Selective Schools Exam and Opportunity Class Tests: Why is my child getting low marks?

Why is it that most students still score low in the OC exams or Selective tests even after their parents have invested a lot in their exam preparation process? A lot of parents have approached Scholarly, wanting to know why their efforts have been fruitless. They have been preparing their kids well by doing many child test papers at home and even sending their children to tuition centers yet these children are stuck at the 60 or 70% mark.

As a parent, you need to realize that hard work and good intentions don’t mean anything. At the end of the day, all parents who want to get their kids to Selective schools or big Australian colleges do all these things for their kids. What advantage do you have over them? To succeed among the 5000 plus applicants, you need to work extra hard if you want to get your kid to Selective schools like James Ruse of Baulkham Hills.

To successfully prepare your kids for the OC exams or Selective tests, you need to ask yourselves these questions:
Children should be able to practice with as many questions as possible every single day. 30 questions a day at home, it’s just simply not enough. The volume of questions builds timing, speed, and the capacity to understand different types of questions.

At scholarly, what we typically recommend for our kids is on at least 150 questions every single day. And that should take approximately three to four hours, including the correction time.

The kids who score 250 plus have the best parents. Parents who sit them down and make them understand how to tackle the questions. A lot of parents give up when their children start crying a little bit for example. This shouldn’t keep you from getting them to work as kids can pretend to resist learning. You might have some great strategies for your kids’ learning process but at the end of the day, your results depend on the number of questions you do and correct.

I hope you have learned something interesting. These are very harsh truths, but if you want to get into a top selective school or private school scholarship, you must ensure that you have set a clear learning strategy for your kids. You must also be committed to their learning process.

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