Sydney High Schools | How to pick the right High School?

Many people hope is to ace the selective school exams and get into a top 10 Selective school, or even a top 20 selective schools like James Ruse and Baulkham Hills, or top private schools like Sydney Grammar or Queenwood School for Girls. After having a few conversations with parents lately, I have realized that most parents are not aware of the high school options available to them.

If you are living in Sydney, you have two options when choosing really good schools. You can either choose a Selective school or a private school. There are some very good public schools and great Catholic schools as well. In this article, I will focus on selective schools and private schools, weighing their differences and some of the advantages of private schools that a lot of parents might not be aware of.

I’ve had a lot of kids get into selective schools like James Ruse, North Sydney boys, and other top 10 selective schools. These schools are extremely good. They are competitive, meaning kids who study in the schools are all academically driven and focused.

One disadvantage of selective schools is that you don’t get many co-curricular opportunities as private schools. Kids might end up missing out on some other aspects of life, such as building social skills, building leadership qualities or developing their talents in sports and music. These co-curricular activities are very important part of someone’s high school development. Another disadvantage of selective schools is that they are competitive and heavily dominated by migrants, which limits interactions with other nationalities

The other thing that I think a lot of parents need to consider before they send their kids into a selective school is to consider the culture of each school because each school has a different culture. James Ruse is really good for agriculture and development. Fort Street is also a very good school in terms of developing your all-around capacities as they have a lot of great subjects, great support, and a more diverse kind of network of students.

Sydney has many private schools such as Sydney Grammer and Pymble Ladies College. These private schools are the most expensive schools in Sydney. Though expensive, they offer about 10 to 20 scholarships to students based upon academic performance and financial background.

Now the advantage of going to a private school is that they are a lot more multicultural than selective schools. Students get exposed to a whole bunch of more diverse demographics which is important for the future workforce. Second, they develop kids in terms of leadership and other social aspects.

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