Why 99% of Parents will not get their kids into their Dream Selective School Scholarship

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Steve Xu


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Hey parents, and welcome to today’s video. I know this is a very, very odd time to record. Hope everybody is doing great. I know the weather right now is crazy. And you guys read the title correct. Today, I’m going to be talking about why 99% of parents will not be able to get their children into their dream selective school or into a private school scholarshipNow, if you’re in the group, you’ve been here for a while, I know a lot of parents, Hey, Nick, how you doin’? You know a lot of parents are watching me daily, trying to, you know, figure out, you know, what kind of new materials, what kind of new things are popping up. You know, it’s great, like, I’ve seen a lot of contribution, a lot of engagement. I think it’s really, really good to see so many parents interested.

Now, there’s a huge difference between a parent who actually can get results for their kids versus parent who, you know, falters on this side. Now, let me just start by saying this. Through my period of teaching, literally hundreds of kids over the last five, six years, I’ve come across many, many different parents. And usually, I say this with a grain of salt, but usually the kids are a direct reflection of the parents. Okay, let me repeat that, again, the kids are always a direct reflection of the parents. And here’s what I mean by that, when parents are unable to push when parents are not committed themselves, the kids will not be able to succeed. When parents are not certain of their met, the kids will not succeed, when parents just go half and they’ll just, you know, watch things from the sidelines, the kids will not be able to succeed. This happens time and time again. The best kids, for example, earlier this year, I sent four kids in to the Sydney Grammar interview, right. So at Sydney Grammar, you got to do scholarship tests, and then after that, you get a one interview. There were four kids that I sent in, right for Sydney Grammar interview. That is probably the most difficult scholarship test selective test or oc test or selective test or oc test out of any of the selective test or oc test,  right? Compared to selective test or oc test, compared to all the other selective test or oc test or scholarship tests. The most difficult selective test or oc test is Sydney Grammar scholarship exam. 


I’ll tell you that hands down those four parents were the most committed parents, and what I mean by committed parents, not parents who just send their kids to, you know, the local tutoring college or, you know, parents who, you know, just engage one-on-one tutors, but parents who literally will sit down with their kids for hours on end, right, and make sure that their kids understand everything, right? It’s not just paying a bit of money to you know, send local, you know, big-name tutoring college, it’s like literally sitting down, make sure that they understand everything in every single one of their subjects, right? In writing, making sure that their writing is on point, make sure that their reading is on point, make sure that the maths and … concepts are good. Those are the parents who will succeed, those parents who will do the best, even when kids come into my training program, because our training program is really, really intense. You know, if you if you’re just dabbling in halfway here and there, if you’re uncertain, and you’re not telling your kid exactly what to do, you’re gonna fail. Simply put, you’re going to fail, if you want to get into a top 10 selective school, which now requires a score of about 220, right, which is not that hard to get, honestly, you know, with a solid three months, three to six months preparation should be able to get there. You know, you need to make sure that you put in your all in effort, right, which means finding the best programs, make sure that your kids do all the adequate training, make sure that you can get the top quality materials, right and significantly, kids and make sure that they understand everything. If you can’t do that, as parent, you can’t expect to get better results. This brings me to the topic of today’s video.

 So what’s happened lately, I think is a lot of parents are asking me for materials, which is great. But there was a post made just just recently about, hey, Steven, give me the question for 2019 selective school test or oc test. And I’ve already made a video about the 2019 selective schools test or oc test. And I think that parent want a little bit more. So what I said was, you know, even if I give you the questions for the 2019 selective schools test or oc test, no amount of materials is going to cure your child’s inadequacies. Let me repeat that, again, no amount of materials is going to kill your child’s inadequacies. If they don’t have the right formulas, right, in terms of solving unjumble the sentence questions are unjumbling the letter questions that if they don’t know how to do that, and if they haven’t done the volume of practice needed to get into the next level, they’re not going to be able to do it. Even if you memorize all the questions from 2019 selective schools test or oc test, there’s still not going to be able to replicate that in the 2020 selective schools test or oc test, if they don’t have that foundation, if they don’t understand how to do the questions. 

Four Narratives

That’s what I want all of you parents to know, like I can give you three or four great narratives. But you know, if all you do is just have them there, maybe give them to you, you can ask the kid to copy it up. It’s not gonna make a difference when selective schools tested see with a different topic, right. So even over the last few days, we’ve had kids you know, do the Trinity Grammar scholarship test or oc test. You know, today’s obviously Sydney grammar scholarship test or oc test with our kids do you know the Santa Sabina all the different you know, in a West and you know, in a Sydney scholarship test or selective test or oc test, they all told me same thing. If you don’t have a solid foundation of writing,

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No matter how many any writing samples you memorize, you’re not going to be doing well. And also you run the risk of plagiarism, which happens with a lot of kids, if you just memorize the examples that I’ve given out, because I’ve given them out to literally 1000s of kids. So it brings me back to the main topic of today, which is number one, as a parent, you need to be committed, right? You need to be absolutely full on in terms of leading a child in the right way. Number two, you need to, you need to be absolutely certain of your method. And to be honest, most parents aren’t certain of your method. Asking your friends what the best strategy is, it’s kind of like, you know, like sheep leading sheep around right, most of you guys, without offending you, don’t know what the correct strategy is in reading comprehension and writing and everything else, nor are you getting the right strategies in the big name coaching colleges, which leads me to ask you. Well, the only way that you can really succeed nowadays is either number one, you are gifted, and you understand how to do the questions yourself. Or number two, you go to literally five or six different coaching colleges, you ask every single parent out there exactly what to do, and then you might be able to figure out the formula. But even then, I have a lot of parents who come to me from Beecroft, Opportunity class from all the top OC test classes like North Rocks, and they don’t even know what to do, right? They’ve been asking all their friends, and they have all the best tutors, right, and still, they don’t have the right formula. 

So again, it’s a very tough game nowadays. And like I said to that 20 selective schools test or oc test will be a completely different selective test and oc test to the years prior. If you are not ready, your kids are just going to absolutely bomb out during the selective test and oc test. Because unlike the previous years, the emphasis, like I’ve mentioned over and over again, is going to be on English and writing. So if you kids great at maths, that’s cool. But they’re going to completely obliterate and they’re going to self-destruct when they get into the English and writing sections. Because again, like I mentioned, in writing, you can’t just memorize, you know, pieces that you haven’t written before yourself. Number two, you can’t guess or anticipate the topic. True, it’s usually pretty abstract. But you still need to be able to answer the question on the day. And three, if you haven’t exposed yourself to all the difficult reading comprehension passages like Australian poetry, or Australian fiction, you’re not going to be doing too well, right? So you need to be able to analyze all of those different things, and really, the only way that you can do that is through a solidified program, or like I said, you can do it yourself. But it’s going to require a lot of strenuous activity. 

Anyway, that’s it for me today. Hopefully, you guys learned something. Remember, again, you need to remain committed as parents. I know it’s a very, very difficult process right now, for a lot of you with kids who don’t want to study because you don’t want to do the work. But at the end of the day, your commitment reflects in the kid. I’ve seen hundreds of parents come in over the years, and it’s always the parents are the most committed, it doesn’t matter how smart your kid is. selective schools test and oc test is not an intelligence exam. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, I see kids who work like you know, 10-20 hours, you know, awake, and again, it doesn’t really matter, right? Because everybody’s working hard. Everyone’s going to all the coaching colleges. The only difference that you have as a parent is how much effort you put in how eager and how willing you’re able to monitor your child, and to make sure that they’re getting all the top materials. Again, Yang Wang, like I mentioned before this year’s selective test and oc test is going to be different from the prior years. So you can just check out what the New South Wales Department of Education has said, the emphasis will be on English and writing. So the rising trend from the last five years has been on English and writing. If you’re at a big name College, let’s just be honest, right now, your reading comprehension passages is going to be way too easy, right. And they’re not going to be reflective of the actual reading comprehension from this year’s selective test and oc test. From what I’ve heard recently, the selective test or oc test maker has already changed. 

So just from that, you should know that selective test or oc test is going to be a lot more different than the prior years. So the selective test or oc test maker that’s been rumored for this year is going to be I can’t mention that in this video. But it’s different, right? So it’s going to be different selective test or oc test maker from the prior years. And so again, like I mentioned before, the emphasis is going to be on English and writing. Even we know that the GA section is going to change as well, because the GA is going to be very much based on letter codes, right and on vocab. So if your kids are not good in terms of vocab, they don’t have fundamental building blocks in vocab, they’re not going to be able to do very well. Again, my anticipation is that they are going to be a lot of letter rearranging questions. And again, that requires you to have a very, number one able mind in terms of nonverbal reasoning, but also very able mind in terms of verbal reasoning, and capacity to be able to comprehend different inflections of emotions and all that kind of stuff. That’s it for me today. Thank you guys, and I’ll talk to you soon

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