Selective Test Preparation | Using School Holiday's to your advantage

Holidays have such a huge impact on your child’s performance in the OC exams. During the holidays, students usually have a lot of time and freedom which is enough for them to prepare well for their OC exams. Parents are therefore required to properly plan their kids’ learning programs during holidays. Kids who score high in the OC exams have smart parents who plan for them their holidays to accommodate their learning process. These kids end up getting into top OC schools while others end up getting into competitive private school scholarships.

Most parents have this notion that holidays are the perfect time for their kids to relax. They usually don’t take time to plan their children’s learning activities.

Indeed, there is so much time in the holidays and they are important times for kids to relax and get away from the stressful school terms. However, when you don’t plan your child’s learning schedule during the holidays, you are likely to contribute to their failure when the school term begins. Allowing your children to enjoy their holiday without studying will affects them once they return to school after the holidays because they might find the vigorous learning process overwhelming. A good holiday plan, therefore, has enough relaxing time and learning time.

In a typical ten-week school term, students finish school at three o’clock every day, after which they spend about two hours on extracurricular activities like bands, dance,gymnastics or music. These activities could consume two hours of their time, leaving them with only about three hours of study in the evening.

Most of the time, the students are usually too tired from schoolwork and extracurricular activities to concentrate on their studies. On weekends, students usually take a break from their weekly activities. Most of them never really study during weekends. So basically, most students get to typically study typically for only 15 hours a week. The hours might not also be productive since they study when they are already tired for the day. This is why holidays are the most important time for your child to make a significant amount of progress in their learning process.

Holidays are the most uninterrupted period where children can make the most amount of progress. Children can make great progress in a 2-week holiday than in the entire term at school. This is because it is easy to organize a study schedule daily. Parents should therefore capitalize the holidays to prepare their kids for the next term. Students who are prepared well during the holidays find it less stressful coping up with the learning curriculum when they resume school because they are already ahead in the term content taught at school.

Structuring the days

A good holiday plan should have four hours of intensive learning after which the students can then spend the rest of the hours playing or engaging in other leisure activities like swimming, playing computer games, or watching movies. As a parent, do not force your child to master all subjects in a two-week holiday period. Instead, choose only one subject to work on at a time. For instance, if your child is already good in math but poor in thinking skills, you should start off by working on the thinking skills during the holiday period. To avoid confusion, let your child focus on a single subject a day and not multiple subjects on a single day. A scattered learning approach where all subjects are involved in a day may not be effective. Focusing on one subject at a time is the perfect time to build up your weak areas.

At Scholarly, we have designed an efficient holiday program to help in your child’s learning process. Our learning programs run from Monday to Friday for Year 3s, Year 4s, and Year 5s. Year 3 focuses on building a foundation, Year 4 focuses on OCs, and Year 5 is focused on Selective Schools. We have divided our learning program into two sessions, the morning sessions which run from 10-12 am, and the afternoon sessions which run from 4-5 pm. In our morning sessions, we focus on English and where we tackle poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and writing formulas as well. In the afternoon session, we focus on math and thinking skills. In math, we focus on fractions, decimals, percentages, money, and geometry, while in thinking skills, we focus on problem-solving and logical reasoning.

We have designed this program to ensure a smooth, flexible, and fun learning experience for the kids. If you want a good holiday learning program and structure where your kid can prepare well for the OC exams, you should consider enrolling your kid at Scholarly. New parents who don’t know which materials to use or what direction to take can also do a diagnostic test by Scholarly to get the best advice on the best approach to take in their kids’ preparation.

For kids to pass their exams, parents should take the responsibility of planning their kids’ learning schedules at home. As a coaching college that focuses on group tutoring, we have been privileged to have diligent and hardworking parents who have supported us in our coaching process. These parents always plan their kids’ learning process during holidays. They make sure their kids watch the class videos, read the learning materials, and complete their assignments on time. Indeed, these parents have been 100% instrumental to our success.

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