What to do when your child refuses to learn.

Most parents find it difficult getting their children to learn. Most of these kids are not usually interested in studying. Instead, they prefer playing or engaging in other activities instead of studying. Despite putting lots of effort into training their children and investing in coaching centers and books, their kids are never interested in learning, leading to poor performances in the OC and Selective Schools exam.

If you find yourself in this situation as a parent, it means that you have not done a lot of work in training your child. If your child does not listen to you and seems disinterested in learning, you should not blame the child. Instead, you should blame yourself for not pushing your child to the limit. Kids will always remain kids. They cannot make sound decisions for themselves, and so this responsibility lies totally on the parents. When you realize that the problem lies with you as a parent early enough, you will be able to analyze your child’s behavior and invest in your child even when the situation seems helpless.

From a troublesome kid to OC then Selective and Scholarships

I wasn’t a brilliant child when growing up. Instead, I was a very troublesome kid who never listened to teachers and parents. I refused to do my piano lessons and never did my homework. I often got into a lot of trouble in the schools that I attended. I even got kicked out of some schools, and so I had to jump from one school to another. Despite being a troublesome kid who wasn’t interested in learning, my parents never gave up on me. They worked hard in my upbringing and pushed me to the limit. In the long run, I excelled and entered an OC school, a selective school, and even got many academic scholarships. I eventually got into Sydney University and graduated with a Law degree. Despite all these achievements, I have to admit that it wasn’t smooth sailing. Without my parent’s guidance and perseverance in my upbringing, I would not have achieved all I have achieved today. From my experiences, I have realized that parents can shape the future of their kids. 

This is the reason why I am passionate about offering coaching advice to parents.

I believe that all kids, stubborn or not, can succeed if they are subjected to quality parenting. 

Many smart people never succeeded because their parents never invested in their upbringing. They had tremendous potential and ability, yet their parents
gave up on them too early. Parents who often give up on their kids are usually not
indented and strong-willed enough to push their kids to the limit. I encounter such
parents every day in my coaching career.

It is a sad reality when a parent implicitly gives up on their child. In our discussions, most of them claim that they don’t want to put too much pressure on their children. Others don’t care about their children’s academics and put more effort into other extra-curricular activities. We understand that some parents get so much busy with work, but in the long run, without proper parental guidance, the child is not likely to pass the exams. Academic performance is really important for your child’s future, and so you shouldn’t ignore it. If you feel hopeless about your child’s performance,
you need to invest your energy, time, and finances in your child’s progress.

Most parents usually stop putting effort into their kids unconsciously without realizing it. They never realize they are giving up on their children when they insist that they are more concerned about their children’s wellbeing, or when they say they are preparing them to be well-rounded individuals. As parents, you might think you have done enough to push your kid while you probably haven’t done much. You just need to find the right method to keep your child on the right track. It is not a wise idea for you as a parent to introduce your kids to multiple activities to make them all-rounded individuals. Instead, it is important to focus on their most talented areas to enable them to excel in their specific skills and talents. Australia has extremely brilliant kids who compete for the few opportunities every year. If you want your kids to excel in a competitive country like Australia, you need to push them beyond their limits. The country also has one of the most competitive exams in the world. To ensure the success of their kids, parents have to make a lot of sacrifices for their kids to get them to the top.

Selective schools do not guarantee success

It is also important to note that high academic achievements do not necessarily mean that the student will automatically land on a high-paying job. Even though most people aim for Selective Schools, the schools do not automatically promise financial stability or success in future careers. Apart from medicine courses that require high academic achievements, the rest of the courses do not necessarily promise a well paying job or leadership opportunities.

The world is constantly changing. What determines one’s success in this age is how one builds relations. In few years, Australia is likely to have many skilled and talented workers, meaning the competition for the available opportunities will be incredibly high. It will be extremely hard to establish yourself if you don’t have your academics credentials sorted. This is why parents need to prioritize their kid’s education by getting them to the Selective Schools and pushing them to get scholarships.

Parental guidance is detrimental to the success of kids. Parents and guardians need to examine and reanalyze the situations leading to their children’s failure. Before blaming your kids for their academic failure, ensure you examine yourself, evaluate your parenting approach and find out what you are not doing right in your child’s upbringing. After evaluating yourself, change your parenting approach to suit your child’s learning process. Most kids usually copy what their parents do. Set the right example for your child knowing that the quality of your child’s performance is a reflection of the parenting style.

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