Selective Schools Test Results | Are school marks important?

School marks are essential in the selective school test. Many parents don’t know precisely how important school marks are and how much they’re weighted compared to the actual examination marks.

Let’s say the total amount of marks that you get inside of the school is 300. right, so it’s scored out of 300, and you have 100 from English and writing, 100 from math, and another 100 from Thinking Skills. Now, if we talk, 50 of the marks from English and 50 of the marks from math will come from the school. That’s about 100 marks out of the total 300.

selective schools test results

What impacts your child's school marks?

Children who misbehave or those who don’t do so well in class end up severely penalized because their actual abilities are much higher than what they demonstrate in class. They might fail to join selective schools because school marks accounts for about a third of the selective school test scores.
This has happened many times, and sometimes kids who get very low marks in class actually do pretty well in the selective exam.

You might be wondering how teachers actually calculate school marks. Well, school marks are pretty much calculated across a period of about a year and a half. So pretty much from the beginning of year five all the way to early year six. The majority of the marks comes from year five. Most teachers will vary in terms of their assessment, giving procedures that are different from other teachers. Some might base it on homework or the kid’s overall performance in class in terms of how attentive or active they are.

This method is pretty contentious because kids might vary in terms of their performance, especially if maybe they are quiet; they will probably get lower marks than they actually deserve. So, these are all things that you need to be aware of. And that’s why when you get assignments at school, you must spend some time on them because at the end of the day, they count for about a third of your marks.

Maximise your child's Selective Test results!

Even though this system is unfair, you should get used to it because it doesn’t change. If your child is great in English and attentive in the classroom, then they’ll be fine. But if your child is misbehaving or really quiet, or doesn’t show off their ability in class, then obviously, they’re going to be in for a little bit of a shock when they get their school marks. As a parent, you should prepare your kid well for schoolwork alongside selective schools’ preparation at home.
kids with selective schools test results

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