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You can only really choose one thing to be great at. And so what I want to say to parents who kind of feel like this, where the energy is scattered, where their children where their child is, you know, doing multiple different things, right. And this can mean, like, for example, and we’ll talk about children colors and stuff like that. But this could mean if your child is spending like an hour, two hours a day, trying to master a musical instrument, plus, they’re spending an hour two hours a day trying to master a sport. Plus, on top of that they got like parties that they need to go to, or they have video games they need to play. And then at the end of that, you want them to also get into a top 10 selective school or a private scholarship or opportunity class. It’s quite difficult to do, right? And a lot of people would say, hey, well, you know, that’s living a well balanced life. You’re right. Okay, but right now, you guys want excellence, you don’t want to live a life of mediocrity, what you’re very well, you’re somewhat good at many, many different things. 

Don’t be a jack of all trades. So going back to this diagram, let me also explain how this works. In terms of the academic side, because right now, I’ve only explained it in terms of energy overall, but what does it look like on the academic side. So imagine, instead of having video games, all of that your child actually is putting a lot of energy and time into the academic studies. I’ve seen this happen as well. So let’s say on Monday, you go to a troll test on Tuesday, you do some kind of W. EMP. On Wednesday, you go to like a specialist English training. On Thursday, you go to like a writing shoot all on Friday, you go to like a specific maths tutoring place or selective schools. And so again, as you guys can see, the energy is being spread. Whereas the alternative is they can just focus on doing one program one system, and putting all of the focus and energy and attention into that. That’s one of the biggest mistakes that I see parents make. 

So what I’d say to all of you parents right now who are trying to get into a top 10, selective school or opportunity class, all parents are trying to get a scholarship, figure out what you want. All right, figure out what you want, and then go back and figure out what are the sacrifices that you’re willing to make? What are the sacrifices that you’re willing to make for your child during this time period? Look, it’s a very hard decision to make. But usually, the way that I break it down is like this, right? The selective schools tests, the scholarship test, oc test, these basically determine where your child gets into for high school, right, you don’t want to mess up, you know what school they get into high school, if it means six months of sacrificing some kind of sport, or six months sacrificing some kind of co curricular, co curricular do it. Because it’s again, long term thinking they can spend the next six years you know, doing whatever they want until the HSC. But for these six months, for these five months, for the months leading up to the exam, you have to make certain sacrifices. 

Other people say, Hey, you can do everything, you can do this, you can do that. You can do dot, dot, dot, and you can, but there’s always a time and a place for everything. Focus is the most important thing. You know, make sure that you control your energy, make sure that you control your focus, don’t die a slow, painful death of 1000 cuts because every single day when you go by, nothing’s going to happen, you won’t realize that your child is actually suffering. But when those selective school test or oc test results come right in three, four or five months time, you will realize that your child has not performed at their optimal best. Okay, so I hope this video really helps you guys. I hope you guys really get some kind of understanding. I’m gonna be recording a lot more of these videos in the next few weeks. So if you do like them, please let me know what your thoughts are. Please let me know if you agree or you disagree with the message. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and what you believe. Again, I might be biased, I might be wrong. So let me know. Give give me a like if you’ve enjoyed the video, and I’ll see you guys all very soon. Bye bye

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