Selective Test English | How to ace cartoons in the 2022 Selective Schools test?

Cartoons are constantly becoming common with the selective test. Though not a big part of the exam like nonfiction, narratives, and poems, they still play a major role in determining your selective test results in 2022.

The 2020 selective schools exam had had two cartoons, two quotes. two nonfiction passages, two poems, and one narrative. From this trend, there is a possibility of getting three or four cartoon questions in the coming selective exam. It is therefore important to get familiar with unfamiliar tests in the new selective exams such as crafts, cartoons, quotes, as well as nonfiction.

selective test cartoons

An example from the 2020 Selective test...

This is one of the cartoons which appeared in the 2020 selective schools exam. Generally, when going through cartoons like this, you are required to point out the humor and character emotion. Breaking down this cartoon, we know that parental controls are meant to be for parents who control kids. And yet here we see a role reversal where the child is teaching the father how to control her, making the cartoon funny. Irony can also be seen in this whole idea of a daughter controlling her father. It’s ironic because obviously, parental control is not meant to be set by the child, it’s meant to be set by the parent.

In this second cartoon, irony can be seen. Generally speaking, if you show appreciation for somebody, you gift them with something. We do not show appreciation by eating other species. It also makes fun of the natural phenomenon of predators and prey. There is also a wide range of emotions that we can pick from the experience of this fish from being confused, scared, ambivalent, and tentative.

Top tip to ace the Selective test

A lot of cartoons also have exaggerations, and you need to be able to pick that out. So, you see this guy, exasperated kind of purple on the face. And he’s carrying a large stack of books. This is an exaggeration, making fun of companies. In this cartoon, this company is trying to set up a paperless office. We have the phrase paperless office in quotation marks. It simply mocking companies who set up new useless trends.

They are making fun of the fact that some companies want to appear environmentally friendly, but it’s just a facade. These modern-day companies who are trying to appear environmentally friendly just end up looking like hypocrites. So, hypocrisy is a very common trait that you find in the message in this cartoon.

selective test cartoons 2022

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