The Selective School Test Isn't Everything....

Academics play a major role in your child’s future. That’s why I always encourage parents to aim at getting their kids to top selective schools and private scholarships. Ideally, if you are pushing your kids to excel in their academics, your indirect goal is to help them have a better future. It is never about academics at all, it’s all about choices.

Many parents bash people with strong academic credentials. They dismiss academics in their children’s upbringing and focus on other extracurricular activities instead, claiming that they are nurturing them to be all-rounded individuals. Others claim that some students who excelled in academics are not doing well in life. These claims should not stop you from pushing your child academically.

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Real stories of selective school students

I have friends who aced their selective exams and got into selective schools like James Ruse and Baulkham Hills. Some even won scholarships to top private schools like Sydney Grammar. These are intelligent individuals who are now doctors, lawyers and economist. They are the examples of people who have benefited from the academic system. They might not be all-rounded, or they might be poor communicators as most people say, but at the end of the day, they are making a huge difference in society while living comfortable lives. The smartest people in the world are generally the poorest communicators. While they can achieve a lot in their silence, there are great communicators, especially public figures whose words are chaotic. Even though they can talk a lot, they might lack strong and substantial.

Most parents whose kids excel in academics usually teach their kids at home. This is something that parents who bash education don’t do. When their children end up scoring low marks, they complain about the schools or coaching centers, and then they stop pushing their children academically.

The reason why I built Scholarly was for parents to find the best online Australian tutor for their kids. This is because of the frustration I went through with the academic learning process when I was growing up. I went to an OC class, went to James Ruse, which is a top selective high school, and I understood how inefficient and time-wasting the teaching system was. I built Scholarly with the intention to reduce the amount of time spent in academics to ensure kids get to come out as enlightened scholars with great reading and writing skills. This way, kids may never feel the burden of academics.

Most kids find the academic system stressful not because things are difficult, but because they are not taught properly. They don’t get a solid foundation at a young level. That’s why Scholarly tuition center focuses not just on academics, but also on empowering kids. While kids can engage in sports and other activities like music, unless they become athletes or musicians, these talents will not help them in real life. It’s only the academic credentials that will determine their success in life.

It is very important to have your academic sorted when you are young so that when you get older, you can survive this world. As a parent, you must push your kids academically to the limits. Mindset plays a huge role in this because some parents fail to push their kids simply because they don’t believe that selective schools and scholarships are important. If you look at the vast spectrum of probability, going to a selective school is better than not going to a selective school.

selective school test is not everything

If you think that the only lesson that your kids learn from going through this academic route is just to build a routine and have a strong work ethic and be able to work towards a goal, you are wrong. Truth is, all exams matter because your performance in an exam is a reflection of your approach to life. So, I think these are just important considerations that parents need to think about instead of letting their insecurities ruin their child’s future.

I know some parents are willing to push their kids academically but they just don’t know how to do it, or how far to push them. Some kids are fragile and undisciplined, making it difficult to get them to study. Others don’t just have the motivation to study because they keep on scoring the same marks even after the parents put in all effort to see them succeed. Kids will always remain kids and so if you don’t toughen up and set the standards for them and instead continue being soft on them, you are doing them a great injustice. The process can be painful and uncomfortable for them, but you need to remember that it’s their future you are shaping.

So, unless you’ve got all the money in the world, where they can generate cash flow in their adulthood, you need to secure their success, competence and independence for the future. Bearing in mind that there is high competition for well-paying jobs in Australia, the future is not promising either. Don’t just aim them for mediocre jobs by not pushing for their academics. Instead, you should prepare them for top jobs that will earn them comfortable livelihoods.

On work ethic, people have this common fallacy that people who are academically gifted burn out compared to their counterparts. Your kid has only two options in life. They can either become entrepreneurs or employees. Most people end up becoming employees because entrepreneurship is a more difficult path. To be employed in a well-paying job today, you will need to provide good academic credentials to compete with the rest. Every single kid has got a bachelor’s degree now. So that qualification has gone down in terms of value. By the time your kids grow up, if they want to be employable, then they must either get a Master’s or at least some kind of postgraduate qualification. which means again, it comes down to academics.

If you’re delusional, you’re not going to do very well in the future because the world is not like it was 30 years ago. Survival will be costly in future. Academics might not be everything, but it’s a bedrock for future success.

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