4 Top Scoring Narratives
From the 2021 Selective School Test

Based on this image students were asked to write a narrative:

selective school test fiction narrative

Here are 4 Scholarly student responses... enjoy!


‘Sand, sea, sky, loss, depression. A coast of despicable grains of hate and pity, each containing a lost friend, a lost item in a sea of pain and sorrow, spans further than the eye can see. The wave of time gently laps at the shore, washing the memory of forgotten souls far away. Away to foreign places, to the end of times where they remain till a time of forgiveness. But I wasn’t. As if a stray soul had jammed the gears of change. That soul was me. Exiled for my impulse, outlawed for decisions, I sit here, resigned to the stairs of beginnings, pondering my next venture. Should I quit, leave for a world of uncertainty, where hunger and starvation roam the streets, or should I stay, face my boss and be handed a few green notes and return the next day, barely alive pockets empty only to repeat till the end of time. I couldn’t think, only see a face, the face of my lost friend, my last friend.

His furrowed bushy eyebrows appeared as brown caterpillars perching above his brilliant emerald eyes. The lustrous gold hair shone like wheat under the scorching summer sun. A tear slowly penetrated my meibomian glands and slid down my cheek slowly before dropping sombrely on the hard concrete floor, followed by torrents of agony. Was this my fate? Why did destiny always have to be so torturous? Then, turning to take one last look at the gothic battlefields of raging war and sorrow, I walked away, never to return.
Each step felt heavy under the weight of my actions. My heart was pounding like the waves in a fast-forwarded parallel universe. The chilly wind was jeering at me with great swooshes of its mighty breath, saying, “You are doomed, give up,” before whirling under my jacket and infusing my warmth with unspeakable cold. Weak, begrimed and jobless, I fell, feeling the world, seeing life, embracing warmth, only a distraction from my last action, death. The darkness that creeps under your skin and removes your soul before leaving you to collapse finally came. I felt worriless for the first time. Then it disappeared, leaving me crippling in despair. I collapsed. The rough gravel tickled my skin. A smile crept across my face for the last time.
It was time to die.’


We were inseparably entwined since the first day of school. We had done everything together. We had fought, won and lost, and laughed and wept. Together. Tears dripped from my stabbed heart as I dug further into the ramshackle stairs. Pain and agony arose and turned my throat parched and saline. The pain came in waves, breaking apart the minutes of sobbing before hurtling and tossing my boat till it shattered.
He was my only friend, my only companion. Now I have nobody.
The effervescent ivory froth on the ocean of my world plummeted into my bottomless abyss. I lifted my tear laden eyelids and gazed at the empty beach of hope, lined with volatile chains of weeds of pain and pebbles of treachery. This one wave of selfishness caused a silent storm that wrecked the boat of our friendship. There could not be a more hopeless feeling of an endless horizon of bedraggled thoughts. I had to trust myself and sail to the land that was set before me.


Rough, Stygian black stairs descended me down in a bottomless abyss of agony and misery, vigorously thrashing me against the jagged, piercing rocks that lay adjacent to the sand of trust and benevolence. I catapulted razor-sharp pebbles towards the gleaming sand, rippling what was once my heart and soul. 

Wincing in invisible pain, I clutched my heart as waves of tumultuous dejection crashed upon my weakening soul. I stared at the desolation of the alabaster white wall in hope to find restoration, but I knew our friendship was over as my eyes fixed to the patch of worn off paint, chipped off by waves of time. 

Why have I been so mindless? Why have I been betrayed so ruthlessly? Why does the world have to be so cruel? A vortex of questions devoured me whole, submerging my mind under the battling tides.


‘Ferocious waves of anguish and despair lashed at the benumbed shores of my paralysed mind as I dug my feet into the constant-moving sand of truth and benignity. The sun set on the coast of our good will. I could see the rest of the world, drifting farther away as teardrops made up her pond. I gasped for breath as I drowned in the whirlpool of thoughts, the waves of reality tumbling on the pebbles of treachery, deceit and fraud. Minutes ago, my world had been a shimmering globule of pride, joy and abundance blissfully cruising on waves of camaraderie. Now it was a turbulent, colourless chronicle of agony and horror.

Why was I betrayed? Sounds of joyous chattering echoed like a waterfall on the banks of my ears. Carefree giggles had been the sails of our boat. Incessant swells of poignantly vivid memories of our companionship whipped the hidden depths of my mind, reminding me of the rich bronze castles of trust and faith that we built together over the last thirty years. One tide of greed had made it crumble. I extended my hands as if to protect the fort of bonding from being devoured by the overlapping turquoise ripples of the ocean, but it vanished into an obsidian black of nothingness.

I felt weak, flailing my arms.’

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