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Many parents still face a lot of uncertainty regarding the preparation process for the selective school exams and the ability of their children to ace the selective school exams. In this article, you are going to learn how to transform your unmotivated child in order for them to gain entrance into the top 10 selective high schools or win private scholarships.

At scholarly, we specialize in teaching kids to ace the selective and scholarship exams. We have helped 39 kids achieve entrance into top selective schools like James Ruse and further 22 scholarships to leading private schools like Sydney Grammar. Apart from the scores, we also help them to become confident learners.

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Tips for the Selective School Exam:

You don’t have to strain yourself by going to many tutoring centers or spending lots of money without success. As a parent, you need to install three things in your kids; sanity, the fundamentals in all the basic subjects, and the importance of corrections. This is because the quality of your child is dependent on your commitment as a parent. If your child is not interested in learning, the problem is yours. It’s not your child’s fault. This is probably because you are not pushing them and guiding them towards the right direction.

To lead them in the right direction, you need to increase your value as a parent in order to improve your child’s certainty in learning. If you don’t fix this problem when they are young, they will not listen to you when they become teenagers, and they might end up falling into peer influence. It’s therefore so crucial that you develop the certainty right now. The certainty of direction and leadership so that you can lead them in the right direction when they are still young and innocent so that you can get your desired results in the OC and Selective school exams.

As a parent, you should know the importance of fundamental subjects. It would be best to develop their understanding of basic English, maths, and writing fundamentals. The easiest option to prepare your kids for the Opportunity class or Selective school test is to send your child to as many coaching colleges as possible, which is excellent. But if they haven’t established the fundamentals, their scores will always remain low because they haven’t established rock-solid foundation in the fundamentals. There is no point in sending your child to different coaching colleges if you haven’t established the fundamentals. Without that grounding, the child will lack confidence while doing the exams because they might encounter basic questions which they have never seen before.

Generally, maths questions are easy. The issue is with English. Most children don’t know how to analyze things like poetry, which they haven’t been exposed to. That’s why we will focus mainly on English. Let’s break down what the fundamentals look like:


The reading fundamentals are actually quite basic, right. It revolves around three things; Figuring out what the main idea is, finding the keywords, and breaking down emotions.

Figuring out what the main idea sounds super basic, but how many of you get your kids actually underlined every keyword in the passage? How many of you as parents get your child to write down and summarize the story at the end of every paragraph? If your kid does not understand what the keywords are, there’s no chance that they’re going to get the results right. To capture the keywords, you need to have strong vocab. You need to memorize at least 100 words per week. This will also improve their reading comprehension. Reading comprehension questions for selective school and private scholarships are usually based on emotions. Your child should be able to understand and break down emotions well to ace the reading comprehension section.

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To improve your writing skills, you need to use this three-step formula. The first step is to start modeling examples from the past pieces wrote by top students. You shouldn’t replicate the pieces, but instead, you should capture interesting phrases and captivating descriptions and then come up with an original piece. It’sIt’s only by looking at these example models that they can understand how each of the phrases works.
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The most important thing to do in GA is simply understanding the different types of questions and how they fall into two distinct categories. Many parents don’t realize that in GA, you only really have two different categories of questions, you got the verbal questions, which are just the word-based questions, and you got the non-verbal questions, which are just numbers and digraphs.

The word-based questions are pretty simple. It’s just a complete sentence where you might be asked to find things like synonyms or antonyms of a word. Remember, the word-based questions in the new Cambridge exam will be based on vocab. You should memorize 100 words a week to equip yourself for the GA exam. With the non-verbal questions, which range from odd one out questions, matrices, and finding the next number in a series, you need to understand and break down the strategies for answering such questions. Once you know the fundamentals, your child will score consistently.

One of the most significant pain points of kids is corrections. Most parents give their children many trial tests and fail to revise and make corrections to questions they might have answered wrongly. These children end up repeating the same mistakes and eventually failing the selective exams. The marks are just never going to rise because they will keep getting the same questions wrong. And because they start doing these questions mindlessly and avoiding the corrections, they will begin developing some negative mindsets.

As a severe parent, you should commit 80% of your child’s study time to revisions. Make them do it repeatedly because that’s the only way they can improve and get to the next level. You can start off by getting them a correction book. This way, you can also establish their strengths and weaknesses. If you actually follow these steps, you can get into your dream school.

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