting to go to the finals for Public Speaking, My stage fright still took over me. There were just so many people there, watching me, and I just could not control my emotion. From that day onwards, I vowed never to do Public Speaking again. I was in kindy.

    In Year 4, I made it into the Public Speaking Semi-Final, once again. So, I had to make a decision; Would I face my fears or would I stay in the crowd watching other people deliver their speech in the distance? I know that Public Speaking is a useful skill but I didn’t want to embarrass myself again. So, I asked all my friends and family for advice and/or motivation so that I could overcome my stage fright and they helped me in my decision; I was going to perform my speech on that stage and then walk off it, without hesitation or any fright.

    After making my decision I rehearsed my speech whenever I had the chance until I memorised it to the point that I didn’t need palm cards
    When the day to came to perform my speech, I stepped up on the stage and spoke out aloud, trying to not look at my palm cards too often. When it finished was so relieved, and I waited to hear the results. But unfortunately, I didn’t make it into the Grand finals. Despite that, I was very proud of myself that I got over my stage fright. I think it was a very important skill to learn and I will continue to practice it more and hopefully win in future public speaking competitions. Nevertheless, I could not have been so brave if I had not been encouraged and mentored by my parents and supportive friendship group,

    2. Maths Olympiad and Maths medals

    Ever since I knew how to talk, I was always interested in math. I always loved numbers and solving equations. I found them like being a detective or solving a puzzle.

    And when I was in Year 2, My mum found a tutoring course (Scholarly)for me to keep me challenged. I was enrolled despite having a really hard time as the questions were hard and there was a lot of homework. It was here that I realised my passion in maths and it did challenge my abilities in the subject.
    Skip to the present, I agained 2 math class awards and even when I wasn’t present to sit one part of three, of the test as I was away from school, sick, I collected 3rd place in the Math Olympiad competition. If I hadn’t been to this particular tutorial school and my tutors, I would not have known my potential.

  37. christinachanhealthadmin-info

    Three achievements

    Public speaking .
    A big part of my life is Public speaking.Public speaking to me is a way for me to express my words and thoughts to an audience . It’s a passion that I’ve always loved since I was a little girl .I remember when I was a toddler I used to create stories with my Barbie dolls and then present them to my parents. I loved the affectionate , happy applauses my parents would give me after I tell my stories and that always made me feel special . This year I was able to get second place in the St George network public speaking competition. It was such a huge shock to us to get such an honourable mention .This was also a huge improvement to last years competition because last year I got third place . Every year I also participate in the AMEB speech and drama exams and this year I was lucky enough to get a high distinction! To me there are three people I would like to thank . My speech teacher , Emily , for supporting me and helping me throughout the past five years , My father for always spending countless hours with me just so that I can perfect my speeches , I can always rely on him to help me and be there for me with my competitions and lastly I would like to thank my mum for being so encouraging and reassuring before my competitions it truly means a lot to me .

    School captain .
    I’ve always wanted a leadership role , to me knowing the feeling that you are a role model to the school makes you feel special ,all these responsibilities that you have as a school captain is so exciting , fun and adventurous.It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow as a leader and help me expand my social knowledge . I still remember when I figured out I wanted to be a school captain . It all began in kindergarten when I came to the school I saw how the school captains talked with mic during assembly’s, goes to other schools and lastly how so many people look up to them , From then on I realised I wanted to be the school captain.Lucky enough after presenting a speech and filling in an application form I was so honoured to get the role of 2023 school captain .I would like to thank my teacher for encouraging me and others and my father for helping me practice my captain speech.

    High distinction in English
    Ever since I was little I loved reading books and writing stories . Personally I think English isn’t a chore in fact it’s something I like to do on a daily basis . Whether it’s reading , writing or more I never hold a grunge for doing English . I loved when my parents read me stories , it was like the book was coming to life in my head and the feeling of curiosity m wonder and adventure always enlightened my mind .I do the ICAS every year and I was able to achieve a High distinction in the ICAS English test . I would like to thank my mum for always helping me grow m6 English knowledge . She would always spend time with me so that I can be better at English and keep up with the rest .

  38. PART 1: Ethan
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The lightning struck ferociously, aiming at the boat as it was tossed playfully around in the waves. Seasick, Dodo eyed his surroundings. All he saw was the ocean. He shivered with cold and fright, and then realized that he didn’t remember anything! All he knew was that he had to find land. He could see that he was being swept mercilessly toward the horizon line, and had to turn around. The boat was empty, except for a single paddle that was surprisingly heavy when he heaved it over the side. It was immediately ripped from his hands. He had almost no hope left now.
    He desperately tried to fall asleep, to run away from the suffering, but the waves helped make Dodo extra cold, soaking him and nearly flipping the boat. Then he saw the Tsunami. There was nothing he could do, except brace himself for the incoming attack. Then it hit.
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea, in the still, calm water. A win was wiggling towards him. Dazed, he took a deep breath. Shark! The realization suddenly hit him and he desperately doggy – paddled across the vast sea, panting with breath, adrenaline rushing through him. The shark leapt out, a fish squirming between its glistening jaws. Dodo sighed with relief. He would stay alive. “Honk!” He heard a beep. Then a massive cruise liner came into view. He couldn’t escape. The cruise was way too big. This could save him, but he was too small. Then Dodo saw the shark fin again! An idea popped into his mind. He wasn’t big enough to attract anyone on the cruise. But the shark could.
    Dodo could now see the ship was RMS Caparthia, as it came into view. Suddenly it gained speed. Now all hope was drained from Dodo as he bobbed helplessly in the water. Then the ship stopped. A ring was thrown out, and he was pulled to safety. “Must be another survivor of the Titanic.” He heard. Titanic. That word sounded familiar, but Dodo was too tired and freezing to care. He was safe.

  39. PART 2: Ethan
    First Achievement:
    I started playing the cello at the start of Kindy and immediately began to enjoy it. It’s a great way for me to express my feelings while playing the music. It can make me feel sad, happy, or angry. Ever since I started, I’ve been discovering new ways to play the cello and 2 years ago I learnt a completely new style called Baroque music. (1600 – 1700) I suited for baroque and liked it and changed to this new style for a while watching in awe at how my teacher could play it. I practiced for a long while, getting a 1st place at St. George Eisteddfod. I am very grateful for my mum for supporting my practice through my journey but mostly my teacher for introducing everything I know to me and giving me suggestions on how to get better.
    Second Achievement:
    I’ve loved solving puzzles and word problems at a very little age, and for me its fun to figure out the clues of a word problem or mystery then solve it by calculating correctly. Ever since I have been solving harder word problems involving more mysteries with less obvious clues. Reading as also been one of my hobbies and it calms my mind as a story brings me to a different world. Practicing word problems and reading novels has led to me getting into OC where the environment will only be better with harder work. I couldn’t have done this without my parents because they helped me solve puzzles and give me harder ones.
    Third Achievement:
    I have loved speaking to big crowds, audiences, or just a small group such as my class since I had the opportunity to. Public speaking is one of my hobbies and I like speaking in front of many people like I am addressing something important. Every year since Kindy I have participated in public speaking competitions for my class, and sometimes the grade. I have won multiple times, but I also enjoy taking notes on other winners to see how I can improve. I’d like to thank my sister for giving me creative ideas and giving me support when I was speaking in front of big audiences. I wouldn’t have achieved anything without her.

  40. Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The regressive storm taunted mediocrely as it dominated the clouds to loom into the hellish opal mass. I could feel its torment excruciating the waves into oblivion, twirling in a vortex of disorder. My palms filled with sweat to the spasm of the ocean. As the flimsy boat moaned in despair, I had a thought, I shouldn’t have come out, if only I had listened to my family! Before long, he got deserted on the island, The Island of Dragons.

    As his forehead piled with sweat, his teeth chattering with fear, Dodo’s eyes laid upon a huge fortress. A golden tail dashed before his eyes, “A dragon?” Dodo feared. Next, a pair of gold, sharp claws gripped his legs and threw him upside down. There was a little voice inside his head telling him to play dead. Hesitantly, Dodo slowly turned around and… It was a dragon. With mighty wings and yet a pile of diamonds, golds, silvers and every other mineral you could think of. Dodo was dumbfounded. Almost unable to blink or even move, the dragon said “come into my lair, I have many riches you can take.” So, Dodo followed.

    When they arrived in the dragon’s lair, Dodo was flabbergasted with all its riches. He quickly dived in and many gold coins stuck on him. “Wow! Just pure luck! I might be able to steal a few riches if the dragon doesn’t find out. Surely right?” Dodo noiselessly plotted through his mind.

    A few minutes later, the dragon had left him in the bedroom to start his plan. He saw a statue made of quartzite. “This is the perfect one!” said Dodo. He slowly but carefully crept towards the statue. Before… “What are you doing?!” bellowed the dragon. The plan. Gone. Washed away like a bottle that had been thrown into the sea. Dodo knew what consequences came with stealing.

  41. khus-australiagmail-com

    Part 1 – Zahra B.
    Write a Narrative with this opening line and refer to the image: Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea.
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea.
    The saturate oak floorboards clamoured beneath his feet. The severe waves thrashed viciously, hurling the precarious sailboat through the antagonising air. The young boy was on a mission to find his friend, Momo the monkey, but he had lost all his memory. He could only remember his family telling him to come home. Dodo sat there trying to remember something more. Nothing came to him.

    The gentle odour of salt water got stronger. When he smelt it, his eyesight somehow got sharper than ever and he could see things that were 50km away! Unexpectedly, he saw a microscopical figure just ahead of him that was calling for help (he had a doubt that it was calling for help). He put all his mighty strength onto moving the sailboat closer to the figure. The howling wind was making it burdensome for Dodo to sail in the opposite direction of the wind.

    Finally, he reached the figure. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the young boy’s lifetime friend that he had been searching for for months! Momo! In the first few seconds, Momo didn’t recognise Dodo. “Momo?” questioned Dodo. “Is it really you?” “Dodo? Is it really you?” replied the little monkey. They started hugging each other the tightest they have ever hugged each other. The contentment they had in theirselves flowed all over their bodies.

    Suddenly, the excruciatingly rough waves almost flipped the sailboat into the air. Dodo was lucky that the wave was there, otherwise he would’ve been roasted along with Momo underneath the crackling lightning right behind them. This was the biggest thunderstorm Dodo had ever experienced in his life. He didn’t think his weak sailboat could stand it. The lightning, the crashing waves and all that, do you think the boat could stand it? He didn’t have an idea pop into his small brain for a few minutes.

    He thought about what to do before the thunderous waves dismantled the boat. So he decided to get the lifebuoys and swim to a nearby island. Dodo and Momo didn’t know what to do after that, but they had to finish that first to move on. So off they went into the cold, freezing water off to find a little island.

    A few hours later….

    “Huh, huh, I’m so tired!” pants Dodo. “But we finally, huh, huh, reached shore.” The next worry they had was how to get back to their home. They though and thought with all their might. They had nothing. Immediately, an angel from the skies came down and gave the two friends some wings. They were automatic which meant they didn’t have to fly them, you just say where you need to go and they take you there. “Weeeeeeee!” They reached home safely and they always stayed together from then on.

    PART 2
    Stage 1 Player Of The Year 2020/21
    I have a genuine love and great interest in cricket. I started playing cricket as a fun weekend sport. But soon, as I started my second season I took it as a challenge for myself. I wanted to improve my game and skills. So my dad and I regularly went to the cricket nets and he would teach me and help me learn more about the sport. After watching him play and his true desire for cricket, he became my role model. I managed to score some good runs and for that my club awarded me with Stage 1 Player of the Year award. My dad has continued to assist me and sacrificed a lot for me, so for that I thank him. My mum would always take me to my training and games on time, and she was also a big part of it. And of course, my teammates and coach who always supported me.

    Excellence In Debating
    I have a sheer passion for public speaking and debating. One day, the lunch announcements were on and whoever wished to compete and represent our school in the Public Speaking Competition for Stage 1. I went to try out for fun and to my surprise I got selected. A couple of years later, I got introduced to debating and that was the one that stood out to me more than public speaking. Our RFF teacher would come to our class and take class debates, and she asked me if I was interested in representing our school in the Premier’s Debating Stage 2 Competition. We managed to win the Zone Competition and came runners-up in the Western Sydney Debating Competition. As a small reward, I also got an Excellence in Debating for 2022 award at Presentation Day. My teacher always supported me and put all her faith in me. I would like to thank her for all her efforts and all the things she has taught me about debating which made me become a confident public speaker.

    School President/Captain
    “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” I am very fond of public speaking hence becoming a leader is something that interested me. Every year, students from Year 5 who wish to become a school leader, perform a speech and the school hosts an election. I figured that this was the perfect opportunity for me. I watched many speeches and Martin Luther King Junior became my role model. I managed to pass the class and grade rounds to finally present a speech in front of the entire school. On Presentation Day, I was officially announced the School President for 2022. My parents and I would stay up late at night changing and helping me with my speech. For that, I thank them as they supported me and continued to assist me.

    PART 1
    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. The turbulent storm ravaged the boat from side to side. Waves came throbbing onto the boat like insatiable monsters, making it impossible to stand. The dark and gloomy atmosphere was circling around the unsteady boat. Clouds turned orange with the radiant sun slowly arising behind them. Bolts of thunder struck the water, creating explosions under the boat. Dodo cried in agony “Somebody help!”. Though, his voice came right back at him. His dark green eyes showed no hope.

    Just as it couldn’t get any worse, a lightning bolt ignited the boat. The engine was caught on fire, and without a second thought, Dodo dived into the water. Boom! He turned around and there he saw his ancestor’s boat burst into flames. A tear came rolling down his cheek. As his head dropped in dismay, he saw that his body was covered with scars and cuts. He decided to commemorate the best moments of his life with his last few breaths. He took away all the deafening noises from the background and laid on his back. He laughed thinking of his times with his family and slowly he went to sleep.

    After a couple of hours, Dodo woke up and to his surprise, wasn’t floating on the water anymore. He was on an island in the middle of nowhere.
    “Is this heaven?” he said to himself.
    “Good morning lad!” greeted a funny-looking, old man.
    He had one black eye and one more slightly brown. A hat that looked like it dated back to the 1800’s. He wore long and loose cargo pants that were covered in dirt and a blue coat on a white singlet. Some would describe him as Captain Cook looking.
    “Who are you?” Dodo questioned, with a peculiar face.
    “Name’s Gilbert… and you must be Dodo.” he replied, inspecting Dodo.
    “How do you know?” Dodo responded, even more startled than ever.
    “It’s all over the news how you got lost at sea.” Gilbert answered.
    He explained how he saw the explosion from here and knew he had to come help Dodo. Dodo kindly thanked him.

    Gilbert told him his origin story and how he was also lost at sea once. His boat suddenly broke down, though he saw a glimpse of land and just like that he swam his way here. He had been living on the island for 20 years now and never wished to leave.

    They both took a walk around the island and Gilbert gave a small tour. He drank purified seawater which seemed extremely interesting. Daily, he would go on the hunt for fish for his food supply.

    As Gilbert continued he told Dodo some depressing news. Gilbert was getting older and didn’t have much time left. His final wish was only for Dodo to live on this island and continue a legacy. So that, tomorrow someone doesn’t die at sea. Dodo thought about it. At only 16 years old he wanted to achieve things in life. Facing such a traumatic experience, he was sure to die though because of Gilbert he survived.

    Dodo said “I want to become like you. Save the next generation. Without Gilbert he wouldn’t be there, and he must return the favour, even if it’s life taking.”

    Gilbert was overwhelmed with joy. A couple of days later, Gilbert passed away, and there Dodo was again. All alone, on a mysterious island.

  44. Garima Malhotra

    The paradise – Pearl

    The barbaric storm scowled atrociously as it ordered the caliginous clouds to loom into a diabolical , cobra-black mass. I could feel its anguish agonizing the tides into extinction, swirling in a vortex of havoc. My heart quivered to the spasm of the ocean as the rickety boat groaned in distress. I knew I shouldn’t have come out here. It was a suicide mission. If only I had listened to my father. I spontaneously sought myself for injuries and felt some dried, flaked off, ruby red blood on the back of my head and scratches all over my body. Otherwise, I was alright… actually, I wasn’t. I still hadn’t quite accepted that I could die here. Well, no one would really care if I died, so what was the point of surviving? I layed down, carelessly. But, just as I was about to close my eyes, a shape appeared above me. A majestic , monstrous shape, with two large wings and a whip-end tail. The sun reflected off its scales, giving me a blinding glare. Spikes as sharp as icicles decorated its back and tail, and it had piercing blue eyes. Its forked blue tongue flickered in and out as I noticed its throat had frost stuck to it on the edges. Its rigid, serrated claws gripped my chest and I instantaneously felt nauseous and tried to wriggle from its bone-breaking grip. I looked down and stopped moving, if it dropped me, I would drown. I focused on figuring out what it was, instead. Think, Think, Think! Why don’t you know this Dodo?! I scolded myself. And then it hit me like a jolt of lightning. These species were supposed to be extinct! It was a dragon. I had read about this once, there were different types of dragons. I think these ones were one of the deadliest. They could breathe frost and if it touched you, you’d be dead. Suddenly, drowning didn’t sound so bad anymore.

    It landed and set me on a patch of leaves and inspected me curiously. My eyes were wide with fear, but I pushed the terror down and stared confidently into its humanlike eyes. It layed down gently and beckoned me to sit on its shoulder. The war between fear and curiosity started within me and as often as, curiosity won. I strode onto the dragon’s back and clutched its neck firmly. It took to the sky and headed towards a mountain that pierced the clouds mercilessly. I stood in awe, as I saw beds, hammocks, scrolls, and signs around the mountain. Were dragons really this smart? Smart enough to create a boarding school? I made my decision. I would live here now, with these dragons. I don’t care about the other humans, I know they won’t even notice me gone. So, here I will stay, in this paradise of dragons.

    1. Gabriel Part 2:

      One of my favourite things to do is to play the piano. Since I was a young boy, my mother used to play the piano for me before I went to bed every night and I was always mesmerized by the sense of co-ordination between the hands and the mixed yet beautiful melodies that the piano let out. When I told my mother that I wanted to start playing the piano, she encouraged me, playing along whenever I was stuck or confused and supported me every time I wanted to quit. And I kept going with the piano, even when I felt like I wanted to quit, because from the moment I first heard my mother playing, I knew that my dream was that one day, I would play like my mother or maybe even better than her.

      Just a while ago, I passed my 6th grade piano exam with an A+ but I really have to hand the credit over to my mother and my piano teacher because my teacher has taught me many new skills and progressed with me since I was four, so she knows exactly how to help. And to be frank, without my mother, I would have quit many times, but she always encouraged me, pushed me even further. I really cannot thank them enough and I feel like I owe them more than possible.


      I’ve always loved swimming as a child to now. As a young child, my parents decided to introduce me to the public pool in our apartment complex. At that time, my friends had already started going into the water, step by step but I was just standing by the edge, staring into the swirling blue of the pool. The first time I went in, I was instantly fascinated by how the water splashed around me and how kicking could make me go forward. I just knew from then that I would swim until I couldn’t swim anymore.

      Recently, I have received two ribbons, first place for breaststroke and second for the individual medley, after going to the regional carnival to represent my school and zone in breaststroke. But I really have to give most of the credit to my swimming teacher, John, for helping me push through any barriers or difficulties to reach that point of achievement in swimming, and my brother who I trained with before the swimming carnival. I also thank my parents and everyone else for supporting the costs and effort of my swimming classes and without all these people, I wouldn’t have made it that far.

  45. Garima Malhotra

    Scholarship Questions – Pearl
    Achievement 1 :

    Ever since I was young, I have loved dancing. When I was 4, I started ballet and tap, and as I turned 7, I became interested in Jazz, Hip Hop, Acrobatics and Static. After joining Rouse Hill Public School (RHPS), I discovered dance classes in the school. I auditioned, and was successful. I was inspired by not one person but many. I have watched many dance competitions and dream to be one of the celebrities known for dancing. I have performed in many festivals and eisteddfods, but the one I am most proud of is the Sydney Opera House Eisteddfod. Me and my dance troop came 5th out of 32 teams. I would like to thank my parents for enrolling me in my early dance classes and my mother for getting me ready every time we had a competition or festival, doing my makeup and figuring out how to do a bun on my short hair. I would also like to thank my dance teachers, Mrs. Knipler and Mrs. Cook for organising our entries and preparing and teaching us the dance. I would not be here without these angels that have helped me get to where I am today.

    Achievement 2 :

    I am intrigued in learning new things and always suggesting ideas in class. As long as I can remember, my maternal grandfather has been teaching me maths and thinking skills and my parents have been teaching me reading and writing. My teacher is always giving me more advanced work than my peers, such as algebra, circumference, Shakespeare and more. This year, I got the Academic Achievement award for all areas. I am thankful to my family’s hard work and dedication to my education. This award would be impossible to achieve without their support.

    Achievement 3 :

    I love to be social as being social leads to making friends. And making friends leads to anti-loneliness. And anti-loneliness leads to anti-depression, which leads to anti-bad habits and so on. I started Rouse Hill Public School (RHPS) just last year, 2022, and my parents were a bit skeptical about whether I would make friends. They were pleasantly surprised that I have tons of friends in RHPS. My friends aren’t what we call fake friends, they are real friends. They can trust me with their secrets and vice versa. My achievement is having social skills. This is not a physical achievement but mental and spiritual. I would like to thank my friends for being- well – my friends. I would also like to thank my parents for instilling my social skills in me.

  46. Dodo opened his bloodshot eyes. He was far, far out at sea. The savage storm sneered abominably as it conducted the clouds to emanate into a hellish, jet-black mass. I could feel its mortification wrenching the waves into a void, swirling in a vortex of angst. My heart trembled to the spasm of the ocean as the rickety boat groaned in despair. I knew I shouldn’t have come out. If only, I had listened…
    I felt the furious waves pounding against the emasculated boat. I knew that it would fall apart at any moment. 3,2,1, CREAK! I let out a yell of trepidation which seemed so loud that the gods could hear it. I struggled, treading water while choking on the brackish, salty waves. I definitely would not survive today, yet, there was a tiny, halo of help that shimmered miles and miles away. I though how nice it would be to be lying down in the cozy, warm house with a roaring fire smiling. I felt my body becoming lighter and slipping down into the darkness of the abyss. I floated down to the bottom as I heard a faint, soft voice, getting louder by the minute. There were crowds of mermaids except, they didn’t look like mermaids at all. They had monstrous faces with one eye that also, did not look like eyes at all. They were empty ,bottomless and barbaric. Their mucilaginous scales flowed majestically along with their bodies, contrasting their face. I was speechless. Suddenly, I felt like I had no breath left. I actually didn’t. I became nauseated but I couldn’t do anything about it. By the second, I became paler and paler. The merpeople noticed this and jumped into action, carrying me deeper, down into a chamber. My eyes flickered weakly. Then I finally I lost consciousness.
    I dreamt of my family living together in harmony just like the merpeople did, dancing together, singing while laughing and being able to like in a glamorous palace with splotches of coral, teeming with fish.
    “Is he awake? Who is this? Looks only bout’ 10, the fella! He has bony long things, wait are they legs? I wished I could have one!”
    ‘Dodo, get a hold of your self’ I thought. Was this a dream? Two in one. It couldn’t be, I pulled my hands up to my face, they were completely normal, except they were as crinkled as dry prunes. I suddenly heard a loud voice calling my name. “DODO! DODO! Where are you? We are completely sorry for the things we did!” I recognised the sound, it was my dear father! I got up and flashed past the confused merpeople. I ran up the stairs, feeling hopeful that the halo of light would be true. I took a deep breath and emerged from the swelteringly hot chamber, bursting through the layer of sand. I swam the fastest I could despite my aching muscles and caught a glimpse of the familiar boat in our driveway, gold stripes and 3 lines of tape. My father looked relieved to see me. I got on board the boat which felt like heaven had came down with a miracle for me. I embraced him as hard I could because, at the end of the day, family are your best supporters.

  47. amyliairbusgmail-com

    Part 1:

    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. A pack of hungry waves was swarming like hyenas while the tiny boat shook vigorously in the night sky lit up by lightning. A flock of frightened birds were flapping in the direction in which the closest land was. Dodo was sure he could smell fried fish somewhere in the distance. But then the realisation hit him. He was lost at sea with nothing but a backpack and a first aid kit. “How did this happen?” Dodo pondered. He saw a green light and heard a whirring sound, but he thought he was imagining things. He closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

    Dodo awoke again and this time he was on an island. He smelt of fish and seaweed and all he had now was his bag. He had to find a way to survive alone. It was a miracle he was alive, but it would make sense if he died here in five seconds. The island was a tiny speck in the middle of a huge ocean, and he was an even smaller speck on the speck. He tried to remember how to survive from all those survival classes his mother used to sign him up to.

    “Remember everything,” Dodo thought to himself. Water distillation, building a shelter, hunting, trap making and what were the others?” Dodo really wish he had paid attention to those lessons. All he could do now was try to survive for as long as he could in this blistering wasteland like an adventurer, but he couldn’t.

    The trees danced before him and for a split second revealed a hidden temple. Dodo went in like a crazy monkey without any hesitation, without a feeling that he would regret that decision. He bolted through the entrance and quickly found himself engulfed in darkness. Dodo put his flashlight on and now could see clearly. There was moss everywhere and was backed up by vines.

    A distorted whirring sound came from a distant and the walls turned a lime colour. Wait. He had seen and heard this while on the boat. Whatever it was, he was about to find out. It could be a good or bad sight. Dodo thought about running but it was evidently too late.

  48. amyliairbusgmail-com

    Part 2:

    Achievement 1:

    Since I was quite young, I loved skiing. The first time I tried, I almost didn’t want to go home afterwards. Every year I wish to go skiing at least twice. I have improved my skills and courage over the years. Covid was a huge setback, but it wouldn’t stop me from dreaming about skiing again. The earliest I skied since the Covid outbreak was in 2022, when I went on holiday to New Zealand. Although I didn’t remember most of it, I still was able to ski with relative ease. Through the help of coaches and my mother I have progressed rapidly, and I am near the top part on the intermediate level.

    Achievement 2:

    Not long ago, I got into the Gat class at St. Ives North Public School. I was delighted because of the news. I always knew I wasn’t as bright as some others, but I didn’t really mind not being in the Gat class at first because I knew I could always improve even if others didn’t notice. But being in this class in the end is a pretty good achievement in my opinion. I have fit in in this class and enjoy being with my other classmates and have a few friends in it. But I still must work hard to have a better life in the future. I got into the Gat class by getting an offer from a pretty good Opportunity Class and I did not regret coming into the Gat class instead of going to the Opportunity Class mainly because I already know many people in St. Ives North and nobody in the other school. I have done extremely well in Naplan, ICAS and Maths Olympiad.

    Achievement 3:

    I love swimming and have been doing it for years, longer than skiing. Like with skiing, Covid stopped me from swimming, and I had to try to revise everything when the chaos died down a bit. I have learnt at so many different places and the teachers have mad e me progress a lot over the years. My mother has also helped me with breaststroke and now I am progressing more than ever.

  49. The Storm

    Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. Merciless waves crashed on the seagoing ship with a gurgling delight after each colossal hit. The chipped wood squeaked and groaned with an ear-splitting sound. Meteoric lightning bolts lit up the caliginous sky, taunting Dodo with cackling laughter. A hyperborean zephyr wafted across the atramentous sea, trying to slap Dodo’s face. He kept the words of his father in his head. Never leave your boat. Suddenly, the silky rope slipped from his cracked hands. He lurched back, scarlet blood dripping down into the deck. The drenched rope flew into the air, the only thing holding the wooden pole from falling, slamming onto Dodo’s head. Then, the world went white in pain.

    Dodo woke up with his head throbbing. He lay on the warm sand and saw the remains of his boat everywhere. “NO!” Dodo shouted in despair. It was over. The beloved boat of his father was broken. He would never be able to come back. Even if he had a ship, he couldn’t face his father with the boat in this state he had been building for years. In the distance, he heard voices of people chanting a bone-chilling song. It sang, “Where are the Hoomans we like to eat? We can catch them in their sleep. Even if they run or hide, we will catch them fried!” Then Dodo shuddered to realise where he was at. A cannibal island.

    Dodo suddenly heard noisy footsteps of tens of people coming to the boiling hot beach. He hid in a gargantuan tree and climbed up into the thorny branches. The blood-hungry cannibals were here. He saw them examining his broken ship pieces. They shouted in delight. “A hooman arrived on our island. We have food! Search the island,” They were going to get him. Dodo’s back was filled with cold sweat. Then, Dodo thought of a clever idea. He snapped a branch of the tree and threw it in the opposite direction of where he was at. It cracked as it hit a bulls-eye on the stone against the long grass. All the cannibals went in that direction, running like feral animals. Dodo climbed down, his heartbeat slowing. He was safe for now. He lay on the ground for a few minutes, catching his breath as if it was sucked out of him when suddenly, a massive club made from wood smashed him in the stomach. Everything went black.

    Dodo woke up with his head scabbed from the wound. All he remembered was him in a tree. Then, realisation struck. The cannibals had caught him, and he was tied to a tree. He saw them on the beach, chanting that cursed song again around a flickering fire. He wiggled his fingers out and got the razor-sharp knife in his pocket. He was cutting the iron-tight bonds around his waist. He was so close, and his fingers were frantically trying to break the knot when a shadow loomed over him. Then, he knew it was over.

  50. 1. Getting into the State Championships for Swimming

    Being a professional swimmer has always been a dream of mine. I love how each stroke is very different and how each stroke has its body part that uses strength to propel in the water. I also have a passion for swimming because I love the way that swimming can help you in academics. It builds up your brain and can remember things more easily. In Year 4, my school decided to hold a swimming carnival. You were to be separated into different age groups and separated in different lanes. When I heard about this, I got awfully excited and I just knew I was ready! I had been practising so much in my pool at home! My role model was Emma McKeon because she is really good at swimming and got her 11th Gold Medal for swimming at the Birmingham Commonwealth games. I got in all the strokes I applied for. And got into the next level which was Zone. Then I got into the next level after that which was Area. Then the next level after that which was State! I couldn’t believe that I was at a high enough level! In the State Championships, it was harder than any. I was so nervous I even jumped late, but thankfully, I caught up to the others. I couldn’t have achieved this without my parents who really encouraged and supported me by practising with me every afternoon no matter what the weather was. Either raining or sunning, we would still be practising.

  51. Part 2 – Jayden Kok

    First Achievement:

    My favourite sport is basketball. I love basketball because I like shooting balls into hoops. My parents bought me a baby hoop to play with when I was young. I still have it in my house. I now have a standard adult-sized hoop, and I use it to train. I practice outside and inside my home almost every day to prepare for the regional representative trials. I trained so hard, and when the trial day came, I performed well. In the end, I got in and was ecstatic. I want to thank my parents for supporting me by paying for my basketball fees and encouraging me to improve. I also want to thank all my coaches for training me to keep improving my game. My friends at training have been a great help for me to improve and, at the same time, enjoy the sport.

    Second Achievement:

    My favourite instrument is the piano. I have been practising piano for six years and am still not bored with it. I have learnt many pieces like Für Elise by myself. One day, I was playing the piano and felt one with it. I was playing many songs without the piano sheets fluently. It felt so perfect, and I played so well. I did not notice the time and realised I had played for over two hours. After all the training, I had to do a test so I could go to a higher grade. It took so long, but it did not stop me. I played all my pieces as best as possible and, in the end, got the score I wanted and passed the test. Doing all this, I could not say I did it all by myself, and I would like to thank my parents for supporting and helping me by paying for my piano classes. Another person I am also thankful to my piano teacher for teaching me how to improve and play the piano better.

    Third Achievement:

    I love to study. Studying is fun and will have a good cause for my future. I have been studying and doing my homework diligently to help my skills get better. One time, I was focused on my revision for a yearly test and did my best. When I got my score, I got a 98.5% and was very pleased. One of the greatest achievements of my learning journey is getting into the Da Vinci Decathlon. With all the achievements I have gained, without my parents, it would not be possible. I am grateful to them for supporting and caring for me through my learning journey. I am also thankful to all the teachers and mentors who have helped me improve.

  52. Part 1
    Topic 1:Write a Narrative with this opening line and refer to the image: Dodo opened his eyes. He was out at sea. (400 words)

    Use the same framework of extended personification/metaphors and high-impact emotions to spice up your writing.

    Exemplar intro: ‘The feral storm sneered diabolically as it commanded the clouds to loom into a hellish black mass. I could feel its torment wrenching the waves into oblivion, swirling in a vortex of disorder. My heart trembled to the spasm of the ocean as the rickety boat groaned in despair. I knew I shouldn’t have come out. If only, I had listened….’

    Dodo opened his eyes, he was out at sea. Merciless pirates swaggered as the rusty, brown ship lurched forward.
    “W-what aa-are are you d-d-d-d-doing to me?” Dodo asked, fearful of what will happen.
    “Shut up! The grand high pirate captain is SPEAKING!” a big, old grunt of a pirate snarled nastily. He slapped Dodo on the leg.
    Dodo was tied up with a chain and was imprisoned on a ship. Dodo recognised the ship, The Ghastly Skull of TERROR, king of all pirate ships. On the high deck, a monumental man was swinging around on a really long rope and he obviously was the grand high pirate captain. But, he didn’t look like a pirate captain. Instead, he looked like he was a teen sensation pop-star singer. He also had a really sweet voice.
    “Listen fellows pirates, I am here to lead your ship for one whole day. I do this to every pirate ship in the world and one key thing I always do is eliminate at least one pirate in every ship. I will be inspecting almost the whole day. The first act of obedience is, RELEASE DODO, THE PLANET KILLER!”
    As chains got rustled off Dodo, he was very confused. He, a planet killer. Then, he remembered. Dodo was an international assassin called the planet killer. He was riding his invisible jet but something shot it down. Pirate Canons!
    “I am Dodo, the Planet Killer. Those who defy me or the grand high captain will literally perish. ” Dodo said, making it purposely dramatic.
    “Dodo, remember me? Best friend Jacob from high school? I’m so happy. I am a pirate like I wanted to be and you are a private assassin like you wanted to be!”
    “Yes yes. I will also be inspecting. I AM YOUR SPECIAL GUEST HERE!”
    Dodo then closed his eyes and transformed into a gigachad!
    “I was not kidding!”
    The pirates stared in disbelief!
    “I am making my first elimination,” Dodo announced. “Capture some ships for me. I will be in the sky with Jacob watching!”
    One pirate started laughing and suddenly put his hands over his mouth
    “Whats so funny?”
    Dodo floated to the sky and lasers shot out of his eyes straight at the pirate who dared to laugh. The pirate (Suuki) jumped up into the air to avoid the lasers. Then he ripped of his shirt to show a black and white uniform.
    “I am Suuki from the international agency. I have come here to destroy the Ghastly Skull of Terror crew and Dodo as well. I have you surrounded with international ships. Give up!”
    Dodo and Jacob flew up into the sky and took out missile launchers. They shot missiles at every ship, hitting it directly in mast. Bullseye!
    Suuki flew as well and took out a gun.
    “I told you, give up!”
    He fired 2 shots at Dodo and Jacob. Dodo and Jacob were suddenly surrounded in a pink bubble shield. Next to it was the king of ninjas, Mulek. One of their friends.
    Mulek was riding an ancient water dragon which killed Suuki in one scratch.
    “Hey Dodo. Hey Jacob. I’ve come to help you take down the international agency.”

    TO BE CONTINUED…………………………..

  53. Part 2
    Topic 2
    Scholarship Interview Questions

    Write about 3 of your greatest achievements using the following framework:

    1. Characteristic/LOVE/ PASSION

    2. Anecdote- little story\ROLE MODEL

    3. Achievement

    4. Thank everyone/grateful

    1st achievement:
    I am a C mus specialist in piano. I just love playing the piano. Most of the time, I play for over 2 hours! Also, I am a Grade 8 specialist in saxophone. The saxophone is just too fun to stop playing.

    2nd Achievement:
    Ever since I was young I have had a passion for tennis. I have learnt a lot from playing in tennis competitions. I have also made many friends playing tennis, and have also learnt that there are many good tennis players around, and that the more effort people put in, the better they become. My favourite quote is “ The more I practise, the luckier I get.” My favourite tennis player is Roger Federer as in addition to being a great player, he has a good attitude to sports and life, and is always respectful, even in defeat. I have reached the Champions of Champions stage for under 8’s, and I am grateful to my mum, who has taken the time to find good coaches to improve my tennis skills, and also to drive me around to coaching and matches.
    3rd achievement
    Ever since I knew how to talk, I was always interested in math. I always loved numbers and solving equations. I found them like being a detective or solving a puzzle.

    And when I was in Year 2, My mum found a tutoring course (Scholarly)for me to keep me challenged. I was enrolled despite having a really hard time as the questions were hard and there was a lot of homework. It was here that I realised my passion in maths and it did challenge my abilities in the subject.
    Skip to the present, I agained 2 math class awards and even when I wasn’t present to sit one part of three, of the test as I was away from school, sick, I collected 3rd place in the Math Olympiad competition. If I hadn’t been to this particular tutorial school and my tutors, I would not have known my potential.

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