How to guarantee a top 10 Selective School? 10 easy tips for success.

During the last few days of the selective exams, many people tend to encourage their kids to relax and take things easy. This is a terrible idea because one can work on a lot of things even two days before the exams. Most students tend to panic during intense exams like the selective schools exams, and so what you need to during the last few days to the exam is to prepare them to answer questions under very stressful situations. You can do this by allocating them 30-40 seconds per question and asking them to complete a trial test paper which you can find online.

selective school test tips

Common selective school test mistakes?

Every year, many kids lose lots of marks not because of how much they know, but because they didn’t manage their time properly. And so, it’s very important to ensure that your child gets good time management skills during these last few days. You should also spend more time on anagrams. Last year’s GA section had many anagram questions. For your child to get used to solving anagrams, you must train them using past model questions. Once they get used to solving them by rearranging letters faster, they’re going to be more ready for the exam. Remember again, anagrams usually aren’t vocab. Instead, they improve children’s ability to see what is right.

The last thing that I want to add is to make sure that your kid’s mind is fast and sharp, and also that they don’t make silly mistakes. You can do this with your kids now by going over all the problems and mistakes they have made in the past. Simply combine all online and offline questions that they have gotten wrong in the past and revise all those questions sequentially. This way, they’re getting the best bang for the buck because they’re not just doing random questions, but they’re going over questions that they know they will struggle with. This is beneficial especially during the last few days of the exam.

Writing tips

For the writing section, asked your child to practice a lot of writing even in the last few days to the main exams. This is the section where they can earn good marks to boost their overall score. They can practice writing by watching online videos and writing down important phrases, and then memorizing them for future use. You can find such educative videos on Scholarly YouTube channel and other online websites like Puzzle 365.
selective school test writing

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