Are Selective Schools Useful? The cost of failing grades

A lot of parents seem to believe that life is just going to work itself out for their children once they grow up. Most parents in the Western world have this belief simply because of the level of development. Australians have relaxed mindsets unlike other developed countries in Asia like Singapore, China, Japan, and Korea. In all these nations, academics is becoming an increasingly reverend and important metric of success in life.

Should you take the Selective School Test?

Academics have become the most important metric in determining job income, and basically, your ability to provide for yourself in the future. Kids who come out of selective schools tend to get much more attention than their public-school equivalents. This is because they score much higher than kids who go to public schools. Now, there are outliers and exceptions to this. Your child’s education is crucially important for the future because, in the next 10-20 years, Sydney will replicate that of Hong Kong, China, Korea, and many other predominantly Asian countries. House and property prices are going to be higher, and academics are going to be more competitive. The victims of all of this are the current Australian kids.

Wages aren’t increasing. The average wage in Australia hasn’t increased in the last 20 years. Academic requirements are increasing. Yet the value of those academic qualifications is decreasing as more people are getting degrees. In the next 20 years, everybody will have a bachelor’s degree from some institution. So, the only degrees worth getting are the ones at the very top.

The other thing that’s happening, and probably the most important of all is that house prices are constantly increasing. 20 years ago, in a suburb like Chatswood, you could probably buy a two-story house for about $300,000- $400,000. Today, it’s probably going to be 10 times that amount. I’m not saying that’s the exact kind of increase, but we know that house prices will continue increasing.

And so, if you have a child between 4-7 years, you need to think about their future. Many youths with academic qualifications are struggling in life right now. Imagine how it will be like for kids who didn’t go to selective schools. As a parent, you must shape your child’s future by sacrificing a little bit of their playtime or sacrificing even a little bit of your time and money to push your child to learn more for the sake of their future.

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