Year 6 Thinking Skills Assessment

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Year 6 Thinking Skills Assessments

Attention parents!! Are you feeling overwhelmed about helping your kiddo ace their Year 6 Thinking Skills Assessments? Have no fear, because our Summer Holiday Programme is here to the rescue!

Our comprehensive Year 6 Thinking Skills Assessments course covers all of the key content areas that may be tested, including:

  • Analysing Arguments
  • Relevant Selection
  • Logical Statements
  • Logic Games and Codes
  • Spatial Reasoning

Our experienced tutors are experts in helping students succeed on these types of exams – they’ll work with your child to provide the support and guidance they need to excel.

But the best part? Our program is delivered entirely online, so your child can receive top-quality instruction from the comfort of their own home. No more commuting to a classroom or juggling schedules – our program fits seamlessly into your family’s routine.

So why wait? We’re here to support you and your child every step of the way. So, don’t hesitate – enrol now and take the first step towards your child’s success on the Year 6 Thinking Skills Assessments.

Get started with:

During the holiday course, your child will be equipped with the skills to approach different types of questions in the thinking skills test. They will learn how to apply critical thinking strategies and problem-solving techniques in a fun and interactive environment.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping students understand the principles behind these tasks and develop an effective working knowledge of them. With our guidance, your child can reach their full potential and ace their thinking skills test!

By enrolling your child in this course, you are providing them with the opportunity to develop their cognitive abilities and equip them for any future tests or examinations that involve similar question types. Thanks to our comprehensive curriculum and experienced instructors, your child can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to solve any problems they may encounter in this test.

This thinking skills course is the perfect way to give your child the edge they need to excel in the thinking skills test. Enrol them today and watch them succeed!

Your program includes:

Topics covered:

Thinking Skills: Relevant Selection, Dialogue Flaws & Fallacies, Code Questions, Logical Statements, Strengthen/Weaken, Logic Games, Spatial Reasoning, Main Conclusion, Problem Solving.