Why scoring 90% in the Practice Test is not enough…

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Steve Xu


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Hi parents and welcome! Sorry for the late video. I’m recording out of my home, so different change, change of environment. What we’re going to talk about today is why getting 90% in the practice test is not enough. So today, I just want to thank Ivan, I think Ivan’s a new member, and he gave the practice tests to his child and his child scored 90% in the selective test, and that’s actually a really, really good mark. Already, you know, you should be very, very proud of your child, your child is probably in the top 10%. You know, it just means that if he’s scoring 90%, he’s breaking down facts very, very well. He understands the passage to a very, very large degree, but what I want to talk about is why is 90% not enough? Right? And here’s why. 

The question that Ivan’s child got wrong was question number seven, which was an emotional question. If you guys remember what I talked about, just the other day, most of the questions in the fiction, and you know, the poetry section of the selection, scholarship test and oc test and selective test nowadays, are completely emotionally based, right? So what it means is, if, let’s say, half of the questions are emotional questions, and you’re getting all of them wrong, or you’re getting at least half of them wrong, then that means that really drags the score down, right? The estimated mark that I gave to Ivan was 37, out of 45. That’s pretty good mark, that’ll probably get you into North City Boys, as well as all the, kind of, other top schools, but it’s not enough, James Ruse, and it’s definitely not enough for scholarship tests. You know, this is this is something that, you know, applies to a lot of really, really bright children, right, because this is a test, you know, that I’ve given to all my kids, right. And there are a lot of really, really brilliant kids that I teach in our kids, for OC test classes, kids from gifted and talented programs. Pretty much they all struggle with emotions. The reason why they struggle with emotions. 

Why Kids Struggle With Emotions

Reason why I’d say 99% of kids struggle with emotions is because they simply haven’t been taught, you know, they simply haven’t been exposed to enough, you know, fictional texts, you know, poetry, to understand how to break down emotions, right? They’re not taught at school, they’re not taught by the parents, they’re not taught at home. So you know, it’s very, very difficult to learn something if you if you haven’t been taught. Like I said yesterday, the only kids who really pick up this as either they’ve been taught by somebody, or they’re very, very curious in the top 1%. They’re really motivated to learn themselves. What I want to talk about is, I’ll actually want to break down this question, and explain what I mean by the emotional question. So if you guys are actually interested, open up the, the test that I put in, and if you go to question seven, the question for seven is, “Which choice best describes the narrator’s view of his expedition to the North Pole,” and you see a whole bunch of options, you see a moral but inevitable, absurd, but necessary, socially beneficial, but misunderstood? scientifically important, but hazardous? So what they’re doing here, what the test makers have done here, is they’ve designed a two emotion question, right? 

It’s a two-step emotion question. What I mean by that is, in every single option ABCD, there are two emotions being given, right? If you look at the first one, immoral and inevitable, second one is absurd and necessary. So what often really trips kids up is kids will often think okay, yeah, one of them makes sense, inevitable makes sense. Yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna circle A. The problem with that is the test makers have specifically designed the test to trick your kids, right? There are gonna be there, there will be multiple options, where one of the emotions makes sense, right? Or your kid needs to differentiate is they need to understand that both options, both emotions have to be correct for them to choose the option and for them to get that question correct.

How to Understand How These Emotions Work

Unfortunately, most kids aren’t able to do that. So you might ask, well, Steven, how exactly do I go about breaking down emotions? How exactly do I go about understanding how these emotions work? Well, it’s simple, right? What you got to do is you got to you got to tell your child, is the emotion positive or negative? Right? Ask the child is it positive is a positive or negative? And secondly, break down the modality. What I mean by modality is the strength of the word, right? Is it high or low in terms of its strength? Is it a really strong? Is it a very, very strong emotional word. Or is it a weaker emotion word? So a strong emotion word would be harsh, or be ecstatic. It would be.

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It would be extremely joyous, right? Jubilant, those are very strong emotional words. Weak emotional words would be despondent, dull, you know, gray, all of those are lower in terms of their intensity. So that’s what you got to understand. You got to be able to break down emotions this way. If your child is not able to break down emotions, if your child hasn’t even scored nine out of 10, then you know, you got to be seriously asking yourself, you know, questions about your child’s training. I’d recommend everyone again, to do the tests, do the tests, see how your child goes, if they’re getting below nine again, like I said, they’re in pretty big trouble. But that’s okay. You know, you can do training for it. You can message me if you have any more questions. Thanks, Ivan again for giving the oc test and selective test to your child and you know, we wish you the best of luck in the future. Again, I want everyone to feel comfortable in, you know, in asking questions in the group, you know, because, again, I’m going live every single day I need content ideas and I want to help as many parents as possible. So if you have any questions, if you’re interested in learning more about selective schools and scholarship test and oc test, either send me a direct message or post in the group. See you tomorrow.

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