Year 5 Thinking Skills Assessment

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Year 5 Thinking Skills Assessments

Feeling flustered about your child’s Year 5 Thinking Skills Assessments test? We get it! This exam can be intimidating, and you want to give your child every advantage possible. That’s where our Summer Holiday Zoom course come in to save the day!

This Year 5 Thinking SKills Assessments course is designed to give your child a brush up on all the key concepts and skills they need to ace the exam. Our comprehensive curriculum will cover all of the key concepts and skills, including:

  • Analysing Arguments
  • Relevant Selection
  • Logical Statements
  • Logic Games and Codes
  • Spatial Reasoning

But that’s not all! Our Summer Holiday Zoom course is also the perfect opportunity for your child to have some fun and relax over the summer break. It’s important to take breaks and recharge, and our course is the perfect balance of review and recreation. Your child will get to have a great time while also building their skills and confidence for the next school year.

Don’t let your child’s thinking skills go stale over the summer break – sign them up for our Year 5 Thinking Skills Assessments Summer Holiday Zoom course now! We’re here to support your child every step of the way, and together, we can help them succeed on the thinking skills assessments and beyond.

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