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While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted regular classroom learning, this might be the best learning time for your kids. A lot of parents are worried about their children missing out on crucial learning during this pandemic. At the same time, I believe that the home-schooling opportunity that COVID-19 has provided is the best opportunity to accelerate your child’s learning because you have so much time with them at home. You’re in complete control of their education.

Obviously, there will be many issues, concerns, and fears, especially with the online learning system that has been adopted in many parts of the country. Online learning is different from the type of physical learning that they used to do before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this, it is important that we look at some of the common pitfalls, problems, and other everyday things I have seen in my many years as an online coach. These are important things that you might not be aware of. Hopefully, you find this insightful.

selective school tutoring in covid

Can parents be tutors?

The first thing that I want to start off with is a funny picture of a 31-year-old parent home-schooling her kids for the last five days. It’s pretty funny because coaching kids at home is a challenging process. Committed parents who send their children to multiple coaching centres and still do a lot of work with them at home will confirm that it is a very tiring but rewarding process at the end. To ease your work, you have to ensure that you have a very great system at home. If you cannot control your kids well, they are going to go crazy. One of the many questions that I’ve gotten lately is parents asking whether they should stick to school programs alone. It would be best to stop relying on the school programs alone because the school system can barely teach in a physical setting. What makes you think that they’re going to be any better online?

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How do I do Selective school tutoring online?

Online learning platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google classroom are very distractive to kids. The kids are not able to concentrate when they’re able to see each other and play around. As a parent, you must supervise and delegate your child’s learning process every single day. If your kid is learning online using a laptop, I would suggest having the laptop screen facing your direction all the time so that they don’t wander off to distractive sites while studying. 

However, online learning is not always a ‘distraction’. Personally, I have found it more effective than classroom learning which is why I have transitioned the Scholarly tutoring program fully online. Note… there are a few simple changes I have made to combat the issues above. Firstly, the program I use allows the students to only see me, the tutor. Secondly, the students interact through comments not with their voice. This helps control the class and ensure that the students are content focused and not distracted.

Recommendations from an online tutoring expert.

As your child is learning online, you can also use tools like self-control, an app for Mac to block and prevent them from browsing on sites like YouTube or Facebook while studying. That’s something that I would recommend all parents to get because kids just don’t have that self-control, and sometimes you can’t really control what they’re doing on the computer all the time. You can also use a tool called Pomodoro to restrict access to the websites they can browse through while maybe searching up for meanings of complex words like Wikipedia. Sitting in front of a computer for a very long time can cause eye strain and eye damage. You need to use a flux tool to reduce eye strain, especially if you can be sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours.

There is absolutely no point having your child in front of the computer screen for six hours doing absolutely no work or pretending to do some work. Allow your kids to relax and play too. Studying for long hours without rest does not make them productive. If you can just do three hours of work or even two hours of effective work, it’s a lot better than having them sitting in front of a computer screen on Google Classroom, which is largely a waste of time. Set up a learning schedule, probably three hours a day, and spend the rest of the time to help them develop a passion for learning.

Online tutoring resources for the Selective Schools Test

You also need to find the right learning resources for them. There are a couple of different websites such as selected, selective schools tests, calm, readtheory, public365 and Khan Academy where you can find learning materials for free or at an affordable price.They can also read books and watch documentaries to improve their reading, vocab, and writing skills. Kids nowadays are visual learners and have very low attention spans. By watching documentary topics, they are interested in on Netflix and by reading splash narratives, they can learn a whole bunch of specific topics. Igniting a child’s passion for learning complex subjects, such as documentaries on crime or economics, will push a child so much farther than anything they are taught at regular school programs.

In terms of books, I would recommend that you start off with Harry Potter. Harry Potter is generally the most accessible because you can watch the movie and read the book at the same time. But the biggest problem with reading books is that you can’t really test whether the kids actually understand the books they read. Other books they can read are Great Gatsby and Mice and Men.

Some kids are lazy readers. They can read many books passively without understanding anything. As a parent, you should test the kid by asking them to narrate a chapter. A good way of doing this is by asking them to write a chapter summary. If they do not understand what they read, they should be reading easy books. If they find it difficult to know what they are reading because of difficult words, they can use helpful tools like to look up the meaning of those words.

A word of advice...

The COVID-19 pandemic might have disrupted the usual classroom routine, but it has exposed beneficial online technologies where children can learn beyond the school curriculum. Therefore, parents should take advantage of this COVID-19 break to prepare their kids well for the selective schools exam. Only patient and dedicated and parents will be able to implement these strategies and at the end of the day it is evident that online learning is going to become a staple, so you may as well start adjusting.

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