Selective Schools Test and Opportunity Class Exam: Parenting Responsibilities

Many parents find it difficult to get their children to work for their OC or Selective school exams. They take time to sit down and work with them daily, yet they still refuse to study. Well, you need to understand
that children will always remain children and that their disinterest in studying is never their fault.

The number one most important thing that parents need to realize is that no child enjoys sitting down for literally three or four hours at a time. Second, often parent’s expectations exceed children’s capabilities.
As parents, you should understand that getting children to sit down and work is not easy. This is because you might not be competent to teach at all or even explain the questions properly. You might also lack the patience in teaching your child, creating a negative learning environment for your child. And once your child feels your negative response, they won’t listen to you.

In today’s world, children might not be interested in studying, especially when they can get immediate entertainment from platforms like YouTube or Netflix. It can therefore be very difficult as a parent to compete with those big entertainment sources. To get your kids to a top 10 selective school or get them a score of 230 plus, you need to take responsibility in keeping your kids from getting distracted from these online entertainment sites.

To achieve this, you need to set the right foundation for their learning process. This will make their learning interesting, keeping them from unnecessary distraction. You can’t blame your child when you haven’t set them up with the right foundation.

Some parents insist on teaching their kids while they do not know the subjects tested. Some have no time for their kids. If you’re not willing or able to invest your time into your child, you should enrol into the right coaching centre equipped with the right sovereignty and methodology in teaching the material necessary.

If you want your kid to get into a top 10 Selective schools, you need to develop a learning method that works well for them before they even start schooling. This way, you will be able to control all the difficult distractions. This is what parents of our top kids here at Scholarly do.

Again, remember your child is your fault and your responsibility. If you want your child to succeed, you need to understand that it takes an immense amount of time and dedication to get through the Selective Schools exams.

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