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Most parents find it hard to make the right decisions about investing in the education of their children. This is usually the case if they are considering applying for private schools or Selective high schools. Educating children is expensive. Oftentimes parents need to make sound financial decisions in educating their children including choosing the right coaching centers and schools for their kids.

Being first-time migrants in Australia, my parents faced challenges trying to establish their lives while also building a future for me as a kid. As a parent, you do not have a choice other than to invest in your child. Investing in property may earn you lots of income after some years or you could incur great losses within the same years. But investing that same amount of money in your child has endless possibilities.

There's 3 kinds of parents...

Smart parents are those who think about building their future while also investing in their kids. Most of these parents sacrifice a lot to see their kids succeed. They enroll their kids in quality schools and invest in their extracurricular activities. To succeed, parents should be clear on why they are investing in their children. They should also have good knowledge of how to allocate the funds to achieve the expected results. Apart from the financial investments, parents should also invest their time and energy in their children’s education especially when preparing them for the Opportunity class schools, Selective

Schools, and high school scholarships. There are three levels of parents when it comes to these crucial discussions.

selective school tutoring centre

The level one parents

These are a parent who wants to get their kids into the Selective Schools and the OCs. Yet they are not sure whether they are willing to push their kids too much to achieve the desired results. These parents buy cheap online tests and textbooks which usually don’t prepare the kid well. Generally, if your financial investment in your child is low, they are likely not to achieve much unless you put much time and effort in their training them personally. If the financial investment and the time investment are both low, the child is not likely to succeed.

The level two-parent

These parents put in significantly more financial investment in their kids, but their time investment is usually limited. Most parents at this level believe that tutoring centers somehow release them from their parental duties. They send their children to the tutoring centers and never take time to coach them at home. Because their time management is too low, their children never perform well even after investing in expensive tutoring centers. Most parents fall in this category.

Sending your kids to multiple coaching colleges without investing quality time in their learning process cannot yield the desired results. Children below the age of 12 are usually not well disciplined. They lack self-drive and cannot make sound learning discussions without the help of their parents. Most tutoring colleges do not care about the success of your child. Most of the time, they are focused on delivering the services they offer.

The level three parents

The level three parents are usually focused on their goals. Serious parents never negotiate matters of their concerning the success of their children. These parents are usually willing to put all efforts and adjust themselves to accommodate their children’s learning process. They balance their financial and time investment well to ensure that their kids are well equipped to succeed. In the long run, the quality of a child’s performance reflects the quality of the parent.

Some parents find it hard to decide on what is best for their kids. These parents jump from one coaching college to another, confusing the kids learning process. Before deciding on what is good for your child, you need to know what you want for your child and the level of commitment you are willing to put in to ensure that they succeed. If you want your child to succeed, you must invest your time supporting them in their learning. You need to invest finances by finding them the best tutoring college. Without this commitment, they can never succeed.

Parents need good direction and the right guidance when mentoring their kids. A misdirected parent who goes to different coaching colleges and mixes up learning materials does a lot of damage to their children. They end up destroying the future of their kids without realizing it.

parents doing selective school tutoring

As a parent, you should start coaching your kids from a very young age. Your child’s academic competence should be developed during their informative years between Year 3 to Year 6. The process should be progressive between the years to ensure that they are academically grounded. When children lack a grounded foundation and their parents wait for the last minute to pressurize them to take the vigorous exams, they are not likely to pass. You should make sure that they are getting the right instructions without wasting their time on unimportant things.

When thinking about the ROI of your child, you need to make a lot of considerations. You should ensure that you are subjecting your kids to the right instruction. Never ask other parents how to get the right instruction for your child. Most parents usually don’t know the right materials for instruction and only give personal experiences which might not work well for you. Most smart level three parents who know what to achieve are 4 usually a little bit reluctant in telling their sources because getting into OC Schools or Selective Schools is a big competition.

Before trusting someone to coach your child, you need to ask them their qualifications and experience level. This is because most teachers are not usually academically qualified like the law or medical students. You need to know who is running the coaching college, their delivery methods and their past results. At the end of the day, the success of your child is your responsibility. You should determine what kind of future you want for them right from a very young age.

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