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One thing that I’ve realized is that most kids don’t have a strategy when it comes to writing. Most times, parents are often misguided when preparing their kids for writing. They’ll get like a book with writing topics and give their kids to do the writing without actually thinking about a writing topic or even the writing method.

Oftentimes, when kids don’t have any feedback mechanism, or any stimulus to go by, their writing is not going to improve. A lot of parents also give their children many books to read because they believe that the more books one reads, the more their writing becomes better. Both of these approaches do work, but only for highly motivated kids, kids who are interested in writing.

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Why some students NEED tutoring?

Being that only 1% of kids are gifted in writing, the other 99% need to be taught the exact writing strategy. This 99% need to start reading books from great writers. While reading, they shouldn’t be in haste to complete the whole book. Instead, they should focus on a single page at a time, reading and understanding the phrases and the vocabulary. This systematic reading approach will allow your child to develop a database of phrases to write and gain lots of writing ideas as well. Let’s say you’re describing a character who was very angry, right? Typically, there are not that many different ways in which a child can describe angry. And so, if they start developing a database, they could replace the word angry with a phrase like clenched fists

Tutoring mistakes

What I see a lot of parents doing wrong is hiring a private tutor, or sending their kids to writing colleges where they don’t get exposed to diverse learning materials. Most children in such situations are often limited by the writing ability of that tutor. Unless the child is gifted in writing, which is not the case 99% of the time, they need to rely on a competent tutor. Most writing colleges lack competent tutors as they are run by university students, parents who have been very successful at getting their children through the selective school processor, just business people. And so, finding a college with a competent writing tutor is very difficult.

At Scholarly, we have coached many kids on writing over the past 6-7 years. Many of our kids score 20 out of 20 in the writing section in the selective tests. If you are looking for a coaching center where your child will learn how to write competently, you should consider Scholarly.

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