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While sample writing materials are important for your child’s preparation for the selective schools exam, they will not help your child write better without proper guidance. Bearing in mind that this year’s Selective Schools exams will be completely different from the previous years; kids need systematic guidance to channel and put them through the selective schools exams.
The selective schools test is changing to make the syllabus more equitable to different demographics. In the past, the most coached kids came from Asian demographic. It was discovered that they did well in math and GA compared to English and writing. This is why the new Cambridge exams will focus on English and writing, with more difficult and challenging questions. For your kids to excel in the English and writing section, they need a very specific strategy. They should be able to outline every single line by line and word by word and have a systematic process to understand emotions.

To adequately prepare your kid for the selective schools exam, you need to enroll them at a good coaching center. At Scholarly, our kids have a high level of English and writing skills, far beyond any other coaching group. Most coaching groups give out a whole bunch of questions without proper guidance on how to approach the questions. Students who teach at these coaching centers are usually paid less, and so they rarely bother about the kids’ actual progress.

The second alternative is to teach kids at home. This is what a lot of diligent and successful parents do. You can sit down with your kids for 3-4 hours a day. However, this strategy depends on your actual abilities in English and writing. Only a small minority of parents can do that, which brings us to the last alternative, which is joining scholarly online coaching classes.

Throughout our coaching career, we`ve gotten over 35 kids into James Ruse, despite being an extremely small coaching college. Kids who come to us will usually be able to score about 18, or 19, out of 20 in a big-name coaching college within about a time or two times of diligent practice. This is just from the online classes which we run with diligence, following a highly systematic process, after which we give proper explanations and homework for further practice. Our online program is extremely affordable. It’s pretty much the same cost as any online program out there.
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