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Integration of persuasive speaking techniques, articulation exercises, and confidence-building activities, enriched by elements of music and tailored for structured speech creation and interview preparation.

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About the course

Welcome to Scholarly SpeakUp Success Adventure, where young voices soar and stories come alive!

Dive into a program tailored to cater to both Junior (Year 3 – Year 4) and Senior (Year 5 – Year 6) primary school students.

Here, we ensure that every participant finds their voice, confidence, and the skills to shine in school plays, captain speeches, and even those big school interviews.

Senior SpeakUp: Mastering the Art

The “Senior SpeakUp” curriculum is a specialized program tailored for Year 5 and Year 6 students, aiming to hone their persuasive speaking skills. Through a blend of articulation exercises, confidence-building activities, and structured speech creation, students are guided on a transformative journey to become eloquent and persuasive orators. This curriculum not only equips them with the tools to express their ideas with clarity and conviction but also instills the confidence to present in front of an audience with poise and passion.

Junior SpeakUp: Building Foundations

The “Junior SpeakUp: Building Foundations” program is meticulously crafted for younger students, laying the groundwork for effective communication. This curriculum introduces the basics of public speaking in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. Through interactive exercises, storytelling sessions, and foundational speech techniques, students embark on an enlightening journey to discover their voice. The program aims to nurture their innate curiosity and confidence, ensuring they step into their senior years with a solid foundation in oratory skills.


Clear Articulation


Enhance clarity and pronunciation in speech.

Tongue Twisters

Example "Daring dreamers discuss deeds daily."

Exaggeration Drills

Practice over-pronunciation for clarity.

Phonetic Breakdown

Learn tricky words by splitting them into sounds.

Building Confidence


Boost students' self-assurance in public speaking.

Daily Affirmations

Begin with uplifting statements.

Body Language Practice

Focus on eye contact, gestures, and posture.

Practice Speeches

Short, regular presentations for comfort.

Voice Control


Teach students to adjust their voice's volume and tone.

Volume Drills

Practice speaking at different volumes.

Emotion in Tone

Use voice to convey feelings.

Peer Feedback

Get input on voice clarity and volume.

Crafting Impactful Speeches


Encourage students to write speeches that resonate emotionally.


Discuss passionate topics.

Story Integration

Add personal experiences for relatability.

Review and Refine

Edit drafts based on feedback.

Analyzing Iconic Speeches


Learn from renowned speeches and their techniques

Study "I Have a Dream"

Delve into its structure and emotion.

Examine Greta Thunberg’s Speech

Understand authenticity's power.

Group Discussions

Compare and discuss various iconic speeches.

Structured Speech Creation


Guide students in creating organized and impactful speeches

Choose Topics

Teachers suggest themes.

Research Guidance

Learn to find and verify information.

Draft, Practice, Present

Write, rehearse, and then showcase speeches.

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Throughout the course, continuous practice and feedback are vital. The curriculum emphasizes a nurturing environment where students learn from every attempt, steadily progressing in their public speaking journey.

Introducing Scholarly's SpeakUp Success Adventure

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We believe that mastering public speaking is a crucial skill for children to have, as it can have a positive impact on their academic and personal lives. The ability to communicate effectively can help children excel in academic settings, such as presentations and debates, and in personal settings, such as job interviews and social interactions.

As a team, we are passionate about helping children develop their communication skills and build their confidence. SpeakUp Success Adventure is an exciting and innovative way to achieve this goal, and I am confident that our program will be a valuable addition to our offerings.

I look forward to working together to make SpeakUp Success Adventure a success!

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Course details

Year 3-6

Duration: 1 hour/week

14/10/23 - 17/12/23

Small & Interactive Zoom Class

Up to 10 Students per class.

Course details

Year 5

Holiday: 25/09/23 - 06/10/23

Term : 15/10/23 - 17/12/23

Small & Engaging Zoom Class

Up to 10 Students per class.

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