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If you are aiming at a selective school, you need to know that the entry points are constantly increasing. Last year, the entry point for North Sydney boys was 238 while that of James Ruse was 250. So, to be on the safe side, you need to score 250 plus in the selective school exams. Having taught numerous people over the last 6-7 years, with marks reaching to 270. I have a very intimate knowledge of what it takes in every single subject to achieve these marks.

Generally, if you’re scoring 250 plus in the sample schools test, your top-performing subjects is not math. You should therefore take advantage of your other strong areas. In GA for example, you should aim at scoring above 56 out of 60 to compensate for lost scores in math. To score this, you must have a very proficient grasp of all the abstract reasoning and nonverbal raising questions. You also need to get the majority of the vocab questions correct.

selective school test trick

Selective school test mathematics

In terms of math, you need to be getting around 38 out of 40, which means you can make a maximum of two mistakes in math to be on the safe side. To score 30 to 40 in math, you have to have a very solid knowledge of all fundamentals mathematical principles for solving the problems. You should also manage your time well during the exams such that you are left with at least 5-6 minutes to check for mistakes you might have made.

On reading comprehension and writing, generally, many students who score 250 plus in the selective schools test don’t do that well in reading and writing. If you’re doing reading comprehension sample tests at the big-name colleges, you need to realize that those tests are probably more reference and factfinding based, and that they might not have the same level of difficulty as the actual selective schools test. So, you must start thinking of getting the right training materials. You can find updated learning materials at Scholarly.

By now you probably know that the English section of the GA is going to get more difficult. And what that means is that more vocab questions will be tested. And so traditionally, if you’re scoring about 56, or 60, your score might drop down to 52. Likewise, English and writing will be more difficult. To score 250 plus, you need a writing score of least 15 to 16 out of 20.

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