Selective Schools Test & Opportunity Class Test Tutor Reveals (the biggest parenting change of 2022)

Hey, parents hope everyone is well Steve Xu here. I just want to record a very quick video because I’ve been getting triggered a bit, right from various parents. I’ve come into interaction with a lot of parents who have been messaging me lately, and just talking to me about their kinds of trials tribulations, and their problems with selective schools test and opportunity class tests.

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Let me go to somewhere a little bit quieter as for people who are watching this right now, if all seven people are currently watching this video, you guys can all do me a great favor. And just like the video, that’ll help me out tremendously. Yeah, all 14 people who are watching this currently, you guys can all do me a great favor and like the video that’ll help me out tremendously. I just find a place to go. It’s a lot quieter.

So as I was saying, one thing that I’ve kind of realized lately is that a lot of parents are getting really soft. Right? I’ve been in this industry now for you know, the past seven, eight years. And usually when I tell parents said, Hey, you have to do this, you have to take control of your child, you need to do X Y Zed. You know, usually, parents will do as I say. But lately, I’ve come across a lot of parents who kind of have the mindset that their kids are their sovereign ruler, the idea that their kids are somehow in control of their own destiny.

And this is just a ridiculous notion. I want to make sure that everyone’s crystal clear on my stances. Your kids are like blank slates. But kids will also gravitate towards your influences and things that are easiest and most convenient for them. So for instance, if you put video games and or Tik Tok, and all these distractions in front of kids will obviously they’re gonna gravitate towards those things, that they talk about games and stuff like that with their friends at school, and you don’t know what they’re talking about, then obviously, they’re going to do that. And I think so many parents don’t understand how, how malleable a child’s mind is. Right?

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A lot of parents seem to think that, you know, children have their own minds have mindsets of their own. And so they should have the ability to basically lead themselves. And that’s a ridiculous notion. It’s completely ridiculous. How can you expect a child to decide for themselves what their goals are, and more importantly, stay on track with those goals for an extended period of time? It’s so possible, I’ve never seen it before. Right? There are certain kids who are very, very bright and very self-motivated. But that’s usually because their parents have raised them very, very well, from a very young age, majority of kids, I’d say 99% of them are not very well behaved. And you know, if you give them a long-term goal, like let’s say, studying for selective school, doing three to four hours of work a day 99% of kids are going to complain, right?

Does that mean that the work of doing three to four hours of work a day is evil, that it’s bad, and that it constitutes abuse? No, it just means that at the very beginning, it’s gonna be very difficult for your child to do three to four hours of work a day. But if you keep at it, then it’ll be okay. The problem that most parents run into, is, let’s say, you know, the kid hasn’t done any work before. Magically, they want to start OC school preparation, they make the kids do three, or four hours of work immediately, the kid starts crying, and they don’t really know what to do. And the parent gives up after like, three, four months. Are you kidding? And then when you talk to the parent when I talk to the parent or one of my team talks to the parent, but like, why did you quit? Why did you stop? Why did you stop pushing your child, they’re like, oh, I don’t want my kid to be upset. I don’t want a child to be upset. I don’t want my child to feel bad.

Do you know how bad your child is gonna feel when they’re 18, or 19 years old, and they aren’t getting to the university, they want to? Do you know how bad it’s gonna be in like 20 years’ time when they compete for jobs, they can’t compete for their jobs anymore, because they’re not smart or skilled enough, because they lack the requisite skills in writing English and maths. That’s sad. And it’s too late, then. You guys need to understand that it’s way too late at that point in time to like, go anyway. Right?

So get your problems to fix now, like right now. This is a golden time. This is like prime time for you guys to fix your issues and get your child to the next level because the OSI selected these are all tests or tests very, very basic skills, English, maths, writing, and thinking skills. These are all skills that you have to use later on. Anyway, for some reason, a lot of parents think, oh, you know what, it’s okay. Let’s just relax into it. Let’s give them some time. Let’s stop pushing them in year eight, and year nine. Let’s start pushing them in year 10.

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The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes. Trust me, when I say children are best taught the early you catch a child, right? The early you get a child trained, let’s say 7, 6, 5 years old, the faster they learn, okay, the faster they can mold, the faster they can actually build those characteristics of resilience. If you wait until a child is a teenager, and then you stop pushing, good luck, like I’m being serious, good luck. If you haven’t, if you have a kid who goes to a nonselective school didn’t do any selective school preparation didn’t really walk hard, and kind of gave up very, very early on. And then you have them in year eight, year nine year 10. gunning for HSC. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but they’re going to be at a significant disadvantage, compared to other kids. So currently are already at selective schools, if not the top selective schools, or on private scholarships.

So I hope you guys all understand where I’m coming from. As parents, you can’t quit. Just because your child is crying. Just because your child doesn’t want to do work that’s perfectly natural. What you need to do is figure out how to kind of package that in a way that is palatable for them to kind of get through, right, I know for a fact that, like, for example, when I was a kid, I absolutely hated piano, right. I hated piano because I had a better choice. I play video games, I could play piano, and obviously video games the way, way, way fun off, which is why when I was like 4, 5, 6 years old, I chose to play video games instead. And every single day when my mom made me play piano, I’ll cry.

Now, what is the right thing to do in that situation? Well, according to Western society would be, hey, if the kid is crying, if the kid doesn’t want to do the walk if the kid doesn’t want to play, don’t force him, just, you know, let him Let him play video games. This is why the West is crumbling. This is why there are so many kids who are not rising up to their potential. My mom didn’t stop she obviously kept on making me play piano and eventually at about age 9, 10 I started really really enjoying the piano and I ended up getting my Alma Alma say diploma as well as a scholarship to Sydney Conservatorium.

So what’s the lesson behind the story? The lesson behind the story is don’t give up too early. Alright, stop listening to everyone around you. Ask yourself who’s actually got results around me. If you have friends who don’t have any results, if you have friends who have results but are aligned with you don’t listen to them. Okay? All right. It’s very, very simple. Your child is your responsibility. No one’s gonna care more about your child than you. You need to work hard. You need to figure out what you want for your child. I believe in all of you. I think all of you guys is great. Everyone on this page has been absolutely phenomenal.

But you got to keep on pushing. You can’t stop. It’s all about love, working hard, and instilling an element of resilience in all of your kids. If all 18 people can all like this video that will help me out tremendously. Also, please let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Should children be pushed? What do you guys reckon? Thanks, guys, and I’ll see you soon.

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