How to Apply for a Selective School Years 8-12

If you are looking for selective schools for your ward between 8-12 years in New South Wales, you would be glad to know that the application process for entry/ admission will take place from June 21 till July 16, 2021. The application for the placement to be held in late June will be for the 2022 session, though the application process will take place from June 2021. If you are the one looking for the updates regarding the same then, go through the information regarding the process of application, information for applicants, Selection process, and outcomes, which has been discussed below:

Information for Applicants

Selective schools are established keeping in view the needs of exceptionally gifted students by providing them with a highly stimulating environment. By bringing extremely talented and outstanding students together, these schools promote intellectual achievements through unique teaching methodologies.


Vacancies for the age group of 8-12 years vary for different selective schools. The number of vacant seats depends upon the number of students left. Some selective schools might not have any vacancy for a particular year, while at the same time, some schools create a list of reserved applicants for the future. But, the validity for these reserved applicants in the list remains for the specified year for which the applicant has applied.

It is recommended for the applicants to apply for at least three selective schools at the same time. For that, separate applications need to be filled for different schools. However, if the application gets rejected or fails then, the applicant can reapply for any selective school as per your choice.

Fee and Monetary Aid

The NSW Selective High Schools provide free education to students with extraordinary and outstanding teaching methods. Since these are public schools, therefore, no fee is charged. But yes, you need to pay for materials required for specific subjects.

The NSW Selective High Schools also provide boarding facilities for its learners living in remote areas, which are chargeable too. But, for such students who come from rural or other remote areas and want to avail of boarding facilities, Selective schools may provide financial assistance regarding residential facilities.

List of Top Selective High Schools in order of their precedence

Application Process

For 8-12 years of applicants, a maximum of 3 applications can be made for different Selective high schools. For selection criteria and other assessment-related queries, keep yourself updated with the school websites or Visit the school premises.

Steps for Application:

Selection Process

The selection process in Selective High Schools for 8-12 years of students is carried out separately by each distinctive Committee of Selective Schools. These individual committees meet up every year to select the applications for their schools in August and September to come up with further actions to be taken.

About Selection Committees:

Academic Merit

The Selection Committee takes decisions and determines the placement of an applicant based on academic merit. The selection committee takes into consideration the following given below for determining the suitability:
  • They ask for the school reports to take further action.
  • Further, they also bring into use some other procedures in the selection process, such as their own assessment criteria or conducting tests.
  • They may also ask for other information which they consider to be relevant during the process.


Some Selective Schools consider administering their assessment and tests. The information regarding the assessment and the test can be received from the authorities of individual selective schools or from the selection committee itself. They inform about the assessment and the norms before it gets conducted. Also, some selective schools may ask for a fee to get the test administered.


The notifications about the outcome of the application for selective high schools are made available to the parents in October and November each year. The outcome or the result for the application could fall in the categories listed below:

Please note that if the application gets selected and the offer is received regarding the selection, make sure that you complete all the formalities due, such as Signing and completing the offer, and respond to the offer in return on time as any such delays could result in cancellation of the application thereafter and the seat might get forwarded to the reserved list candidates.

However, reserved applicants are informed by the individual selective schools they have applied for if a place is made available for the applicant.

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